Happy October People! I hope that everyone is back in the swing of things now that Fall is here. This month I want to showcase the activities of an organization that I am involved with, and specifically our Chairman, as I was so impressed with the results of her efforts. Danielle Harrison (Divestco Inc.) has been the Chair of the Women in Seismic ( WiSE) Committee for the past two years. Through her efforts (and that of her committee), the annual WiSE golf tournament hosted 180 women golfers at Fox Hollow, and solicited tremendous support from the industry in terms of hole sponsorship and raffle donations. Through everyone’s efforts, over $18,000 was raised for ovarian and breast cancer research! Congratulations should also go out to the team of Zubeda Ramji, Connie Black, Sandra Plant and Sandy Angus who placed first with an impressive score of 64!

2009 CSEG Ski Spree

The CSEG Ski Spree committee cordially invites you and your families to this year’s Ski Spree! We are pleased to announce the new dates of: February 27-March 1, 2009.

Registration will open on November 17, 2008 at 8:00am. At this time, applications will be posted on the CSEG website.

The Ski Spree is an extremely popular event, so to ensure your placement at the Ski Spree, please note the following:

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Applications are only accepted when accompanied by payment. Hotel reservations made last year will automatically be transferred to this year’s Ski Spree dates however it is your responsibility to double check your own reservation. Hotel reservations do not ensure your placement at the Ski Spree.

Mark your calendars early – this is an event you won’t want to miss out on!

20th Annual CSPG/CSEG 10K/5K Road Race and Fun Run – Results!

10K Run Results: CSEG race sponsored by geoLOGIC, CSPG sponsored by IHS and CAPL sponsored by Gord’s.

For a list of all results, please see the posting on the CSPG website.

Top racers in their class

Curtis Sampson, M30-39: 35:39.3
Francois Tremblay, M-U29: 37:09.3
Rut Stigter, M40-49: 37:58.4
Mario Ceccanese, M50+: 39:14.4

Pauline McLean, F30-39: 39:53.9
Kellie Stante, F-U29: 42:50.7
Sandra Yaworski, F40-49: 44:08.3
Lorna Hawley, F50+: 46:11.0

5K Fun Run Results: race sponsored by CGGVeritas

The top racers were: Matt Hall (CSPG) in a time of 18:06.7 and Susie Giang (CSEG) in 24:00.3!

Congratulations to all of the runners!

Ascend Geo Announces Completion of Field Demonstration

Ascend Geo, LLC has advised that it had successfully completed field demonstrations of the Ultra G5™ Cable-free Land Seismic Acquisition System.

Ascend said the demonstrations featuring the Ultra G5™ were conducted in a real-time full-cycle data recording operation. Approximately 65 oil company and contractor representatives visited the field test site near Devine, Texas, to view cable-free deployment and retrieval, live data recording and real- time output of seismic data with the new Ultra acquisition system.

Larry Denver, Ascend’s Chairman and CEO, stated, “This event marks the beginning of significant change to the industry’s approach to acquiring land seismic data.” He went on to say, “The industry is driving rapidly towards much higher density and full-azimuth sampling. Our cable-free development strategy is tuned to support these industry goals, and also architected to improve operational efficiency in more basic acquisitions. These improvements are most dramatic in standalone cable-free acquisitions, but Ultra is proving to be very beneficial as a means of expanding traditional cabled systems in areas with environmental, urban, or cost challenges.”

Ascend said its demonstrations of the Ultra G5™ System were conducted with the cooperation of the University of Texas’ Bureau of Economic Geology, Exploration Geophysics Laboratory which provided the field site; AOAGeophysics, for supplying an advanced accelerated weight drop (AWD) source technology developed by United Service Alliance; and GEDCO, providers of the state-of-the-art seismic data processing software, Vista.

Spectrum and Fugro announce joint west coast of India acquisition

Spectrum and Fugro have announced a joint proposal to undertake a new multi-client, long offset, 2D seismic survey off the west coast of India at the Geo India Conference and Exhibition at Greater Noida, New Delhi.

The proposed survey, which will be completed prior to the onset of the 2009 monsoon, comprises of approximately 12,000 km of seismic data in the under- explored west coast. It will be conducted in conjunction with the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH), India.

The west coast India survey complements Spectrum’s 2007 reprocessing project which revealed previously unseen plays below the basalt. These deeper events will be targeted using a 10-12 km streamer.

Charles Harmer, Spectrum’s Head of Multi-Client Services, discussed the venture: “Our 2007 reprocessing together with satellite imagery have discovered plays and generated new interest in the under- explored West coast. We have planned this project jointly with Fugro to precede the next NELP licensing round”.



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