My name is Carolyn Niemi and I will be looking after the monthly Grapevine column in the CSEG RECORDER. Many thanks to Amy Wolff who looked after the Grapevine column for the past few years.

To introduce myself, I have worked in Sales in the oil and gas industry for the past 10 years and I am currently a member of the Sales Team at As a new contributor to the RECORDER, I welcome any newsworthy industry information you have to share. As a complimentary column for the oil and gas industry, it is a great way to share the latest news!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Carolyn Niemi

New Move for Edge Technologies

Edge Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce they have outgrown their previous office space and have moved to their new location at 1720, 510 - 5th Street S.W. Edge phone numbers remain the same, Ph. (403) 770-0440.

Spectrum & Saudi Geophysical Electronic Data Management Contract

Spectrum, together with partners Saudi Geophysical announced the commencement of a Significant data management project on behalf of Saudi Aramco. The 2 year contract was awarded by Aramco in 4Q2002 to local company Saudi Geophysical. Technical and managerial expertise to undertake the project is being provided by UK based SpectrumITech the I.T. Division of Spectrum Energy and Information Technology Ltd. The contract encompasses the rationalisation, indexing and electronic capture of up to 20 million documents sourced from a number of different Aramco locations. Documents in poor condition are being optically enhanced prior to scanning. The captured images, together with their associated metadata are being up loaded into Aramco's existing electronic data management system. For further information please contact David Rowlands at Spectrum Energy and Information Technology Ltd. Tel + 44 1483730201

Lynx Announces Algiers Service Centre

Lynx Information Systems UK Ltd. exploration data capture and GIS specialists announces the opening of their full service centre in Algiers, Algeria. The local company is known as Lynx Geodata Sari and offers exploration data scanning, seismic, well and map vectorisation, tape copying and reformatting and GIS products and services. Mr. Kader Sakani, a former Chief Geophysicist with Sonatrach is the General Manager of the operation. and Excalibur-Gemini Merger Inc. and The Excalibur-Gemini Group Ltd. are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to merge as of March 1, 2003. Excalibur-Gemini is a privately held, Calgary, Alberta based geophysical data services, mapping services, and records management services company. Inc. is a privately held Calgary, Alberta based software, web services, oil and gas data, and seismic services company which specializes in oil & gas mapping and data retrieval software, geophysical interpretation software, geological software, mineral rights divestment, seismic data brokerage and seismic data services. Inc. can be reached at Ph. (403) 237-9170, or at

Norex Geophysical Inc. to Merge with Conquest Seismic Services Ltd.

Norex Geophysical Services Inc. will be merging its seismic acquisition and processing services with Conquest Seismic Services Ltd., to form a new company to be called Conquest / Norex Geophysical Inc. This is expected to occur by the end of April and until then both Conquest and Norex will continue as separate entities.

Conquest and Norex share a long history of providing the highest level of service to their customers. As such Conquest and Norex are a natural combination. Conquest / Norex Geophysical Inc., will be a leading entity in the Canadian seismic acquisition industry providing the most advanced technology currently available.

Conquest / Norex Geophysical Inc. will own and operate five ARAM 24-bit systems complete with Aries software, 2D and 3D cables and with more than 6,000-channels. The company will also offer four ENVIRO-VIBE surface source units, designed for high resolution and high production geophysical prospecting in environmentally sensitive areas. Each ENVIRO-VIBE provides 12,000 pounds thrust and offers 10 to 300 Hz output. In addition, Conquest / Norex will continue providing seismic processing services as formerly provided by Eclipse Seismic Processors Inc. and Norex Geophysical Inc.

Milt Tetzlaff will be President of Conquest / Norex and Terry Jackson will be Vice President. Management of field operations will be shared by Lloyd McEwen and Pascal St. Onge. Frank Varga, Vice President Norex Geophysical, will be retiring at the conclusion of the merger but will be available in an advisory capacity to the Conquest / Norex management. Ben Berg and Mike Broome shall remain as President and Corporate Secretary respectively of the parent company Norex Exploration Services Inc.



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