Welcome Back! I trust everyone enjoyed the summer holidays as much as I did. As we head into the Fall, I am looking for new items to include in the Grapevine column. Please feel free to contact me if you have any industry news you would like me to write about in the Grapevine.

Veritas Integrates Depth Imaging and Reservoir Characterization

To provide more integrated services, Veritas GeoServices recently integrated Depth Imaging and Reservoir Characterization groups in to the mainstream land-processing groups. In March, the Land Depth Imaging group joined Canada Land Processing with the intention of getting the most out of their expertise in the Canadian Foothills. After observing the tangible benefits to their clients interpreting in the Foothills, Veritas integrated the AVO projects in to Canada Land Processing to improve the technical quality of their stratigraphic processing and to further ensure the accuracy of amplitudes going into amplitude analysis and inversion. This will further smooth the workflow between processing and data analysis. Also in this reorganization, the Multicomponent Group gained additional capabilities in using converted waves to determine reservoir properties. Integrated fracture analysis, PP and PS-AVO, and better constrained anisotropy estimation contribute to a more accurate reservoir model. For further information, please contact: Michael Clement, Project Manager, Veritas GeoServices - Canada (403) 205-6164, (403) 312-5609 (cell), mike_clement@Veritasdgc.com.

Bear Slashing Ltd. Appoints Rod Garland

Rod Garland is the newly appointed "Manager of Business Development", representing Bear Slashing Ltd. in Calgary. Bear Slashing is the leader in mulching services and the preparation of seismic lines, leases, pipelines and more. Mulching is an environmentally beneficial option, replacing the "slash & burn" techniques of the past. Supported by the management of Bear Slashing, Rod will continue his involvement with several CSEG & CAGC committees and looks forward to continuing his relationship with previous clients and forging new associations. Headquartered in Bonnyville, Bear Slashing also has offices in Fort McMurray. For further information, please contact Rod at cell (403) 669-4672, Calgary Office (403) 271-2974, via email at rodgarland@shaw.ca or visit our website at www.bearslashing.com.

Paradigm Geophysical Welcomes Florian Romanescu

Paradigm Geophysical Canada Ltd. is pleased to welcome Florian Romanescu as Geophysical Services Manager to the Canadian operations. Florian has 19 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, and has previously worked for Paradigm be tween the years of 1994-2000 in the role of Technical Services Manager.

Paradigm recognizes the need in the Canadian market to deliver high quality, business focused, Trace-to-Target™ Integrated services. Florian's proven reputation in the industry and varied experience in the geophysical services market will contribute to success in building a broader services business.

Of the leading global service providers to the oil and gas industry, only Paradigm offers services based exclusively on its own software products. Integrating expertise in Advanced seismic data analysis, Amplitude inversion, Reservoir characterization, Pore pressure prediction and 20 & 3D pre-stack migration, Paradigm is universally acknowledged as experts in providing geophysical services an d reservoir studies to the E&P industry.

Florian can be reached at Paradigm Geophysical at (403) 750-3549 or by email atfromanescu@paradigmgeo.com.

Introducing The Jug Hound

The Jug Hound is a simple, timesaving, and very effective seismic tool developed by Bruce Newport, who has years of hands-on experience in seismic field acquisition. The Jug Hound will forever change the traditional method of removing sensitive gee-phone equipment.

The Jug Hound was invented to provide easy removal of special purpose monitoring equipment, particularly from hard or frozen surfaces. The removal of ground equipment with conventional tools, such as claw hammers and picks, will ultimately damage sensitive and expensive seismic equipment.

The specially designed Jug Hound tool is fabricated from hickory wood and duct-tile iron, which is three times stronger than cast iron. The Jug Hound resembles a standard gravel pick in both size and shape, and features a remarkable effective head to accommodate the easy and safe removal of a gee-phone. The Jug Hound is designed to allow for damage-free removal of expensive seismic equipment, thus saving field operators time, angst, and money.

Bruce Newport, founder of the Jug Hound, said, "The Jug Hound operates so effectively that damage is virtually nonexistent, and savings can be immediately accrued. The Jug Hound is as simple as removing a nail from a piece of wood."

To contact Bruce Newport for a demonstration of the new and innovative Jug Hound, please call Bruce at (403) 681-0677.



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