Happy December People! Just an observation: it is interesting how “into” the holiday season some people tend to get. My neighbors in NW Calgary have had their Christmas decorations up since November 1st (complete with a giant inflatable Frosty: seriously)… and while I consider them to be a bit freaky, you have to give them credit for embracing the spirit and trying to brighten up the lives of their neighbors (albeit with mega-watts). I sincerely wish the best for you this holiday season. Thanks go out to those companies and individuals who donate their time and resources to helping those less fortunate over this season, from volunteering at the Food Bank, to adopting a family (or two), I am sure that your efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know.

I hope that everyone has a safe and warm December and a great New Year’s Eve.

Light Up The World Silent Auction… needs your help!

Volunteers needed! The Light Up The World Silent Auction has been part of our spring convention for five years, raising awareness and funding (over $52,000 to date) for this most worthy endeavour. LUTW is a Canadian humanitarian initiative whose chief goal is to assist the poor in the developing world to obtain affordable, safe and environmentally friendly White Light Emitting Diode based home lighting powered by renewable energy sources. Find out more at www.lutw.org.

Laurie Ross of Divestco Processing is stepping down as Committee Chair this year so she can focus on work and travel and has handed over the reins to Sean Callaghan of Aguila Exploration Consultants. Sean is looking forward to working with the great group of volunteers that have made this event such a success. If you are interested in joining the team please phone Sean at 403-819-4190 or email scallaghan@aguila.ca.

2009 DOODLESPIEL Details!

The dates for the 2009 Doodlespiel are:

January 30 – February 1, 2009

64 team ‘spiel, up to 32 “holeplug” spots available! Entry forms and info are available by going to the Doodlespiel website: www.doodlespiel.com.

2009 Committee:

Armin Schafer, Chairman
Hillar Lilles, ViceChair & Drawmaster
Cam Moore, Finance
Victor Irwin, Sponsorship
John Bertsch, Housing & Special Arrangements
Dave Swager and Roger Edgecombe are Assisting
Morgan Steeves, Past Chairman

Sponsorship opportunities are available! Each year, the committee seeks contributions to ensure the continuation of this first class event. Your level of support is acknowledged throughout the weekend by means of numerous sponsor boards, banners, and announcements, as well as year round through our bonspiel website (www.doodlespiel.com). Please see the website for more details.

Brian Russell awarded SEG Honourary Membership

Dr. Brian Russell, vice president of Hampson-Russell software, was awarded SEG Honourary Membership at the SEG International Exposition and 78th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, 9 – 14 November 2008.

Dr. Russell received the SEG’s second highest honour for his distinguished contributions to the Society and to the SEG Foundation over the last two decades. He served as SEG second Vice President in 1993, as chairman of The Leading Edge editorial board in 1995, technical co-chairman of the 1996 SEG annual meeting in Denver and as President of SEG during 1998-99. He has been on the Board of Directors of the SEG Foundation since 2003. In 1996 he and Dan Hampson were jointly awarded the SEG Enterprise Award, and in 2005 Brian received SEG Life Membership.

Dr. Russell is an internationally recognized expert in seismic inversion, amplitude variations with offset (AVO) and seismic attribute analysis. He is the author of the SEG Course Notes publication entitled: “Introduction to Seismic Inversion Techniques”. In addition, he presents advanced training courses on inversion, AVO and seismic attributes to petroleum geophysicists throughout the world. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Institute of the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS).

2009 CSEG Ski Spree

The CSEG Ski Spree committee cordially invites you and your families to this year’s Ski Spree! We are pleased to announce the new dates of: February 27-March 1, 2009.

Registration will open on November 17, 2008 at 8:00am. At this time, applications will be posted on the CSEG website: http://csegskispree.com.

The Ski Spree is an extremely popular event, so to ensure your placement at the Ski Spree, please note the following:

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Applications are only accepted when accompanied by payment. Hotel reservations made last year will automatically be transferred to this year’s Ski Spree dates however it is your responsibility to double check your own reservation. Hotel reservations do not ensure your placement at the Ski Spree.

Mark your calendars early – this is an event you won’t want to miss out on!

CGGVeritas shows community spirit in North East British Columbia

CGGVeritas has been recognized for its commitment to the local community and environment by the Canadian district of Tumbler Ridge in North East British Columbia. The company’s data library group has come to know the area well since it first started shooting a land program there in 2001. The current library now covers over 4,000 sq km of 3D data in British Columbia.

CGGVeritas has been investing in the Tumbler Ridge community on two fronts. Firstly, by actively supporting local volunteers to complete a nearby hiking trail, known as the Monkman Pass Memorial Trail, and, secondly, by assisting the work of paleontologists at the local Tumbler Ridge Museum and its Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre.

This relationship started in 2005 when a CGGVeritas land acquisition crew stumbled upon what appeared to be dinosaur footprints while laying out field equipment for the Canada Data Library Wolverine 3D program. The crew contacted the Palaeontology Research Centre, providing GPS coordinates and a photograph. When local paleontologists were brought to the scene they confirmed that the site was a unique finding of Ankylosaur tracks in excellent states of preservation. Several other unique discoveries were soon made in the area.

Dr Charles Helm, Vice President of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, said: “We cannot overstate the value and importance of the massive support from CGGVeritas for our projects. The Monkman Pass Memorial Trail is destined to draw visitors from all over the world who are in search of wilderness adventure. And we now have in our fossil collections the most complete record of dinosaur material in British Columbia and over 1,500 priceless Triassic fish and marine reptile specimens. Due to the size, weight and remote location of many of these fossils, helicopter excavations were essential and we could not have retrieved such items without the help of CGGVeritas. The donated hours of helicopter time to help airlift this material back to the safety of the museum have been invaluable. The important dinosaur footprint site brought to our attention by CGGVeritas is now formally known as the “ CGGVeritas Site”. In combination, these initiatives form an outstanding example of industry support for local volunteer activities, for the benefit of the community and the region, and for which we are extremely grateful.”

Kent Milani, Vice President, CGGVeritas Library Canada, said: “Our contributions to the completion of the Monkman Pass Memorial Trail and the discovery and excavation of dinosaur footprints near Tumbler Ridge are excellent examples of co-operation between the seismic industry and the community. We will continue to build on the positive relationship we have created here as we believe it is important to contribute to the local communities in which we operate through environmental and educational initiatives such as these.”

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