TOR GEOscience Offers More Plotters

TOR GEOscience of Calgary invites everyone to review its expanded variety of black and white printers and plotters. The Atlantek 853C continuous mode plotter with its excellent colors, high speed of 3" per second and selection of plotting medias is the most popular. Designed primarily for well logging, the 853C is the only plotter of its class worldwide. TOR Geoscience is a Canadian company, representing various manufacturers of proven geophysical equipment, offering seismic courses and recording systems for most geophysical methods.

Western Geophysical/Time Seismic Exchange Acquiring Multiclient 3-D Seismic Survey in the Alberta Foothills

Western Geophysical is acquiring the first phase of a major multiclient 3D seismic survey of approximately 520 square kilometers in the foothills of Alberta, Canada. The seismic acquisition area extends North of recent successful wells in the Benjamin Creek area, into the Hunter Valley, Wildhorse Creek area. The survey covers lands that are deemed to have potential geological targets with the capability of delivering up to 35 MMCF/D per wellbore.

This multiclient survey is being acquired in a joint venture partnership with Time Seismic Exchange, a Veritas DGC company. The data volume is scheduled for delivery during the third quarter of 1999, prior to the winter drilling season.

CTC Pulsonic Merger with Integra Scott Pickford

CTC Pulsonic has successfully completed a merger transaction with Integra Scott Pickford, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Core Laboratories, a large international company with over 60 years in the petroleum industry.

Management and staff will not change - nor will the company's direction. CTC Pulsonic shares Integra Scott Pickford's vision - the integration of all relevant geoscience information into seismic processing of the earth's subsurface. In addition, CTC Pulsonic now has access to sufficient capital to advance its programs and technology. Furthermore, through Scott Pickford, CTC Pulsonic technology will be applied to other parts of the world, as well as obtaining the benefits of their experience.

The Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Council

The Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Council for the Americas is proud to host His Excellency Ezequiel Padilla, Ambassador of Mexico to Canada, Dr. Dionisio Perez Jacome, Head of Investment Promotion Unit, Ministry of Energy and other esteemed guests. Speakers will provide detailed information on increasingly lucrative investment opportunities in Mexico's energy sector.

This event will take place on Thursday, October 14th at the Palliser Hotel, Calgary. For further information please contact David Mitrovica, President CCA-Alberta at cell:(403) 703-2586.

New Exploration Method MFE

The Czech exploration company AGEX Ltd. has developed a new exploration method and technology called the Molecular Form of Elements (MFE). This method has been successfully used in Europe, Africa, and Asia to detect and locate geological structures in general as well as those associated with mineralized, mineral, thermal, and potable waters, to prospect for mineral, oil and natural gas deposits, to locate sites for underground storage, waste repositories, etc.

AGEX Ltd. is interested in establishing contacts, cooperation or direct alliance with Canadian companies, especially in the fields of geophysical, geotechnical, and /or geochemical exploration. In order to facilitate contacts with Canadian companies, CESO (Canadian Executive Services Organization) is prepared to bring the representatives of AGEX Ltd. and their equipment to Canada for field demonstration of the MFE method to the interested Canadian companies.

Further information, including the AGEX Ltd. brochure with examples of successful projects, can be obtained from:

Dr. P.J. Kurfurst
12 Conover St., Nepean, ON, K2G 4S9
Phone: (613) 828-6133
Fax: (613)828-2053

Or directly from:

Dr. B. Krcmar AGEX Ltd.
Geologicka 2b
15 200 Praha 5 - Barrandov
Czech Republic
Phone: 420-2-581-5490
Fax: 420-2-581-3790

Geoscope Exploration Technologies, Inc. Introduces Geoweb

GeoWeb is an Internet based interactive service that provides a functional electronic interface for the purpose of reviewing interpreted seismic and well log data critical to the interpretation and analysis of exploration prospects. The GeoWeb technology has been in place at several "friendly sites" over the summer, and is ready for complete deployment now.

GeoWeb is based upon the concept of " thin client" technology. This is simply a technology that allows the accessing of applications from remote locations, whether that is across town or around the world . This means an interactive electronic meeting is now possible. The benefits of this new technology will be reduced turn around time for interpretation projects and improved communication.

Conceptually, GeoWeb utilizes the Internet as the " least common denominator" allowing the many computer technologies available today to communicate. GeoScope clients, regardless of their existing technology platform, will be able to remotely access data /interpretation/expertise from GeoScope offices and communicate while viewing a shared screen display. Voice communication is facilita ted by a concurrent speakerphone session but a "chat" style text window could be added if access to the speakerphone is not available.

Boyd Geomatics Closes Private Placement Financing

On August 9th, 1999, Boyd GeoMatics Ltd . announced the completion of private placement financing with a Denver based technology investment firm. Boyd GeoMatics, based in Calgary, is a leading developer of geospatial data provision and mapping software. The company's digital solutions are built around its proprietary ENCOMPASS Spatial In formation Management System, providing on-line integration and management of geospatial data.

The financing was provided by an investment fund managed by Altira Group LLC, a provider of private equity capital for technology leaders in the oil and gas industry. Altira has recently completed investments in several of the key players in the digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) sectors, creating a significant market presence both within and outside the oil and gas industry. The financing coincides with a significant business development agreement reached between Boyd GeoMatics and the WhiteStar Corporation of Denver, a leading provider of digital cartographic data to the petroleum and GIS industries in the U.S.A. The exclusive licensing agreement agreed on by the two parties will provide a substantial opportunity for growth in the U.S. market.

Boyd GeoMatics also recently announced that they were completing the final and largest phase of their VISIO 2000 project to create the only seamless digital ortho-corrected aerial photography coverage of Alberta. The investment funding will be used to facilitate this and other key initiatives currently underway.

Boyd Geomatics and Whitestar Finalize Licensing Agreement for U.S. Intranet Mapping Solution

Boyd GeoMatics Ltd., of Calgary, a developer of data provision and mapping software, announced an exclusive licensing agreement with the WhiteStar Corporation of Denver, Colorado, a leading provider of digital cartographic data to the petroleum and GIS industries in the U.S.A. Under the terms of the agreement, WhiteStar will market and distribute Boyd's ENCOMPASS web-based mapping technology to the U.S. oil and gas industry.

Boyd's ENCOMPASS system allows users to retrieve, view, integrate and process diverse electronic libraries of geospatial data. ENCOMPASS handles digital maps, location coordinates, aerial photography, and oil and gas lease and well data. This unique technology integrates the enterprise's proprietary data with public domain and project data for use on any PC on the enterprise's network. The proprietary system is written entirely in Java and runs on numerous platforms, including Unix, Microsoft NT and Windows 95 & 98. E COMPASS works directly with common, existing installed software within oil and gas companies such as Oracle Corp's database products and also takes advantage of the powerful Spatial Data Engine (SOE) offered by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Redlands, CA.

Surfer Vision 7 New Features Appeal to a Larger Market

Golden Software Inc. announced the release of Surfer Vision 7, a contouring and 3D mapping software package with variogram modeling capabilities. Surfer is a 32-bit program that operates under Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, or higher. It accurately transforms XYZ data into contour, wireframe, vector, image, shaded relief, base, and post maps.

Vector maps are a new map type in Surfer, that instantly show the orientation and inclination of a slope with scaled vectors. Referring to the seven map types available in Surfer, combined with the ability to overlay different map types.

New, sophisticated gridding filters in Surfer allow the user to accurately grid XYZ data and to easily exclude unwanted or duplicate data when creating grid files. Variogram modeling has been added to help spatially assess the data and to choose the most accurate gridding method for the specific data . A report of gridding parameters and statistics are automatically generated when data is gridded.

Surfer 7 supports more file formats that now include: SHP, PNG, and 3D OXF. USGS, SOTS, OEM, and OLG files should be used in their native formats in Surfer. SOTS OEM files are treated as any other grid file and any grid operation can be performed on the SOTS OEM file.

The new macro system makes the automation of repetitive tasks easier and more versatile in Surfer. Visual Basic, C++, Perl, or any ActiveX Automation compatible language can be used to write scripts. Other improvements to the user interface include an object manager, tabbed dialog boxes, and floating toolbars.



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