To me, November is one of my least favourite months, except the best man in the world was born, my husband (yaah). Other than that, nothing cool happens, and if you spend a lot of time around kids or have your own, then there only the impending threat that they will soon pull out the Sears Christmas Wish book and start marking the pages and asking, “how many days ‘til Santa comes?”. It’s going to be a long couple months.

Signature Seismic Processing

Signature Seismic Processing would like to announce that they have moved to a new office location.

813 – 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0K5
Phone: (403) 531-0760
Fax: (403) 532-3351

In other Signature news:

Signature Seismic has upgraded its processing software package to The Focus 5.4 2007 release. This 64-Bit 2D and 3D software is entirely interactive where processing modules and parameters can be easily tested on the fly; it is stable, fast, and versatile. We also have moved away from the traditional 32- Bit Unix platform and have upgraded to 64 Bit Linux (EM64T) Intel Processors that are paralleled to run intense processing algorithms in Clusters. Our hardware and software configuration leaves much room for future expansion, keeping us competitive while maintaining the industry “State of the Art” technology standards.

CIM Conference and Exhibition

The CIM Conference and Exhibition is going west to Edmonton next year, in the heart of the coal and oil sands industries of Canada. It’s also a portal to the diamonds operations in the North, and a next door neighbor to some of the world’s top potash and uranium operations. Hike up the mountains close by in British Columbia to discover world class base metals operations and more. Edmonton has something for everyone in the industry. Join industries finest in Edmonton for the event of the year!

Shaw Conference Centre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
May 4 - May 7, 2008


CGGVeritas announced today that it has recently secured numerous multi-year contracts representing $250 million in new business for exclusive marine and land acquisition surveys along with significant pre-financing commitments for future wide-azimuth multi-client programs in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM).

“The award of these multi-year contracts combined with the strong prefinancing level for our wide-azimuth programs in the GoM are clear indicators of the strength of the market and the increasing demand for high-end seismic services” said Robert Brunck Chairman and CEO of CGGVeritas.

In the Middle East, CGGVeritas has been selected to acquire a large 3D offshore seismic survey located in the Gulf. The vessel CGGVeritas Orion will be mobilized for this survey and will commence acquisition during the fourth quarter of 2007. Work on this project is expected to have an18 month duration with an option for an additional year extension.

In land acquisition, CGGVeritas has been awarded multiple contracts in the North American Arctic region where the HPVA technology for high resolution acquisition will be introduced during the next two winter seasons.



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