Keyblocks Software Update

PanTechnica recently released a new version of their Key-Blocks software. The software is the only complete implementation of the key-block program for analysis of wedges in blocky rock masses. There are two analysis modules, Kbslope and Kbtunnel. The programs will compute the removability and stability of blocks formed by the intersection of 2 or more joint set. A more complete list of new features in Version 2 of the key-blocks software can be found at

In addition, PanTechnica offers iVec to assist with vector analysis. The iVec program can be used for investigating geological and vector data, and includes tools for adding vectors, intersecting planes, cluster analysis, and many other features. A more complete description of iVec can be found at

Free 30-day demos of the software are available and can be downloaded from our web site at Educational discounts are available and credit cards are accepted.

PanTechnica has recently launched an informational key-blocks web site. The web site provides general information on block theory and key-b locks analysis. The site can be found at

For more information on PanTechnica software and services please write to, or call us at +1.952.937.5879.

Introduction to Drilling Course

This two- day (April 9-10, 2001) course will provide producer and service industry participants with an overview of the drilling industry. The course is designed for working professionals, and will provide participants with an understanding of the fundamental principles involved in all aspects of drilling operations. A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Oil and Gas Wells
  • The Drilling Rig
  • Normal Drilling Operations
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Completion Operations
  • Special Operations

Fee: $625

This course is also available on-site upon request.

For more information contact Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education at Phone: 403-284-1250.

Sercel Launches a New Website

To better answer its customers' needs for quick access to information on its products and services, Sercel designed an d launched a new web site available to everyone at

In addition to de tailed descriptions of all the products and services provided by Sercel, visitors to this new web site can now access commercial brochures, download the software updates and review the spare parts catalogue of the company on-line.

The release of this new web site is a first step in Sercel's desire to implement e-commerce facilities to better serve the geophysical industry.



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