Ah, the old weather cliché about March: In like a lamb, out like a lion (sorry- it’s all I’ve got!). I’m still shocked that March is here! I have finished my MBA work now and would like to say a warm thanks to all who asked about my progress and wished me well. The “Grapevine” surrounding my academic pursuit had me defending a thesis in a fore i g n country, living blissfully overseas and even teaching Geophysics (Please- I’m an Arts undergrad!). The Grapevine now has more meaning to me, but I assure you the information below has not been exaggerated!

Geo-X Systems Ltd. Launches Launch & Learns

Geo-X invites you to attend their technical luncheon series that includes two new talks! There is no cost for the Lunch and Learns that run from 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM, and a light lunch is also provided. The following courses for 2005 are as follows:

Trinity 3D prestack interpolation in 4D space – Mar. 9th (Xishuo Wang)
Prestack shot migration and AVO – Feb. 23rd & Mar. 16th (Mark Ng)
Processing QC – Mar. 2nd & Mar. 23rd (Oliver Kuhn)

Please register now as space is limited. You can register with Colleen Sando (298-5669), at colleens@geox.com or sign up here: http://www.geoxsystems.com/geox/training/lunch_learn.asp

Lunch and Learns are to be held at the Geo-X offices, located in the Ernst & Young Tower at 500, 440 – 2nd Avenue S.W.

Veritas DGC and Kerr-McGee Announce Central North Sea Agreement

On Jan.24, 2005 – Veritas DGC Inc., announced the successful farm-out of its Promote License for UKCS Central North Sea block 16/21d which is adjacent to the Balmoral and Dumbarton fields. The block contains the presently abandoned Bladon oil field, and significant potential prospectivity has been identified using Veritas long-offset 3D seismic data.

Under the terms of the agreement, Kerr-McGee will assume a 100% stake in the block, acquired by Veritas as a Promote License in the UKCS 21st Offshore Round.

Robert Hobbs, President of Veritas’ EAME Division, welcomed the deal saying, “This is an important step for Veritas, proving the concept of our Promote Round participation in the UK. New seismic data, technology and techniques hold the keys to renewed activity levels in the Central North Sea. Our seismic-based workflow has proved extremely popular with Kerr- McGee and many other companies, enabling us to identify entirely new prospects for future drilling. We will continue to advance our Promote acreage to the benefit of the North Sea industry and the UK economy as a whole.”

For more information on Veritas, please visit www.veritasdgc.com, and for further information regarding this release, please contact Richard Morgan at Veritas + 44 1293 443 000 or Stephen Daines at Kerr-McGee +44 1224 242 000.

Hungry for Knowledge? Try LunchBox Geophysics…

These free and informal lunchtime talks provide terrific learning opportunities with peers. (Lunches not included)

“Stacking Velocities in the presence of shallow anomalies. Some new insights.”
Emil Blias from Revolution Geoservices Inc.
Tuesday April 5, 2005 12:00 Noon
Aquitaine Auditorium, +15 level of 540 - 5 Avenue S.W.

To register for this lunchtime session, please contact Larry Adorjan at larrya@kelman.com or (403) 850-1651.

2005 Annual Calgary Mining Forum

Western Canada and Alberta have a vibrant and exciting mining industry! A mining-industry conference and trade show will take place April 6-7 at the Ramada Hotel Downtown. A wide mix of geologists, investors, exploration and service companies will attend lectures covering topics ranging from exploration methods, background science, specific prospects and investment opportunities. Short courses on exploration-related themes are also in the works. For more information, you can read details posted in the Calgary Mineral Exploration Group web site at www.meg.calgary.ab.ca. The website also provides information on their monthly luncheons. Please also contact Paul Hawkins: phawkins@shaw.ca (403) 242-7745or Henry Lyatsky: lyatskyh@telus.net (403) 282-5873, as they would be please to give you further details!

CSEG Doodlespiel Committee Does It Again!

The 33rd annual CSEG Doodlespiel was held January 28 to 30, 2005 with 80 teams, 320 curlers and 50 Socials attendees. Festivities included a Friday night social, and a Saturday night “All-Nighter” featuring the Texas Hold-em Tournament. These events, couple with lots of lots of curling, made for a great weekend of fun and enjoyment!

Congratulations to the following winners:

A event: Randy Gill, Gayle Ritten, Wade Brillon and Garth Syhlonyk.

B event: Bill Cherniak, Marty Swagar, Bob Dirkson, and Brent Cameron

C event: Bob Bleaney, Bill Bradley, Tooney Fink, and Kris Eyolfson

D event: Brian Bertram, Lynn Grainger, Val Putzi, and Van Greig Hole Plug winners: Joe Backus, Murray VanAlstine, Kyle Slosher, and Lloyd Whelan.


Divestco Inc. (DVT-V), is pleased to announce the partnership of three major software offerings. Divestco’s powerful seismic interpretation workstation, WinPICS, has been dramatically enhanced with dynamic links to the company’s data browser, GeoVista, and revolutionary new 3D visualization tool, EnvisionVSX.

The integration of these products radically changes the way Geoscientists have always interpreted, browsed, and viewed seismic information. For the first time ever, geophysicists are able to dynamically access current well, production, land and pipeline data directly within their seismic workstation, while the integration of EnvisionVSX provides spectacular new techniques to view seismic in 3D using light and composite density methodology unique to Divestco.

WinPICS 5.1, GeoVista V4.2, and EnvisionVSX will be available to the oil and gas industry February 7, 2005. For more information please contact Shannon Niemi, VP Sales and Marketing at 403.218.6451.

Nothing Downhill about the CSEG Ski Spree!

The 2005 CSEG Ski Spree was a terrific event that drew 370 people in February. Much excitement and anticipation caused this event to sell out in just 8 days so be sure to mark it down in your calendar for 2006 as this event is “First come, first served”. Despite some bad winter driving conditions, the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort welcomed skiers of all ages and abilities. Big race winners included Tom Podivinsky and Carolyn Bectold! Congratulations to you both! Aside from skiing, festivities included the traditional Hot Wheels Race, and buffet dinner on Friday night and a wrap-up banquet dinner on Saturday night- complete with draw prizes. Thanks to the Ski Spree Committee for their hard work and enthusiasm, to the generous sponsors, and to all who attended! See you next year!



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