The Canadian Petroleum Prospect Exchange '99

On April 29th & 30th the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL) will launch its second annual Canadian Petroleum Prospect Exchange (CPPE or Prospect Exchange). The purpose of the Prospect Exchange is to provide a multi-disciplinary networking opportunity where oil and gas companies highlight their corporate objectives, geographic area of focus, growth and expertise. For the viewers it is an opportunity to view a wide variety of both domestic and international prospects or services.

This year the CPPE received full endorsement for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), the Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC) and the Alberta Stock Exchange (ASE). We anticipate having a minimum of 100 exhibitors, which together with sponsors and paid viewers will generate attendance in excess of 2000.

Veritas Presents Industry Course

Veritas GeoServices Ltd., a Veritas DGC Company, recently announced the spring 1999 schedule for its industry course EXPLORATION FROM GEOLOGY TO THE SEISMIC SECTION.

This two-day course takes participants through a qualitative approach to seismic acquisition and processing principles, leading into the seismic response to geology in which various examples of geological features on seismic sections are discussed. Course content includes an introduction to geology, basic seismic acquisition concepts, processing concepts, seismic response to geology and seismic interpretation.

The course has been successfully presented to new geologists and geophysicists, IT personnel, field acquisition supervisors, accountants, landmen and administrators, as well as others with a keen interest in the oil and gas industry, who wish to broaden their exposure to the complete exploration cycle.

The course will be given at Veritas GeoServices downtown Calgary location from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on April 8 & 9, May 3 & 4, June 2 & 3, 1999. For further information contact Veritas by phone at 403-205-6257 or by email at

Geophysical Micro Computer Applications (International) Ltd. Announces Offer to Purchase All Outstanding Shares of NRI On-Line Inc.

Geophysical Micro Computer Applications (International) Ltd., (GMA) recently announced it has mailed its offer (the Offer) to purchase all of the outstanding Common Shares of NRI On-Line Inc. (NRI). The offer of one Common Share of GMA for each six Common Shares of NRI is open for acceptance until March 30, 1999. GMA will issue approximately 1.6 million Common Shares to acquire all of the outstanding NRI Common Shares.

The Board of Directors of NRI has unanimously recommended that Shareholders accept the offer. The Principle Shareholder Group, comprised of certain directors, officers and principle shareholders of NRI, has entered into lock-up agreements with GMA, under which they have agreed to tender their NRI Common Shares to the Offer and to support the Offer in all respects. The Principle Shareholder Group beneficially owns or controls approximately 25.5% of the outstanding NRI Common Shares. Recently, GMA's formal Offer document, together with a copy of NRI's Director Circular containing the favourable recommendation, was mailed to all NRI shareholders.

Combined, GMA and NRI will supply the technology to integrate on-line data with exploration software systems, and will promote workflow integration across multidisciplinary teams, thus increasing productivity.

Canadian Gas Potential Committee

A volunteer group of senior earth scientists and engineers, is providing independent and objective assessments of Canada's undiscovered natural gas resources. Its first report, published in 1997, was a comprehensive assessment of the major plays in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, with partial coverage on some frontier areas.

Under the leadership and vision of Roland Priddle, Retired Head, National Energy Board, the Committee is planning to publish a second report scheduled for the year 2000. It will reassess established plays and unconventional sources in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The other targets are the frontier basins from sea to sea.

You and your companies are urged to help this all-important project. After all, you younger geologists can help determine the future of natural gas in Canada by volunteering. Call any of the following: Ed Petrie (403) 268-6395; Bob Meneley (403) 278-2250; Dick Procter (403) 289-3249; Fred Calverley (403) 269-5836 or Alice Payne (403) 205-8384.

Completion of Niger Delta Regional Data Compilation 7,600 Km of Regional Seismic Transects Available

Spectrum Energy and Information Technology Limited today announced completion of the first phase of the Niger Delta Regional Compilation, comprising 7,600 Km of seismic data and 216 strategic wells. The project has been undertaken in partnership with Mabon Limited on behalf of the Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

The compilation has created a major Regional Geophysical Dataset encompassing predominantly the onshore Niger Delta. It is by far the most comprehensive commercially available data package covering the Niger Delta onshore province. The reprocessed seismic transects and well logs are supported by full cartographic data.

Annual General Conference of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta

The APEGGA Annual General Conference will be held in Calgary this year from April 21-23.

The annual conference encompasses three events, namely the Professional Development Program, Summit Awards and APEGGA Annual General Meeting and Luncheon. The professional development program is held to assist APEGGA members with their continuing professional development requirements. The Summit Awards recognize our members' contributions and showcase our professions to the community. The Annual General Meeting deals with association business. Participation by APEGGA members is critical to the success of this year's conference.

CSEG members who are not members of APEGGA are also invited to attend the Summit Awards Gala, which will be held at the TELUS Convention Centre on April 22.

Free Gravity Map of Offshore Brazil

Brazil's coastline stretches for approximately 8,000 kilometers and bounds a vast offshore resource which is being exploited for oil and gas. EDCON, Inc. of Denver, Colorado is offering a free satellite-derived gravity map for the entire offshore area. The high-quality, poster-size map can be downloaded from Edcon's website at The full color map presents a remarkable image of the regional gravity and its relationship to the tectonics of the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil's first licensing round will be held shortly and the map also displays the blocks which will be offered.



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