Yaah, December! How could you not love a month that you really only work 2 weeks of it, it’s completely acceptable to eat your weight in chocolate and you can blow an entire paycheque on boxing day shopping for yourself! Sounds great to me. Of course, it all sounds good now, when I write this article in November, before I’ve battled malls and endured countless hours with family…MY family! And also, yesterday, I had to endure Saskatchewan fans ripping out my poor Stamps dreams of another playoff season. Great year Stamps – Thanks Sandro DeAngelis, who made our year!

I wish all of you a very happy holiday season and the very best in the New Year!

16th Calgary Mining Forum

The 16th Calgary Mining Forum, “Building the Future” will be held this year March 20-23, 2007 at the Ramada Hotel, Downtown Calgary. Featuring presentations by mineral exploration companies, mining service companies, and provincial and federal geological surveys. Topics will include minerals exploration projects, exploration methods, current research and investment opportunities. Also included are a Keynote Address, short courses and a poster session.

The Forum is now Calling For Papers. The final abstract deadline is February 1, 2007, with preference given to mineral exploration and development case history papers.

For more information and registration forms, booth information, paper submissions and short course information, contact

Glen Jones: 403-202-8683
Henry Lyatsky: 403-282-5873

Earth Signal

The final match of the 3rd Annual Earth Signal Processing Winter Golf Tournament, played on September 6, 2006, between Chat Wong and Darren Kondrat, finished with Chat Wong holding the coveted Earth Signal trophy.

The epic battle took place on the Banff Springs Golf Course, it was a foggy, rain swept and windy day, where both competitors fought hard to find their grip and their game. Chat was strong out of the gate winning the first and third holes, and with relentless pressure, ended the front nine with a three up advantage. Kondrat, the ever-gutsy competitor, used a new glove, fresh raingear and raw determination to whittle Chat’s lead to a two-hole advantage with four holes left. Chat with icy confidence won the 15th hole to make the match dormy. On the 16th when Kondrat’s 8 iron, from 272 yards out, plugged under the lip of the green side bunker, the match was all but over.

Chat Wong, new to the tournament this year, has had his name put on the trophy that remains in the Earth Signal office. He received his own trophy to display to friends and family. Darren Kondrat received a gift certificate for Sportchek; the item he purchased is on display, and sale, at his sports store in Cochrane.

The final match was a great display of skill and sportsmanship.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2005-2006 tournament and good luck to all of you playing in the 4th Annual Earth Signal Processing Winter Golf Tournament.

Reservoir Imaging

Reservoir Imaging develops QC system for Statoil’s 4D seismic projects, Edinburgh, 4 November, 2006: Statoil is working with UK company Reservoir Imaging Ltd (RIL) on the development of a programme to improve the quality and consistency of its 4D seismic acquisition projects. The aim is to maximize the value of 4D seismic as a tool for monitoring the performance of oil and gas reservoirs, which in turn could potentially lead to the production of untapped reserves.

RIL, based in Edinburgh, Scotland has just completed an initial project to QC and analyse all the 4D seismic surveys commissioned by Statoil in 2006. Data from 19 legacy 4D surveys carried out in previous years were also included in the analysis. The 10 projects from the 2006 4D campaign involved many different geological and environmental conditions and a variety of seismic acquisition methods.

One of the key goals was to provide consistent quality control across all the surveys so that outcomes of each project could be compared and highlight where adjustments were required. During the 2006 surveys, navigation data from the operating vessels was transmitted from the field to the shore at regular intervals so that RIL could process the data and generate a standard set of 4D attributes.

A major element of RIL’s approach was to develop what is believed to be the only comprehensive GIS database that isolates contributing elements of a 4D seismic survey in sufficient detail to allow accurate statistical analysis and comparison of surveys. Information on such factors as the acquisition technology, survey geometry, steering and feathering of towed streamers, etc can all be crucial parameters in the planning and execution of 4D surveys to ensure they can be repeated as exactly as possible over time.

Keith Watt, managing director, RIL, said: ‘The final database and subsequent analysis are providing Statoil with the tools to understand the issues associated with 4D seismic acquisition as the method evolves.’

Geophysical Service Incorporated (GSI)

Geophysical Service Incorporated (GSI) has completed their Labrador 2006 program acquiring approximately 11,000 kilometers of 2D seismic data on offshore Labrador’s Hopedale Basin including two lines that extended into the Greenland waters. Approximately 11,000 kilometers of gravity and magnetic data was also acquired.

This is the fourth year GSI has acquired data offshore Labrador. Previously, the company has collected over 23,000-kilometres of 2D data in the years 2003-2005. GSI has gained expertise in this area over the past 30 years, having previously collected more than 31,000km of 2D data in the 1970s and 80s of which 20,000 kilometers of this data has been reprocessed. Planning is currently underway for the 2007 program. Those interested in viewing any of the Labrador data or participating in the 2007 program can contact Jocelyn Frankow at 403-514-6295.

IHS, Calgary, announces the release of GeoSyn 5.2 November, 2006

GeoSyn, IHS’s synthetic and modeling package, has substantial new developments in its latest release, GeoSyn 5.2. With 1D, developments include support for multi-offset modeling, AVO, LMR, Crossplotting and the utility to tie seismic directly into the application. With 2D, the workflow has been further streamlined and a new time model and be completed within 3 minutes.

For more information about this release, visit the website at www.ihs.com/energy or call 403-770-4646.



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