Alas, the final month of the year. This is the time where you start thinking of all the bad things you did this past year and promise to change. However, you still have one month left to eat as much as you want, eat whatever you want, not one step on the treadmill, smoke and drink as much as you want because next month you’re going to change, right?...Right? Uhm, this is where you say, “Right”. Just kidding – enjoy it and have a very wonderful holiday season. All the best to you and yours!

RPS Energy Canada Courses

RPS Energy Canada, formerly ECL Canada, is pleased to provide you with the attached documents regarding our upcoming “Drilling Course for Explorationists”.

The features of this two day course are as follows:

  • Classroom session at SAIT covering course materials
  • Tour of drilling facilities at SAIT (service drilling rig,)
  • Drilling rig tour at Enform’s facility in Nisku, Alberta.
  • Drilling Course manual
  • Return bus trip from Calgary to Nisku
  • Drilling videos and exercises on bus trip to Nisku
  • Networking, discussion, food and refreshments on return trip to Calgary

The benefits of attending this course include:

  • Increased knowledge of drilling operations
  • Familiarity with the process of drilling a well
  • Information on both a drilling rig and its components
  • Improved communication between drilling department and exploration

If you need any additional information regarding this course, please feel free to call Kerri or Randy at 263-0449 at RPS Energy Canada.

Calgary Mining Forum

Here’s information on the 17th Annual Calgary Mining Forum:

April 15 – 18, 2008
Ramada Hotel, Downtown Calgary
708 – 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB

Topic: “New Mines, Prospects and Advances”

Short Courses
Technical Session
Trade Show
Networking Opportunities

For more information, please visit the website at:

CSEG Family Ski Spree

Registration forms for the 2008 CSEG Family Ski Spree were made available this year on November 19th on the CSEG website only ( Please navigate to the “events” tab and click on “CSEG Ski Spree”.

Due to the high demand and limited space at this event, the committee would like you to take note of the following:

  • Space is limited for this event and registration forms will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Registration forms must be accompanied by a cheque or they will not be accepted.
  • Forms may not be faxed in, they must be sent by mail to the address indicated on the registration form.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the 2008 CSEG Family Ski Spree.

Patrick Tutty
Chairman, 2008 Ski Spree Committee

CGGVeritas opens new dedicated center in Spain

CGGVeritas announced today that it has increased the number of dedicated processing and imaging centers that it operates for major oil companies with the launch of a center for Repsol YPF in Madrid.

The new center runs state-of-the-art Geocluster processing software to deliver consistently fast and reliable products and joins 11 other CGGVeritas dedicated centers in a worldwide processing network. The center will provide 2D and 3D time and depth land and marine processing and imaging services. Through this dedicated center, Repsol YPF will benefit from the advanced technology and level of R&D that the new CGGVeritas group now offers.

Ian Thornton, Senior Vice President, EAME Processing & Reservoir Services said: “The opening of this center in Madrid marks a new stage in the strong relationship between our companies. CGGVeritas has been a constant contributor to Repsol YPF’s exploration and production efforts over the past fifteen years and this further underlines our commitment to support Repsol YPF in its E&P goals.”

Francisco Ortigosa, Repsol YPF’s Director of Geophysics commented: “This dedicated processing center fulfills simultaneously two important objectives: increasing data processing quality through a close interaction with exploration teams and bringing a technological edge to our exploration in North Africa and Middle East.”

For more information, please contact:

Bertrand Chavane
Tel: +33 1 64 47 35 63



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