International Datashare Corporation

International Datashare Corporation (IDC) is pleased to announce the purchase of the following: Angis Software Inc., Nickle Map, and MSI Capture part of MSI Systems Integration Inc.

IDC is a world leader in providing high quality data, software solutions, and value added interpretation services to the oil and gas industry.

Canadian Mining Industry Delegates to Reflect on Effects of E-Commerce at Mine-Com 2000

Jon Baird, Managing Director of CAMESE, announced MinE-com2001 comprising of two, one-day conferences scheduled for Toronto (April 18, 2001) and Vancouver (April 20) to explore opportunities and threats for mining companies and their suppliers in the developing e-commercialization of the mining industry.

The Canadian mining industry, a ready innovator and adopter of technology that reduces costs, is rapidly embracing the Internet for many applications, including marketing of mineral and metal products, management of information from remote projects, automation of production and procurement.

MinE-com 2001 will offer something of interest to anyone involved with the procurement side of the mining industry. This includes mining executives, mine managers, purchasers, financial controllers, marketing executives, sales people, distributors and providers of a wide range of broker enabling services that link the buyers and sellers of the mining industry.

Full information on the MinE-com 2001 is available at the CAMESE web site -

Maximizing the Asset Value of Seismic Data

Seismic data is an increasingly important and valuable asset for any production or exploration company. The rise in the use of "spec" data, the trend towards data commoditization, the use of multiple dimensions and components, innovative marketing strategies, more sophisticated processing techniques, online transaction options, and new collaborative and interpretive tools have significantly changed geophysics in recent years.

Maximizing the Asset Value of Seismic Data, May 29–30, 2001 at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary will concentrate on providing you with the strategies you need to ensure your company extracts the maximum value from its seismic data assets.



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