Seismic Data Available Offshore Russian Far East

Over 40,000 km of seismic data on nearly 400 lines in the Sea of Okhostk and the Bering Sea are available in a newly released package from Wavetech Geophysical, Inc., Denver. The package consists of 24-48 fold 2D data made available through Dalwave, a joint venture of Trust Dalmorneftegeophyzika and Wavetech. The seismic surveys cover four areas each containing several basins. The areas and basins are:

Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai Shantar, Kashevarov, Lisian 9,500 km
Magadan Magadan Oblast Magadan, Pyagin, Gizhigin 6,500 km
Koryak-Kamchatka Koryak Autonomous Okrug, Kamchatka Oblast West Kamchatka-Kolpakov, Penzhin-Shelikov 13,500 km
Anadyr-Khatyr Chukotka Autonomous Okruz Anadar, Khatyr 12,500 km

Decisions regarding tender offerings in these areas are currently being made. Announcements will be made when plans for the tenders are finalized.

SERCEL Announces New Release of its SN388 Software Package

SN388 Software Release 8.2 is announced for end of May. New features include multiple fleet management, slip sweep acquisition (technique invented and initially promoted by Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.-PDO-), calculation of the preamp gain as a function of the source to receiver distance, increase of the maximum shot Id entries from 1200 to 3600, capability for the user to customize the Header in the Operator Report, calculation of the Centre Of Gravity in Shallow Water operations and creation of a Field Unit History file to mention only the principal.

Oil-Link Announces New Online Features

Oil-Link LLC recently announced the launch of several new features on its premiere oil & gas industry website, Oil-Link (

Oil-Link has now released the 1998 Oil-Link Oil & Gas Salary Survey. This is believed to be the firs t petroleum salary survey conducted over the internet. Currently, responses are being collected on the Oil-Link site and will be tabulated and posted on an ongoing basis.

Oil-Link has also released its Petroleum Software Showcase. The Showcase will provide a one-stop resource for oil and gas professionals interested in detailed information on the latest in petroleum software applications. Software packages for Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Land, Marketing/Transportation, Processing and other functions are to be included.

Additionally, Oil-Link has recently added new resources for Rig Counts, Well Listings and a Rig Spotter. These resources join the already substantial offerings of the Oil-Link site that include daily oil and gas headlines, job and resume listings, an oil & gas bookstore and the comprehensive petroleum website di rectory that Oil-Link is known for.

Spectrum Establishes E&P Consultancy

Spectrum Energy and Information Technology Limited recently announced the establishment of Spectrum E&P Consultancy, a new division within the company's renamed Exploration and Production Services business sector. Based in both the UK and USA, this division will be offering highly experienced 2D/3D seismic interpreters, exploration, production and development geologists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers, for long and short term regional and field consultancy projects in oil company offices as well as studies outsourced to Spectrum's facilities in Woking and Houston.

Start of an Industry-Wide Project to Evaluate the Role of Knowledge Management in Oil Exploration and Production

By December 1998, Paras, together with the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC) and the THESEUS Institute, will have completed an ambitious schedule of individual company workshops, group discussions and in-depth research on the role and application of knowledge management in the oil exploration and production industry.

CDA Appoints New Chairman of Hard Copy

Common Data Access Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Lucken as its new chairman of the Hard Copy Sub-Committee, effective from 10th February 1998. Brian Lucken replaces Isobel Emslie (Conoco).

Brian Lucken is Data Administration & Records Management Supervisor with Phillips Petroleum Company (UK) Ltd., based in Woking.



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