Sercel Announces a New Acquisition System for Transition Zones: The 408TZ and Enhances Its 408UL

Sercel showed the results of its latest development during the SEG annual meeting held in August in Calgary. They included the release of the 408TZ, a new seismic acquisition system specifically designed for operations in transition zones, and the development of a high speed data transmission named Fast Transverse Option.

Designed to operate in water depths up to 100m, the 408TZ offers very light weight, ease of deployment and reliability, all key benefits when very light boats only can be used to install the cables and the necessary electronics in congested shallow waters.

The 408UL Fast Transverse Option brings to this already well appreciated system the capability to transmit up to 8,000 channels of data per transverse cable (cable linking the different acquisition lines to the recording units) in real time. The Fast Transverse option significantly enhances the multi-transverse capability of the 408UL, particularly for large channel counts.

BG International Adopts GeoQuest Software Worldwide

GeoQuest, an operating unit of Schlumberger Oilfield Services, announced that BG International has chosen to move to the full range of exploration and production software offered by GeoQuest, including the Drilling Office PC-based suite of integrated applications.

As a result of this recent changeover, BG International will be using all of GeoQuest's commercial, geological, geophysical, modeling, mapping, reservoir simulation and drilling applications for its worldwide operations. BG International will be converting approximately 400 projects worldwide to the GeoQuest GeoFrame data format. GeoQuest and BG International personnel will collaborate during this conversion, In addition, GeoQuest will be providing consultancy services, applications support, project management advice and expertise. GeoQuest will also be incorporating a full development program to enhance the skills of the GeoTechnical staff.

BG International is an international energy company whose activities include gas market development, exploration and production, gas transmission, distribution, storage, liquefied natural gas, power generation and energy technology. BG International is active on four continents with operations in some 20 countries.

Gemcom Gains Foothold in Japan

Gemcom Software International Inc., a leading supplier of e-business solutions to the earth resource industry, announced that they have completed a sale to Sumitomo Metal Mining Company Ltd. (SMM) of Japan, one of the world's leading suppliers of copper, nickel, and gold. The sale is for Gemcom's Underground Mining Production Edition, which will be implemented at SMM's Hishikari Mine in southern Japan the country's largest gold mine. The sale is Gemcom's first to an operating mine in Japan.

Laser Technology, Inc. Announces the Release of the MapStar Angle Encoder

On March 23, 2000 CFE Industries Inc. was pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary CFE Equipment Inc. had signed a Canadian exclusive distribution agreement with Laser Technology, Inc., of the United States, for their state of the art Laser Measuring Systems and software.

The MapStar Angle Encoder is the latest addition to their surveying and mapping focused product line, The device integrates with LTl lasers providing a third dimension for accurate mapping, In addition to the range and tilt measurements supplied by LTI Impulse or UltraLyte, the Angle Encoder calculates a horizontal angle, making it possible for an operator to measure X, Y, Z coordinates for any target. This system requires only one operator and one shot for data collection.

The MapStar Angle Encoder can be used in various applications including surveying,mining,forestry GIS and Law enforcement crime and accident scene mapping. LTl's Angle Encoder is an option for MapStar LPS(laser positioning systems) as a compliment to the GPS for mapping in city and urban areas. With no adverse effects from local magnetic attractions, the MapStar Angle Encoder enables accurate data collection III any environment.

Free Software Interface Enables Earth Science Professionals to Access, Share and Communicate Results More Effectively

Geosoft recently released a free version of its Oasis montaj core technology for earth science decision-making. The v5.0 interface is an Internet-enabled software application that gives geoscience professionals an easy-to-use technology for verifying data, developing interpretations with team members, and making faster, more effective decisions.

One of the main benefits is that professionals can now work with many different types of data, maps and images using a single interface -eliminating the need to deal with time consuming data format issues. The software also facilitates greater collaboration through exchange of e-maps -a technology for compressing maps, grids and map data and sending compressed results securely via email. When hardcopy results are required for interpretation and presentation, the user can prepare reports using images copied from the desktop or simply print results to a variety of output devices.

Available for download at the free Interface represents a special class of software called a thin client. Thin clients are standalone software environments that can be expanded to thick clients via a variety of applications focused to the needs of geologists, geochemists,and geophysicists. Regardless of the whether professionals are using thin or thick clients the objective is to enable more effective communication of results with managers, team members, clients, or contractors responsible for earth science quality control, interpretation, and decision making.

Memorial University Launches Oil and Gas Partnership

Memorial University has introduced a special initiative designed to transform Newfoundland and Labrador into an internationally recognized leader in education, training, research and development related to all facets of the oil and gas industry.

Premier Brian Tobin and representatives from industry. government, and educational institutions gathered September 6th, 2000 in St. John's to hear Memorial's president, Dr. Axel Meisen. launch the Oil and Gas Development Partnership. The Partnership is a multi-year initiative that will involve the creation of new academic programs, research projects and facilities, outreach programs and strategic industrial partnerships with the petroleum industry.

A particularly important part of the initiative is the new master's program in oil and gas studies which is designed to prepare students for senior positions in the petroleum industry by giving them a broad understanding of all aspects from exploration and production to regulatory, environmental and socio-economic issues. Interdisciplinary in nature, the program will draw on expertise from Memorial's faculties, centres and institutes, as well as from industry and government.

The Oil and Gas Development Partnership is designed to be funded largely from tuition fees plus research grants and contracts. Start-up funds totaling some $15 million over the next five years, will be sought from private as well as public sources, including the Atlantic Investment Partnership and the national research granting councils. Landmark Graphics Corporation - a Halliburton Company - has already made a major donation of comprehensive software for use in exploration, drilling and production studies.

Atlas Copco Acquires the Diamond Bit Manufacturer, Hobic Bit Industries Corporation

Atlas Copco has acquired the Canadian company Hobic Bit Industries Corp., with manufacturing plants in Vancouver, Canada, and Wuxi, China. The acquisition is in line with the division's strategy to expand the business in the mineral exploration field.

Hobic, based in Vancouver, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of diamond core drill bits for the mineral exploration industry. Hobic will continue to operate with its existing product line name on a worldwide basis. and Waterous Form Technology Joint Venture, a Schlumberger company, and Waterous & Co.. the global investment banking leader in oil and gas divestments, announced that they have entered into an agreement to form a joint venture technology company. The new company, which will integrate business processes and technology to support the online acquisition and divestment (A&D) functionality of, creates a neutral, non-exclusive platform for the oil and gas industry. This technology joint venture will significantly improve the A&D evaluation process through the increased speed and accuracy of assessing oil and gas assets and companies.

Based on Waterous' recent worldwide offerings, it is anticipated that this agreement will result in some 50 oil and gas companies on five continents adding more than $3 billion US in asset listings to the A&D web site over the next 12 months. This new company propels the oil and gas industry into a leadership position for worldwide business to business real property transactions using the Internet.

The new venture unites Waterous' recognized global expertise in A&D advisory services with's advanced technology, marketing reach, and worldwide presence. The resulting A&D web site will provide comprehensive access to properties' key technical information, third part databases, and a wide variety of evaluation tools to fully support the buying and selling of international oil and gas properties.

Pancanadian, Veritas, and I/O Successfully Test Vectorseis

In 1999, I/O had a unique opportunity to test the VectorSeis sensor, a 3-component, micro-machined, digital accelerometer. The 3C/3D VectorSeis dataset was acquired in the Blackfoot field over an area previously covered by a conventional 3C/3D survey conducted by the CREWES consortium in 1995.

This survey allowed I/O to test VectorSeis and compare it to analog 3C data over the same area. The system performed well and the results exceeded expectations: Vectorseis data is comparable to conventional coil geophone data from the 1995 CREWES survey; the maps produced from VectorSeis data are more consistent with the known morphology of these compound incised valleys; and Vp/Vs results from both data sets matched log-based measurements and provided accurate indications as to channel location and reservoir quality.

GeoQuest Introduces DecisionPoint – A New E-Solution to Transform Upstream Petroleum Decision Making

GeoQuest an operating unit of Schlumberger Oilfield Services, introduced the DecisionPoint information management solution. DecisionPoint connects people and knowledge to dramatically improve decision making at every key point throughout the exploration and production (E&P) workflow.

By combining services, software and domain expertise with enterprise information portal technology, the new DecisionPoint solution enables faster, more successful decisions throughout all operational levels.

The DecisionPoint service gives E&P professionals personalized access to validated information and analysis on their desktops and helps them collaborate with peers and managers throughout the company and/or world in the same digital space, anytime and anywhere. From geology and geophysics to finance and risk ana lysis, DecisionPoint offers direct access to information located in data sources such as project databases, document stores, public and private information sources, data warehouses and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.



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