Olympic Seismic Data Now On-Line with Veritas GOLD

Veritas GeoServices Ltd., a Veritas DGC Inc. company, announces that they have entered an initiative with Olympic Seismic Ltd. to display and distribute Olympic's entire Western Canadian seismic database on-line using Veritas GOLD.

Olympic has retained a large block of Veritas GOLD seats for their clients in a move that will allow those clients a clearer view of the Olympic seismic coverage available for sale in Western Canada. It also allows the end user instant access to seismic line information before ordering a QI.

IPL Wellbore Data Now Available in geoSCOUT

GeoLOGIC systems ltd. is pleased to announce a new data distribution agreement with International Petrodata Limited (IPL). IPL's Western Canadian well data was demonstrated in geoLOGIC's software system, geoSCOUT at the geoLOGIC Open House on October 7th, and will shortly be available to customers.

Time Seismic Exchange Ltd. Announces Major 3D Seismic Data Library Program in Canada

Time Seismic Exchange Ltd., a subsidiary of Veritas DGC Inc., announced today that it has begun work on the largest non-exclusive 3D seismic data library program ever undertaken in the foothills of Alberta, Canada.

The Redcap/Hanson Foothills 3D program is a 700 square-kilometer 3D seismic survey focused on emerging new gas plays in the Brown Creek area, along the Jasper National Park boundary west of Nordegg. Significant new gas discoveries have been made in this area during the last twelve months.

Field survey operations are well underway. With completion of data recording scheduled for early December.

CAMESE Releases New Compendium of Mining Suppliers

The Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 1999/2000 CAMESE Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers. This 146-page book contains useful information about the dynamic, technologically advanced, environmentally sound suppliers that help keep Canadian mines among the most efficient in the world. Profiles of over 230 of Canada's prime suppliers of mining equipment and services are included as well as an index to permit easy cross referencing for readers searching for sources of particular goods or services.

This Compendium is the third of an annual series. A total of 20,000 copies will be distributed to mining decision-makers by mail and at international mining trade shows. Much of the material in the Compendium is also available on the Internet at the association's web site at www.camese.org.

Sercel Announces a New Generation System 408UL

Sercel, the designer and manufacturer of the SN388, announces a new generation system, the 408UL (Ultra Link).

The 408UL is based on unique concepts in system design for ground electronics, software and telemetry, all directed toward dramatically reducing operating costs in the field while expanding capabilities. The 408UL will offer the flexibility to address 3D, 3C, 40 and digital sensor technology efficiently in all environments.

LaCoste & Romberg Introduce New Instruments

LaCoste & Romberg introduce the new E-Meter – an all-in-one, fully automated, portable gravity meter. This new meter is digitally controlled with auto self-leveling. It is like having a land, microgravity, earth tide and underwater meter all in one package. The new digital design provides a modern user interface that frees you from the drudgery of manually computing each station's gravity.

LaCoste & Romberg are also introducing a new generation of Air-Sea gravity meters. Air-Sea Gravity System II packages are an entirely new all-digital electronics and software system with its renowned gravity sensor into one integrated hardware package that is 48% smaller and 40% lighter than the previous Air-Sea 3.1 gravity meter.

DPD I, the next generation in deep porosity density logging, has also been introduced by LaCoste & Romberg. This new logging tool is now a full deviation sensor. It represents a revolutionary new tool design that maintains the ultra high resolution L&R pioneered with the development of borehole gravity logging instrumentation. DPD I can be used either as an open hole or as a through-casing tool.

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