Curling season is amongst us. We have to find some sort of indoor sport that we look forward to in the winter, even if we are holding brooms and beers and sweeping a sheet of ice!

For all you curlers out there, this one’s for you!

Top Ten Signs You’re having a Bad Game:

  1. They start pebbling the ice in the fourth end.
  2. Your skip keeps saying “Nice try!“
  3. Your opposition starts hanging its score on the next sheet.
  4. While you‘re in the washroom, your team-mates sneak away to the bar.
  5. The Ice-maker starts heckling you.
  6. It’s only the third end and already you owe your teammates six drinks.
  7. Your opposition is lying four and your skip wants you to throw your rock through the house.
  8. You throw out your knee in the first end and your teammates don‘t even notice.
  9. Your sweepers burst into laughter when you release your rock.
  10. You score an eight-ender in the second end and you have to throw your last rock to win 9-8.

2010 CSEG Family Ski Spree

This years Ski Spree will take place:
February 26-February 28, 2010.

Reminder: Registration will open:
November 16, 2009 at 8:00 am

Energize your Future

What will tomorrow’s energy landscape look like?

How can governments, NGOs, major companies and all stakeholders work better together to build a truly sustainable and ethical future?

What skills and talents are needed for tomorrow’s leadership?

These and other critical questions are already being discussed by more than 1,500 people on the EnergiseMyNetwork web community platform. In November, almost 800 young professionals, students, academics and international experts from across the world will gather at the Energise Your Future event in Paris.

Energise Your Future is a unique, not-to-be-missed opportunity for students and young professionals, wherever they are, to engage in trans-generational dialogue with current leaders and top experts from around the world on the key issues that affect a sustainable and ethical energy future.

This three-day event, being held from 18-20th November, will offer three distinct levels of discussion:

Keynote Plenary sessions for strategic thinking, Workshops to dive deep into specific topics, Knowledge Cafés for informal networking and knowledge-sharing.

I will be attending this event and will have full coverage in December’s edition.

For more information:

2010 Doodlespiel

Registration now open!

Apoterra Seismic Processing Ltd. has moved!

We are now located at:
1450, 630 – 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0S8
(403) 261-0681

Physical Science textbook wins 2009 Textbook Excellence Award

St. Petersburg, FL, March 4, 2009—The Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) awarded the first edition of Seismic Methods and Application: A Guide for the Detection of Geological Structures, Earthquake Zones and Hazards, Resource Exploration, and Geotechnical Engineering, by Andreas Stark, the 2009 Textbook Excellence Award in the college level Physical Science category. The book is published by Universal-Publishers, Inc.

Calling all Geoscientists!

The University of Saskatchewan Ore Gangue Student’s Society is hosting the 46th Annual Western Inter University Geosciences Conference (WIUGC).

January 7 – 10th, 2010
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

For more information, please visit the website at: or directly email at



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