Veritas DGC Acquires Rees Geophysical Oman LLC

Veritas DGC Inc. recently announced the signing of a definitive agreement under which Veritas DGC has acquired substantially all the assets of Rees Geophysical Oman LLC. The effective date of the agreement was June 1, 1997.

The asset purchase includes two Sercel SN 388 land seismic data acquisition systems equipped with 2,400 channels of recording equipment. Also included are 18 AMG P23 all-terrain buggy vibrator units as well as all support vehicles and camps.

Veritas DGC considers the Middle East as a long-term oil and gas service market. The company entered this market on April 28, 1997 with the opening of a seismic data processing center in Abu Dhabi.

Geoscience Corporation Announces Sale of Software Company

GeoScience Corporation (Nasdaq: GSCI) recently announced that it has entered into a letter of intent to sell the geoscientific software business of it CogniSeis Development, Inc. subsidiary to Paradigm Geophysical Limited for cash and guaranteed future royalties with an estimated total value between $19.5 million and $23 million. The company expects to recognize an after-tax gain of approximately $5 million after royalties, payment of certain retained liabilities and expenses of the sale. The transaction is expected to be closed within forty-five days and is contingent upon approval of a definitive agreement by the respective boards of directors.

Paradigm Geophysical Limited, develops and provides depth domain exploration solutions for subsurface imaging and reservoir delineation for the oil and gas industry.

GeoScience Corporation designs, develops and manufactures seismic data acquisition systems and provides services for the oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Landmark Graphics Announces Call for Papers and Case Studies for its 1998 Worldwide Technology Forum

Landmark Graphics Corporation recently announced its annual call for papers and case studies to be presented at Landmark's 1998 Worldwide Technology Forum. Landmark customers, consultants, contractors, third-party companies, university personnel and others are invited to submit abstracts regarding their technical application of Landmark's broad suite of integrated solutions in finding and producing oil and gas around the world. This year's conference "Vision in Action" will focus on global business issues facing the petroleum industry, and is scheduled for February 23-25, 1998, at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Houston.

Minerals Colloquium 1998 – Cancelled

The Geological Survey of Canada announces the cancellation of this event. The decision was taken because of internal budget reductions and the large number of significant geoscience conferences at which GSC Minerals Program posters and presentations will be featured over the next twelve months.

Latin America Conference

The Canadian Council for the Americas is a private sector organization whose mission is to advance Canadian business interests in Latin America. On October 15, 1997, the CCA will be hosting Latin American and Canadian delegates in discussions regarding expatriate effectiveness and business development. For more information contact David Mitrovica (403) 2309031.

New Seismic Interpretation Workstation Software WinPICS 3.5 and Unique Project Based Bundling

Kernel Technologies Ltd recently announced the release of the WinPICS 3.5 version of their 2D/3D Windows-based interpretation software. Shipping will commence October 1. WinPICS 3.5 couples high speed colour graphics and innovative software into productive economical MS Windows based solution to everyday seismic interpretation needs.

Amoco Production Company Adopts Earthvision® as a Core Technology

Amoco Corporation recently announced that the Earth Vision software family has been added to the Amoco E & P Sectors Core Product Line, a group of recognized and approved software applications supported by Amoco Houston's Technical Computing Solutions group. Earth Vision produces integrated 3-D models, especially in complex geologic environments, used for petroleum reservoir evaluation and production planning.

News from the Cold Regions Engineering Division of Canadian Society of Civil Engineering

The Cold Regions Engineering Division (CRED) advises the compiled proceeding of the June 1995 environmental seminar on "Techniques and Technologies for Hydrocarbon Remediation in Cold and Arctic Climates" are now available at CSCE Headquarters. Call (514) 933-2634, fax (514) 933-3504 or write CSCE at 2155 Guy, Suite 840, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2R9.

The assessment and cleanup of hydrocarbon contaminates sites in cold and arctic climates is an area of increasing activity. Although considerable work has been done in the temperate climes, unique problems are associated with the North. Most obvious is the effect of cold temperatures in the operation of many systems, both from a remedial effectiveness perspective, and from a maintenance and functional perspective. In Arctic communities, application of appropriate technologies is also very much affected by the remoteness of the sites and concomitant logistical problems. Of further challenge is the motivation to utilize local resources towards the solution of the problems. Finally, the presence of frozen ground (both seasonally and permafrost) pose unique problems in dealing with the transport of contaminants, analysis of their presence, and subsequent remediation. The proceedings attempt to address these issues in a concrete approach to identification, access, and remediation.

As well CRED is expanding their Publications Committees to meet information demands. Anyone involved in practicing, training, or research on Cold Regions design and Engineering are invited to participate in the collection, dissemination, and advancement of Cold Regions technical knowledge by submitting their interest in one of the following technical areas: transportation; road and marine structures; building science: mechanical, electrical, structural; permafrost and foundation Engineering; municipal and community planning; environmental Engineering; cold regions logistics. For further information contact Mr. Craig Hostland MCSCE P.Eng. Chair, 4910 53rd Street Yellowknife, NT. Telephone (403) 920-2882, fax (403) 9204319, or e-mail

CSEG Member Selected as an Honored Member in the 1998 Edition of Kaleo Publications' – Who's Who Among Top Executives

STANISLAW STARCZYK, President of Ref Tek Canada, Inc., has been selected as an honored member of Kaleo Publications' Who's Who Among Top Executives.

Ref Tek Canada Inc., is involved in technology transfer, sales and promotion of various geophysical equipment such as seismic surface sources, and also represents various geophysical manufacturers of equipment. The company was founded in 1986 and has a staff of five.

Mr. Starczyk was an electronic engineer with Horizon Geophysical (United Kingdom) fro m 1975 to 1977 before becoming an electronic engineer with Seismic Geocode (United Kingdom) from 1977 to 1980. He was appointed instrument supervisor with Gale Resources from 1980 to 1986 joining Ref Tek Canada Inc., as its President. Congratulations Stan!

Rex Gwinn Joins Western Atlas as Vice President of Investor Relations

Rex E. Gwinn has joined Western Atlas Inc. (NYSE:WAI) as Vice President of Investor Relations. He will be based in Houston, Texas, with responsibility for the Company's Oilfield Services Business segment.

Western Geophysical to Conduct the World's First 3-D, 4-C Ocean-bottom Cable Seismic Survey Over the Oseberg Field

Western Geophysical has been awarded the contract to perform the world's first commercial 3-D, four-component (4C) seismic survey using ocean-bottom cables (OBC) over the Oseberg field, offshore Norway, for a group operated by Norsk Hydro ASA.

Norsk Hydro's objectives are to increase the life of the Oseberg field and allow for more accurate wells to be drilled into the reservoir channel sands.

Western Atlas Board Elects Bill Flores Senior Vice President

Western Atlas Inc. (NYSE:WAI) recently announced that William H. (Bill) Flores has been elected a Corporate Senior Vice President by the Board of Directors. He has joined the company as the Chief Financial Officer for Western Atlas International, Inc., the Oilfield Services Business. It is planned that Flores, who will be based in Houston, Texas, will assume responsibility as CFO for Western Atlas Inc., once the spin-off of the Company's industrial activities is completed in the fall of 1997. The industrial technologies businesses will become part of a new independent corporation known as UNOVA, Inc., with headquarters in Beverly Hills, California.

News from SEG

Paul E. Hummel became Executive Director of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) as of April 1, 1997. Hummel succeeds F. Don Stoddard who retired the end of June, 1997. Thomas M. Overocker has been named Associate Director Meetings and Expositions of SEG. His primary responsibilities will be planning and coordinating SEG's Annual International Meeting and Exposition which has long been the world's premier venue for dissemination of recent advances in geophysical theory.

GMA International Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire SeisX 2D/3D Geophysical Interpretation Software

Geophysical Micro Computer Applications (International) Ltd. (GMA International - "GMA :T") recently announced it has signed a Letter of Intent with Paradigm Geophysical Limited to acquire the fully integrated 2D/3D seismic interpretation software known as SeisX. The value of the total transaction is $3M (US) cash (subject to accounting adjustments) and future royalties.

Pulsonic Corporation to be Acquired by Coherence Technology Company

Pulsonic Corporation just recently announced that it had signed a letter of intent whereby Coherence Technology Company, Inc., (CTC) will acquire a majority interest in the company.

Pulsonic Corporation provides full service 3D seismic processing through its offices in Calgary and Lagos, Nigeria.

Houston based CTC is the sole licensee of Amoco's Coherency Patent (US Patent #5,563,949). The methodology covered by this patent provides a unique and valuable method for imaging subsurface faults and stratigraphy in oil and gas exploration and production, and is available commercially worldwide only through CTC's Coherence Cube™ products and services.



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