Max Peeters Appointed Baker Hughes Distinguished Professor of Borehole Geophysics/Petrophysics at the Colorado School of Mines

The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and its Department of Geophysics, along with Baker Hughes, are pleased to announce the appointment of Max Peeters as the first occupant of this chair. Professor Peeters will coordinate and expand CSM's undergraduate and graduate programs for education and research in borehole geophysics and petrophysics, along with Professors Gary Olhoeft and Mike Batzle of the geophysics department, and faculty members of the geology and petroleum engineering departments.

Professor Peeters joins CSM from the University of Delft in the Netherlands where he was professor of petrophysics after a 30-year career with Shell International. Peeters received the Distinguished Technical Achievement Award from the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts in 1996, and is one of the editors of the Petroleum Geoscience Journal. Professor Peeters assumed his new position August 24th of this year.

SERCEL Signs an Important Contract with Sichuan Petroleum Administration

Sichuan Petroleum Administration (SPA) has acquired 1500 new seismic channels of the SN388 System manufactured by SERCEL. SPA becomes now one of the SERCEL's biggest customer with a total of 10 SN388 Systems and 11 Opseis Systems. This new acquisition will allow SPA to set up larger 3D spreads combining cable and radio telemetry.

Dynamic Graphics Introduces the Microsoft Windows NT Version of the Earth Vision 3-D Viewer for More Efficient Well Site Decision-Making

Dynamic Graphics, Inc. EarthVision 5 with Microsoft Windows NT 3-D Viewer premiered at the Society of Petroleum Engineers in New Orleans. The 3-D Viewer for Microsoft Windows NT offers well site engineers the ability to access the geosteering tool data to track the drill bot coordinates, using precise 3-D models. The 3-D models that were created during the well planning phase of the operations, using well bore and interpreted seismic data, can be updated during drilling. Using a data access receiver for real-rime MWD and LWD displays, rapid model updating, and a synchronized visualization capability, allow for greatly increased drilling safety and accuracy with communication between drill site and office location, for team decision making. EarthVision 5 delivers engineers a new tool for improving project performance and improved control of well positioning.

Operations managers and drilling engineers will see drilling costs reduced with improved stratigraphic data and fault positioning for adjustment of mud systems to increase the rate of penetration and reduce unnecessarily high mud drilling expenses. At the same time, drill bit positioning information from this geologic model reduces the chance of a well blow-out during drilling. Reservoir engineers will see the benefit of geologic models updated with current well information (well paths can be adjusted).

Veritas DGC and Input/Output Announce Breakthrough in Test of New Remote Data Recording Technology

Veritas DGC Inc. and Input/Output, Inc., recently announced that they have reached a milestone as a result of their working relationship to test a new remote data recording technology developed by Input/Output.

Successful field tests have demonstrated the operational viability of telepresence, which enables seismic crews to control seismic data acquisition activity from remote locations. Telepresence is an add-on module of Input/Output's new System 2000 central electronics unit, which the company recently introduced. The telepresence module was developed in conjunction with Veritas to meet requirements of its Millennium Two project.

The Millennium Two project is a Veritas plan to track all aspects of seismic field operation from one remote location. The telepresence module of I/O System 2000 allows data to be transmitted via satellite and high-speed ISDN telephone lines from the recording unit in the field to a remote central command center.

Kary Data Acquires Dataplus

Kary Data Consultants Ltd. is pleased to announce the signing of a Letter of Intent to acquire all the outstanding shares of Dataplus Seismic Consultants (1992) Ltd. Dataplus is a Calgary based geophysical brokerage firm servicing the oil and gas exploration and exploitation industries in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The acquisition of Dataplus will add several seismic data management contracts to Kary Data's data management base.

World Petroleum Congress 2000 Appointments

Mr. Norm Mclntyre, Chairman of the Canadian Association for the World Petroleum Congresses recently confirmed the appointment of James K. Gray as Chairman and Ray P. Cej as Co-Chairman of the Canadian Organizing Committee for the 16th World Petroleum Congress (CANOC).

Jim Gray, Chairman of Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd., will lead the development of the 16thWorld Petroleum Congress, which will be hosted in Calgary from June 11-15, 2000. Ray Cej, CEO of Arakis Energy Corporation, will focus on developing international involvement and participation in the Calgary Congress. Ray served as Chairman of the Canadian Association from 1994 to 1997, overseeing the successful bid to host the 16th World Petroleum Congress and since then has coordinated the preliminary stages in the development of the CANOC program.

Canada won the bid to host the Congress in April 1996. Held every three years, WPC is expected to attract 3000 delegates from over 80 countries to the conference. Coordinated with the National Petroleum Show, delegates will gain a greater understanding of Canadian talents, expertise, research and technology as well as international perspective and be well positioned to pursue new business ventures and opportunities.

WPC 2000 will generate about $20 million in direct and indirect benefits to the city, the province and Canada. In typical Canadian spirit, we want to stage the best ever congress, attracting people from all over the world to experience our western hospitality and learn more about petroleum and natural gas developments and prospects throughout the world.

The World Petroleum Congresses (WPC) was formed in London in 1933, with it's mission to provide an international forum and worldwide perspective about issues facing the petroleum industry. When delegates convene in Calgary, they will discuss management, scientific, technological, environmental, and business issues facing the world petroleum industry in the new millennium.

Major Computer Upgrades at Spectrum

Spectrum has upgraded all its S-Class Hewlett-Packard Exemplars to V-Class, the company recently announced. This will more than double the computer power available at Spectrum's Woking and Houston computer centres.

Most of the increase in processing power is required for 3D seismic data processing, which has grown dramatically at Spectrum since the installation of the Exemplars. This growth represents both a greater number of surveys being processed and an increase in the average size of survey. Increased use of more sophisticated processing techniques is also a factor. New methods being deployed for multiple attenuation and AVO analysis, along with Pre-Stack Time Migration, Depth Migration, and other advances all mean increased demands on processing power. Despite all this, turnaround times are being reduced in line with the expectations of the industry.

Camese Releases New Compendium of Mining Suppliers

Jon G. Baird, Managing Director of CAMESE (The Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services), is pleased to announce the availability of the 1998/9 CAMESE Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers. This 120 page book contains useful information about the dynamic, technologically-advanced environmentally- sound suppliers that help keep Canadian mines among the most efficient in the world. Profiles of 234 of Canada's prime suppliers of mining equipment and services are included, as well as an index to permit easy cross referencing for readers searching for sources of particular goods or services.

This Compendium is the third of an annual series . A total of 20,000 copies will be distributed to mining decision makers by mail and at international mining trade shows. Much of the material in the Compendium is also available on the Internet at the association's web site at Anyone wishing a copy of the Compendium can contact CAMESE at 101, 345 Renfrew Drive, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 9S9, Tel: 905513- 0046, Fax: 905-513-1834, or e-mail:



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