Details on courses offered by Norm Cooper in 2003 are now available. There will be a total of 6 courses, including a new one, '2D Seismic Acquisition'. This is a 2 day course, with the first day spent on theory, and the second day is for workshops: noise identification, array design and parameter determination. For all course details, please contact Yajaira Herrera at, or 265-5255.

Kelman Technologies Inc. (KTI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Hui Wang as Supervisor of the Marine Processing Group in Calgary. Hui holds a BSc. degree in Petroleum Geophysics and she has 18 years of both land and marine seismic data processing experience. Her marine experience includes areas such as the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, South China Sea, East Coast of Canada and the Beaufort Sea. During her 5 years at KTI she has been actively involved in Pre-Stack Depth Migration. Hui can be reached at (403) 294-7575 Ext. 166 or by e-mail at



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