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As this is the final Grapevine article until the Fall, I will be looking for some new gossip for the September 2003 RECORDER. Please feel free to contact me through July and August.

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Key Seismic Open For Business

Key Seismic Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce that they are open for business. Key Seismic is a privately held, Calgary, Alberta based corporation providing seismic data processing services to the oil and gas industry. The senior management team is composed of Darren Olson, Bill Smithwick, Blaine Frehlich and Keith Wilkinson. Our offices are located at 820,330- 5th Ave. S.W., postal code T2P OL4.

Key Seismic senior staff members have been in the business of providing preferred quality seismic solutions for over 20 years each on average. The management at Key Seismic appreciates their relationships developed within the industry and thanks their associates for the support shown. To contact us please call (403) 232-6557.

New Appointment for Penny Colton

The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) is pleased to announce that Penny Colton, P.Geoph., has been appointed to the position of Manager of Geoscience Affairs effective June 16, 2003. Penny will be located in the Calgary office in Scotia Centre, and will report to the Director of Internal Affairs.

Penny has 20 years experience as a geophysicist in the oil & gas and mineral exploration industries in Canada. She is active in a variety of geoscience related organizations, including CSPG and CSEG in which she has acted insuch functions as Advertising Manager and Treasurer. She is currently on the CSEG Executive Committee as Director of Educational Services. She has been a professional member of APEGGA since 1984. Contact Penny Colton at (403)262-7714. Email

Excalibur Welcomes Two New Staff Members

The Excalibur – Gemini Group, a division of Divestco is pleased to welcome Bart Iverson back to the industry. Bart, a founder of Excalibur – Gemini has joined us as Manager, Survey Audit Services. Many of you know him and are familiar with his extensive survey background as a result of over 20 years of practical survey experience both in the field experience and in developing and performing quality control procedures on seismic survey as well as resolving survey issues. As one of the original team members within Excalibur – Gemini, his values, attitudes and actions create the kind of personal service we are known for. You can reach Bart at 264-8850 or email him at

The Excalibur – Gemini Group, a division of Divestco welcomes Tad Davies as a senior survey auditor to our team. Tad brings with him 15 years of field and seismic survey quality control experience. Tad has a reputation in the industry for providing a high level of personal service, a positive attitude. He believes that hard work and good times are a good combination for clients, the team and himself. Tad is looking forward to working along side his friends and colleagues in the future, You can reach him at 264-8850 or email him at



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