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IHS and CERA invite you to the Canadian Energy Conference!

Showcasing IHS and CERA industry experts, the IHS Canadian Energy Conference will focus on key issues and trends affecting the Canadian and Global energy industry, provide insight on exploiting the trends, and demonstrate how harnessing the right tools and data enable companies leverage against the competition.

IHS Canadian Energy Conference
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conference sessions 8:30 am – 4:00 pm (registration required)
Open house 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (open to the public)
For more information or to register for the conference, please visit: http://energy.ihs.com/Events/canadaconference2007.htm


CGGVeritas has announced the launch of a breakthrough in Vibroseis acquisition technology. The V1 single-vibrator technique offers a step change in subsurface imaging illumination and resolution by providing high-performance, high-density and wide-azimuth land seismic acquisition. V1 builds on the success of CGGVeritas’ patented High-Productivity Vibroseis Acquisition (HPVA) by extending the technology to single vibrators, allowing critical improvements in imaging quality, operational performance and flexibility.

Lionel Lhommet, Executive VP – Land Acquisition, stated, “V1 answers key requirements critical to our clients. Geophysically, the dense-grid point-source acquisition improves wavefield sampling and removes undesirable source array effects, resulting in superior high-resolution data quality. Operationally, this technique maximizes the performance of the source fleet and is inherently more flexible and robust. V1 is environmentally friendly, with a small foot print, low energy per shot point and improved source maneuverability and access. With V1 CGGVeritas continues our company’s rich history of technology leadership”

V1 incorporates new concepts in vibrator fleet management, source synchronization and data recording, overcoming the many hurdles involved with single vibrator operations. Understanding the need for a robust and efficient operation in real-world environments, CGGVeritas has developed V1 to incorporate vibrators that move independently and are monitored and managed in real-time. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes down time, giving unparalleled productivity.

In land seismic operations there is a strong industry drive to continually improve quality and performance to meet the g rowing demands for high-density and wide-azimuth recording; with V1 CGGVeritas has provided an innovative breakthrough that impressively answers both the geophysical and operational challenges.

Direct Digital Online Inc.

Direct Digital Online Inc. will be moving effective Monday, July 23, 2007 from:

SUITE 100, 602 – 11th AVENUE S.W.



Telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.

CIM Conference and Exhibition

The CIM Conference and Exhibition is going west to Edmonton next year, in the heart of the coal and oil sands industries of Canada. It’s also a portal to the diamonds operations in the North, and a next door neighbor to some of the world’s top potash and uranium operations. Hike up the mountains close by in British Columbia to discover world class base metals operations and more. Edmonton has something for everyone in the industry. Join industry’s finest in Edmonton for the event of the year!

Shaw Conference Centre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
May 4 - May 7, 2008


Valtus Imagery Services announced today that it has partnered with DigitalGlobe and GlobeXplorer to sell the full suite of satellite and aerial photography products and web services.

DigitalGlobe’s industry-leading archive and high-resolution, high-capacity satellite combined with GlobeXplorer’s effective Web-based delivery services create an extensive, complete and easy-to-use solution for acquiring, integrating and distributing all types of high-quality digital Earth imagery and data.

Valtus Imagery Services hosts customer raster data and imagery allowing for wide distribution of reliable imagery web services within large global organizations. The Valtus Imagery Services online database currently holds over 2 million square kilometers of additional high resolution imagery across Canada and the United States. Valtus provides subscriptions to seamlessly stream imagery directly into GIS and CAD Desktop Applications.

“We continue to both collect and partner to grow the Valtus data base with the newest and highest resolution imagery available. Our customers operate globally, and through our partnership with DigitalGlobe, we will be able to easily and seamlessly provide access to over 300 million square kilometers of imagery spanning the last 15 years.” explains Greg Adamietz, senior director of corporate alliances. “Valtus specializes in merging proprietary enterprise data with leading commercial sources of imagery. Our partnership with DigitalGlobe provides the Oil and Gas industry with a new model of data access to leading satellite data.”

Roxar and Geomodeling

Roxar, a leading technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced a multi-year agreement with Calgary-based, Geomodeling Technology Corp., for the resale of its seismic interpretation software, VisualVoxAt™. The announcement was made at the 69th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, taking place in London from June 11 to 14.

The global agreement will provide Roxar with a full seismic through reservoir characterization interpretation solution, enabling users to obtain their interpretations faster and with more clarity.

Working alongside Roxar’s industry leading reservoir modeling solution, IRAP RMS™; its history matching and uncertainty estimation software , EnABLE™; and Roxar’s reservoir simulation tool, Tempest™; VisualVoxAt and Roxar’s accompanying reservoir management software will help exploration and development departments make better decisions, reduce uncertainty, and quickly identify the attributes that impact hydrocarbon distribution and reservoir potential.

Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont, welcomed the partnership:

“Roxar’s overriding goal is to help E&P companies make better decisions – addressing questions, such as ‘How can I detect and address my reservoir targets faster?’, ‘How can I find that prospect that has gone unnoticed by others?’, and ‘How can I maximize my reservoir returns?’. In this way, operators reduce uncertainty and maximize the value of their assets.”

He continues:

“Our partnership with Geomodeling Technology reflects this philosophy and our determination to partner with the best in our industry. VisualVoxAt will strengthen Roxar’s integrated seismic to production workflow solutions, allowing E&P companies access to industry-leading seismic software in addition to our modeling, history matching, simulation, and production solutions. The result is a complete reservoir characterization and management workflow.”

His words were echoed by Renjun Wen, CEO of Geomodeling Technology:

“We work hard to be the leading innovators in our industry, and feel equally determined to partner with the best. Roxar’s goals and philosophies, to help E&P companies make better decisions, have been the foundation of Geomodeling’s existence from the start. VisualVoxAt is an excellent companion to the Roxar suite of solutions, and we are enthusiastic about working together to be able to give geoscientists a winning package”.

VisualVoxAt is an integrated solution for seismic attribute generation, visualization, calibration, and classification, in addition to conventional seismic interpretation workflows.

VisualVoxAt uses multiple attributes and classifiers to generate facies maps and volumes, and to visualize data at many different seismic resolutions. It allows users to extract facies, isolate major attribute patterns, and discover the geological meaning of the attributes t h rough advanced regression methods and a neural network engine.

Sigma Explorations

Sigma would like to make the following thank you’s:

Thanks again to all those involved in the joint CSEG/CSPG convention, especially the many volunteers that give so generously of their time to make this event so successful! There were 4 winners in our Name the Section contest this year, and they were:

1st prize of the Lorna Dockstader painting went to Sarah Cutten (ARC Resources)

2nd prize of the Video iPOD went to Stacia Skappak (Compton)

3rd prize of a Future Shop $100 Gift Certificate went to Paige Snelling (Encana)

4th prize of a $100 Gift Certificate went to Nanna Eliuk (Compton)

Janice Clark (PetroCanada) and Alex Mazorkiewicz (Shell Canada) were winners of our Daily Business Card Draw and each received a golf shirt, hat and water bottle.

Congratulations to all our winners!



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