February 2010 – The month of love!

Valentine’s Day, we all know it is on February 14th, comes every year, but here is your friendly reminder to do something nice for your beloved – flowers, dinner, chocolates – whatever it may be, let’s celebrate! For those who are newly dating, here are some rules that will get you to the next date:

  1. Please have a glass of wine or a cocktail or two at dinner. Try to avoid the Maui Sunrise with the jumbo straw and a glass the size of your head.
  2. 2. Don’t mention the ex’s – we just don’t want to know!
  3. Pay your date a specific compliment – this can go a long way
  4. 4. A great date involves the balance in the conversation 5. And please – put down the blackberry, mobile phone or PDA – checking it every 5 seconds will not make the date go by any faster. If you need a distress call – order the most expensive thing on the menu – that will send red flags flying!


Date: Wednesday February 10, 2010
Location: Metropolitan Centre

This is an event organized by APEGGA, CSPG, CSEG and University Students at the University of Calgary, University of Alberta and Mount Royal University. The day consists of mini-courses followed by an evening mixer. Registration for Daytime Sessions: $50 industry, $20 students. (Lunch and bus included). Evening Geoscience Mixer is free – RSVP through APEGGA office or website: www.apegga.org/Events/geoskills.html

Earth Science for Society Exhibition

We are keen to let you know about the Earth Science for Society Exhibition taking place at the Calgary Stampede Corral Arena May 10 – 11, 2010 as part of a once-in-a-decade national geoscience convention, GeoCanada 2010. GeoCanada 2010 is also the CSEG’s joint annual convention this year.

Earth Science for Society (ESfS) is a free event which will showcase the importance of Earth Science in our everyday lives. It is an extension of the popular Kids in Science Program, which has been offered for several years. We will be hosting up to 2000 junior high school students as well as university and college students, youth groups, the media, the general public, and conference delegates. In fact, as of December 18th, over 1600 students have already signed up to attend! The exhibition runs into the evening on Monday, so bring your friends and family. This is a wonderful opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors to showcase or profile their organizations to a broad audience, and we anticipate participation from many sectors: oil & gas, mining, government, regulatory, universities, safety, environment, and human resources with interactive and dynamic exhibits, activities, and equipment.

Please note that Pavilion sponsors will be eligible for two booths in the sponsored Pavilion for their own exhibit, or one or both of the booths can be donated to non-profit exhibitors.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. I can be reached at 403-861-9518 or by e-mail at amilbradt@ nucleus.com.

Annette Milbradt (CSEG Outreach Chair)
On behalf of the Earth Science for Society committee

2010 CSEG Family Ski Spree

The 2010 CSEG Family Ski Spree committee would like to invite you and your family to the 43rd Annual CSEG Family Ski Spree!

This years Ski Spree will take place: February 26-February 28, 2010


In exactly one month, GEDCO’s employees will be keeping a close eye on the 2010 Winter Games as its sponsored athlete – Jean-Philippe Le Guellec – and two of its staff – John Peirce and Marie-Hélène Thibeault – will be involved in this grandiose international sporting event taking place from February 12 to 28 in Vancouver (BC).

Jean-Philippe (JP) Le Guellec, who has been sponsored by GEDCO since 2007, will be leading the Canadian delegation in the Biathlon events at the Games. Biathlon is a high intensity endurance sport consisting of cross-country skiing combined with precision shooting.

JP competed in the Turin Games in 2006 and scored a 61st in the 10-kilometre sprint and 48th in the 20-kilometre individual. In the past three World Cup seasons, he has slowly and steadily climbed the ranks, from an average finish of 77th in the 2006-07 campaign to 32nd in 2008-09. This year, JP kicked off the 2009-2010 racing season with a 10th and 12th place results on the World Cup in Sweden.

“JP is a high energy individual, who excels in his chosen sport,” said Andreas Cordsen, President & CEO of GEDCO. “His recent successes are representative of his dedication to perform better all the time and in each race. This makes him a fantastic role model for many Canadians and of course also for the GEDCO employees. We too utilize effective tactics in our daily work so that we can strive to improve our product and service delivery to our clients. We wish JP a most successful 2010 Vancouver Olympics,” he concluded.

John Peirce, who founded GEDCO in 1990 with colleague Andreas Cordsen – will also be at the 2010 Winter Olympics in the capacity of Chief of Transponders for the Cross Country and Nordic Combined events. John, who began volunteering as a member of the Cross-Country timing crew in Canmore, Alberta in 2004, has since held multiple roles on timing crew and developed a specialty in running the photo finish camera for events below the World Cup level. In preparation for his participation at the Games, John worked on two Cross- Country World Cups in Canmore as well as one World Cup and Canadian Nationals at Whistler Olympic Park (Callaghan Valley) – site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

“I hope to experience the same good feeling buzz that existed in Calgary in 1988,” said John who recently retired from a prolific career in geophysics. “This time, it will be as a volunteer and close to the skiers which will be amazing. My technical background and attention to detail should be quite useful in this high-pressure environment,” he added.

Marie-Hélène (M&H) Thibeault, who has worked at GEDCO as Marketing Manager since 2006, will be assuming the role of Media Workroom Supervisor at the Alpine Skiing venue in Whistler for the duration of the Games. As an ex-member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team and a past employee of Alpine Canada Alpine, M&H will be taking part in her second Olympics after having worked as Media Attaché for the Alpine Ski Team at the 2006 Games in Torino.

“It will be amazing to be part of the Olympic movement but this time in my home country,” declared M&H. “I never had the opportunity to compete in the Olympics as an athlete. Nonetheless, each chance I get to make a small contribution to the success of the Games is very rewarding.”

To send a good luck message to JP, or for more information, please contact: info@gedco.com.



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