Do you feel as wretched as I do? You know that whole “eating your weight in chocolate” thing I mentioned last month? What was I thinking? If you give yourself that kind of permission, you have to be able to deal with the consequences. Consequences like gaining 7 pounds in about 2 weeks! I blame my mother. I stuff my face in order to stop the “smart” comments from flying out. Comments that can only be imagined once you’ve spent three consecutive days hearing about how your hair is too long, that sweater makes you look frumpy and, wait for it… ”I never noticed how many wrinkles you’ve gotten around your eyes.” Happy Holidays indeed!

Oh, my apologies, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday… sigh… Now, back to work and back to the gym!


Geomodeling Technology Corp., a leading innovator in geoscience software for the oil and gas industry, today announced that it has released SBED 2006 Version 3, highlighting enhanced bioturbation modeling and multi-phase upscaling functions. SBED is the only software for identifying reservoir potential through small-scale heterogeneity modeling and flow-based upscaling.

“We have really focused on permeability and porosity functions in SBED Version 3,” says Renjun Wen, Geomodeling’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our new features and enhancements in bioturbation functions are indicative of our dedication to excellence of SBED and small-scale heterogeneity modeling.”

SBED 2006 Version 3 new features and enhancements include multi-phase upscaling for bioturbation model, superimposing bioturbation to existing bioturbation model, and net-to-gross calculation presented alongside geometry grid in 3D view, among others.

SBED 2006 Version 3 new features and enhancements include multi-phase upscaling for bioturbation model, superimposing bioturbation to existing bioturbation model, and net-to-gross calculation presented alongside geometry grid in 3D view, among others.

Multi-Phase upscaling can now be calculated for a bioturbation submodel. As bioturbation can increase or decrease permeability and porosity, upscaling allows the user to visualize the larger effect of bioturbation on permeability and porosity of a submodel.

SBED version 3 allows users to superimpose an unlimited number of bioturbation structures on any pre-existing bioturbation submodel in SBED. This feature will allow you to assign different petrophysical values to different groups of bioturbation structures, allowing a more accurate result of your submodel.

Net-to-gross (NTG) calculation is now presented as text in the 3D View window alongside the geometry grid. This allows the user to review the model and NTG without having to access each separately. Identifying the net sand in a model provides an accurate portrayal of rock type variability and NTG free characterization.

Geomodeling’s SBED Version 3 software is available today. Please contact your local Geomodeling representative via the website at or by email at

Calgary Mining Forum

The 16th Calgary Mining Forum, “Building the Future” will be held this year March 20-23, 2007 at the Ramada Hotel, Downtown Calgary, featuring presentations by mineral exploration companies, mining service companies, and provincial and federal geological surveys. Topics will include minerals exploration projects, exploration methods, current research and investment opportunities. Also included are a Keynote Address, short courses and a poster session.

The Forum is now Calling For Papers. The final abstract deadline is February 1, 2007, with preference given to mineral exploration and development case history papers.

For more information and registration forms, booth information, paper submissions and short course information, contact:

Glen Jones: 403-202-8683
Henry Lyatsky: 403-282-5873


IHS would like to thank everyone that came out and joined their annual Customer Appreciation Event on November 16 at the Palliser Hotel. They had a wonderful turnout for the 70’s disco themed evening, “Oh, What a Night!” It was great to see so many people dig out their platform shoes, powder blue polyester suits and boogie to 70’s hits. IHS Sales and Management would like to say thank you to everyone who came out and thank you for your continued business!

For more information about IHS, visit the website at or call 403-770-4646.

Veritas DGC Inc.

Veritas DGC Limited announced today that its Kazakhstan Joint Venture company, Veritas Caspian LLP, has successfully completed acquisition operations for 2006. Planning is now underway for the 2007 season, which will commence next April.

The success of this first season of acquisition has exceeded expectations. Elwyn Jones, Veritas’ VP Data Library, Europe, Africa and Middle East (EAME), commented, “We are delighted to report that 56% more data was acquired during 2006 than was originally planned. The acquisition of this high resolution data was a tremendous example of productivity in a challenging environment and exemplified superlative performance in terms of QHSES. Considerable credit should go to Caspian Services Group, our co-venturer in Veritas Caspian LLP, and to Veritas’ major local subcontractor KakahstanCaspiShelf.”

Initial field stacks show the seismic data to be of exceptional quality. The long-offset, high fold acquisition technique employed is delivering particularly strong results in the sub-salt, where most of the region’s recent giant reserves have been discovered.

Kerry Doyle, President, Veritas Caspian, commented, “Our current acquisition plans are for a five-year program over the entire open acreage of the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea. The success of the first season is an affirmation of Veritas’ capabilities and commitment to this project. Operations in the Caspian Sea present many challenges, but the crews’ efforts have been outstanding and the newly acquired data are beginning to illuminate the high potential of this key hydrocarbon region. To complement this acquisition success, Veritas is nearing completion of the construction and implementation of a state-of-the-art seismic imagining centre in the heart of Almaty.



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