I’m trying to come up with something good about November. Personally, it’s not my favourite month, it’s cold – it’s not full-blown winter, but it’s not fall either, football season is coming to an end (for hard-core CFL’ers. PS. A big hoorah for DeAngelis – what a year!), and you’ve only got the bad candy left over from Halloween. Then there’s all you keeners who “have to use up all your vacation days before the end of the year”, when mine were used up in January. Hmmm, November… something good…nope, still nothing!

WiSE (Women in Seismic Golf Tournament)

Joanne Poloway, the Event Chair would like to update everyone on the 6th Annual Women in Seismic Golf tournament held on August 14th of this year at the Fox Hollow Golf Course. It was another sellout with 144 golfers (all ladies!) and 26 Hole Sponsors attending the dinner. They had their best year yet, raising over $15,000 for Breast Cancer; $5,000 of this was a personal donation from the owner of Fox Hollow Golf Course!! The staff at Fox Hollow truly went out of their way to make the day very memorable! It was a beautiful day for golfing and networking. There was lots of bidding on the Silent Auction items and the Raffle was a great success as well. Joanne would like to thank all of the companies that donated prizes, sponsored a hole and allowed their employees a day off to enjoy this great event. Thanks also to all the ladies that attended and helped raise money for such a great charity!

Thank You to the RECORDER for putting the blurb in the Grapevine (you’re very welcome – GS). A lot of people who attended the tournament and donated prizes, found out about the tournament from the RECORDER (SEE! It really works! – GS).

Joanne would also like to mention all the women that were on the committee and who helped make this day such a success: Cortney Wood, Danielle Harrison, Kristy Manchul, Megan Huckvale, and Zubeda Ramji. THANK YOU!!!! It couldn’t be done without you! A big thanks also to Medena Bridger and Judy Leah for their assistance the day before and day of the tournament.

“I am looking forward to next year already – same time, same place – so mark your calendars!” – Joanne Poloway, Event Chair

Mor-West Ventures

Jennifer Welsh and Tracy Warrrington have started a brand new Front-End Company and are very excited to introduce you to MORWEST VENTURES. We have experience in Permitting, Approvals, AFEs, Reclamation and many other services. Jennifer can be reached at (403) 650-7527 and Tracy can be reached at (403) 710-4892. Their fax number is (403) 238-0175 and email is mor-westventures@ telus.net.


Sercel invests in new 4D seismic company in Edinburgh, 5 August 2006: Reservoir Imaging Ltd (RIL), the newly formed 4D seismic software services consultancy based in Edinburgh Scotland, is pleased to announce that Sercel has purchased a minority stake in the company.

RIL was formed in September 2005 by a group of managers, all previously with Concept Systems. Its goal is to assist oil and gas companies optimize the planning and execution of 4D marine seismic surveys, widely seen as the key technique for maximizing the recovery of hydrocarbons from producing reservoirs. RIL has developed its own software for performing 4D processing and attribute generation. Its solutions are delivered using GIS (geographical information systems) designed to integrate with oil company processing and interpretation procedures.

RIL Managing Director Keith Watt said: ‘We are delighted that a company of Sercel’s significance in the industry is supporting our focus on 4D seismic as the technology of the future. The investment capital and recognition of the knowledge and experience we have to offer is very welcome; it will enable us to accelerate the company’s development to the next level.’

CSEG LunchBox Geophysics

After serving on the CSEG executive for two years, François is happy to come back as a volunteer coordinating the LunchBox Geophysics talks, under the umbrella of the CSEG Educational Services. Larry Adorjan has been instrumental in making these talks what they are today: he found countless speakers and maintained a regular schedule. The attendance is a testimony to Larry’s efforts: he leaves big shoes to fill. If you have speakers to suggest or particular topics that you would like to hear about, please contact François.

François Aubin, CSEG LunchBox Geophysics talks
faubin@ cgg.com
Direct line: 403-213-2352
Cell: 403-990-1949


HOUSTON (August 15, 2006) – IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), a global provider of integrated oil and gas information, software and consulting services, and the Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium, Inc. (POSC), a leading global provider of information and business process standards for the upstream oil and gas industry, announced today they have signed a letter of intent (LOI) to establish a service that will provide an industry standard for global unique well identifiers for all known oil and gas wells in the world.

Since no global definition of what represents a well exists, oil companies, service companies, governments and regulatory agencies differ in their practices and naming conventions. The new IHS/POSC service will provide a common method to address these challenges. With more than four million wells known to exist globally, a common system for identification (ID) has become essential. IHS has provided unique well ID services to its customers since the 1990s. The new offering will further integrate global systems and be made readily available to the entire industry, ensuring comprehensive global coverage and universal usage.

POSC representatives signed the LOI on behalf of an industry work group comprised of representatives from major oil companies (including IHS customers) and oil service providers. A formal agreement detailing the IHS/POSC Global Unique Well Identifier Service deliverables will be announced by year end. In the interim, IHS is now delivering a basic service.

“As oil and gas companies continue to expand globally, a significant information management challenge is reconciling diverse well identifications in their technical and financial databases. Our customers asked us to make this issue a priority,” said Ron Mobed, IHS president and COO, Energy. “After meeting with a large cross-section of our customers, with POSC, and with others in our industry, it was clear they expected IHS to take a leadership role, and to work with POSC to ensure the service be as open as possible so that no oil company, service company or data vendor is precluded from obtaining a standard well ID.”

“The current Global Unique Well Identifier initiative began in 2003,” said Randy Clark, CEO of POSC. “The steering team endorses this resolution of a long-standing problem by leveraging the large inventory of well identifiers that IHS manages today for its customers as the basis for an industry well identification standard. IHS has extensive experience with the regional variances of well ID systems around the world, not only because of their management of well identifications, but also because of their network of global experts positioned in local markets. A work group is being established to guide and oversee this service to ensure its long-term viability.”

Through the service, IHS will continue to generate standard identifiers for all new and unique wells; deliver a complete Master Well Index file to customers comprised of the unique well identifiers and supporting attributes for reference and matching purposes; and provide a wellmatching service to the industry by delivering a set of unique well identifiers from the Master Well Index against well data supplied by any industry organization.

In addition, the PPDM Association (PPDM) endorses the support and development of a global unique well identifier under the direction of the industry work group. “This initiative represents an exciting collaborative effort between different aspects of the E&P industry to solve what is an expensive and time-consuming problem for our membership,” said Trudy Curtis, CEO of PPDM.



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