GEO 2000 – Bahrain

GEO 2000, the Middle East's only recognized forum for the Geoscience community will be held March 27-19, 2000 at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre.

Following on from the success of the 1998 event, GEO 2000 will once again play host to a top notch technical conference running parallel with a state of the art exhibition showcase where market leaders can once again demonstrate the latest in cutting edge technology involved in oil and gas exploration.

The show enjoys full support of all GCC national oil companies including Saudi Aramco, BANOCO, POO, ADNOC and Kuwait Oil Company all of whom will be exhibiting, sending delegations to the conference and also supplying speakers in selected subjects.

Market leaders such as Schlumberger, Landmard, Smedvig, IFP, Jason Geosystems, Baker Atlas and CGG are also regular exhibitors at GEO as well as majors such as Shell, Chevron and Texaco.

For more information contact Alun Jones, Overseas Exhibition Services Ltd., 11 Manchester Square, London W1M 5AB, United Kingdom or by Phone: +44 171-862-2073/2071, Fax: +44 171-862-2078, E-mail: or visit our web site at

Veritas Announces Schedule for Spring 1999 Technical Luncheon Series

Veritas GeoServices Ltd., a Veritas DGC Inc. company, recently announced the spring 1999 schedule for its TECHNICAL LUNCHEON SERIES.

This series of technical luncheon presentations is a convenient forum for industry professionals to gain exposure to new and innovative technologies in seismic processing research, interpretive services, geomantic services, data management and acquisition.

The following free sessions, which include a complementary lunch, are interactive, promoting discussion between technology users and developers.

  • Advanced Processing Technology Overview
    Presenter: Dr. Scott Cheadle - Thursday, May 27,1999
  • Strategies for On-Line Data Management
    Presenter: Neil Janssen - Thursday, June 3, 1999
  • Integration of Survey Q.C., Surface Data Sets and Your Workstation
    Presenters: Sean Callighan and Tad Davies Thursday, May 13, and Thursday, June 10, 1999

All sessions are located at Veritas GeoServices' downtown Calgary location, 2200, 715 Fifth Avenue S.W., from 11:30 a.m. 1: 00 p.m. Contact Veritas by phone at 403-205-6257, by email at or on the Internet at to register for a scheduled course in Calgary, or to request a full course outline.

Dyad Data Services and CD PubCo Enter Into Data Distribution Agreement

Dyad Data Services (Canada) Ltd., recently announced that it has executed a strategic agreement with CD PubCo Inc. to distribute CD PubCo's well data. The agreement is a revenue staring arrangement which calls for CD PubCo's PPDM compliant "Express" database to be distributed commercially via high speed on-line access from Dyad's state of the art public data hub. Available data sets include general well, production history, reserves, crown land & unit, pipeline & facilities, AOFP, and BHOP with coverage across the Western Canadian Provinces. The term of the agreement is for five years with options to renew for annual terms thereafter.

Dyad said the agreement is an excellent fit for both Dyad and CD PubCo. Dyad recently made significant capital investments in data distribution infrastructure to facilitate advances in its core business, seismic data storage, management & distribution, and is looking to expand in to new data distribution product lines. CD PubCo's PPDM compliant data has been available on CD ROM but until now it was not commercially available through a data hub. "This is a clean arrangement in that the two companies do not compete at any level, we have both brought integral pieces of a turnkey solution to the table for the benefit of our mutual clients".

CGG Awarded Grand Banks 3D Seismic Contract

CGG Geophysics Canada is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a large 3D seismic data reprocessing con tract (over 1,200 square kilometers) from Husky Oil Operations Limited (and partners Petro-Canada, Norsk Hydro Canada Oil and gas lnc., and Denison Mines Limited). The contract, consisting of three offshore 3D surveys in the White Rose area of Canada's Grand Banks, is focused on merging the surveys as well as improving upon the earlier seismic processing flows. In addition to a state-of-the-art processing flow, CGG will apply proprietary multiple attenuation and imaging methods to reveal critical stratigraphic and structural details.

MapQ, Version 2, Has Arrived

MapQ is Petromap Inc's Windows basemapping application. MapQ creates the highest quality oil and gas basemaps, with the easiest user interface, using your existing computers. MapQ integrates you proprietary land and seismic data with public data. It allows you to produce paper maps, work with maps onscreen, and load maps into other Windows applications or geophysical workstation software.

MapQ allows the explorationist to map crown and freehold land, land sale postings, wells, proprietary land and seismic, DLS and NTS grids, and to query on the basis of company holdings, open and held zonal rights, effective and expiry dates, oil sands rights and more. MapQ maps can be previewed and printed with any Windows compatible printing device. Quick reviews or sophisticated presentations all can be achieved using MapQ.

For more information, phone (403) 263-4664, or see us on the internet at

GSC Launches Improved Web Site

The Geological Survey of Canada has a new, improved web site. It has a brand new look, the information has been updated , and the site has been reorganized to allow easier navigation.

A wide range of topics is covered : the history of the GSC, current research and exploration, partnership activities, to name but a few.

The GSC site also links to geoscience organizations and university departments in Canada and around the world. The redesigned web site is now a key Internet site for information on the geology of Canada. Visit the site at:



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