Mitcham Completes Hammerhead Argo Drill System Tests

Mitcham Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIND), through it's 100% wholly owned subsidiary, Mitcham Canada Ltd., wishes to announce they have completed field tests on the Hammerhead Argo Drill System for low impact drilling of shotholes. This system utilizes both air and water rotary and can drill to 100 metres in depth. Mitcham Canada also has a full assortment of Hammerhead Drill Products, including the Wagon Wheel Air Drill - the hand held deep driller of the 90's.

Scott Pickford Opens Office in Calgary

Scott Pickford Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Core Laboratories, is an integrated geoscience consultancy in the UK, with offices in London, Aberdeen, Houston and now Calgary.

The Calgary Office will provide support for their Software applications Cubit Velit and IC2. In addition to conducting project based consultancy centered around these unique software solutions, they focus on attribute analysis, velocity modelling and depth conversion.

IC2 – Interactive Clustering and Reservoir Characterization provides a wide variety of conventional and innovative tools for investigating multi-attribute anomalies and analyzing the relationship between seismic and well data. Seismic attributes are becoming increasingly important since they can provide detailed information where little or no well control exists.

Velit – Velocity Modelling and Depth Conversion represents a major advance in velocity modelling techniques. Traditional approaches are combined with innovative state-of-the-art methods developed in conjunction with Dr. M. Al-Chalabi. The use of Geostatistics Kriging and the unique Velit methods allow all velocity data to be modelled and analyzed. The results are robust depth maps with estimates of sensitivity and predictiveness.

Cubit – Enhanced layer reconstruction model building & depth conversion utilizes the seismic interpretation to generate continual surfaces by combining both fault and event data. The resultant surface can be depth converted using CUBIT in order to generate the perfect structural model for mapping.

Kary Data Consultants Ltd. Announces Major Agreement With CGG:Geoterrex-Dighem

Kary Data, a Calgary based geophysical brokerage firm is pleased to announce a multi-faceted agreement with the CGG:Geoterrex-Dighem group of Ottawa and Toronto. This agreement will permit Kary Data to offer a broader spectrum of geophysical services to clients throughout North America from their offices in Calgary, Denver and Billings, Montana.

Lead by a management team with over thirty years of geophysical service experience, Kary Data offers geophysical data brokerage, geophysical data management and the acquisition and management of speculative/participation surveys.

In addition to these services, Kary Data has signed a major agreement with the CGG:Geoterrex-Dighem group for both management of their existing non-exclusive aeromagnetic datasets (in excess of 3.0 million line-kilometres) and representation of the CGG:Geoterrex-Dighem group for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of new exclusive and non-exclusive airborne geophysical surveys as well as ground gravity surveys.

Kary Data is pleased to be associated with the CGG:Geoterrex-Dighem group. The combined strengths and resources of their groups will well serve the best interests of their clients throughout North America.

QC Data Launches LogAxxses – A New Well Log Management System for the Petroleum Industry

QC Data's Petroleum Data Services (PDS) Division recently announced the release of LogAxxses, a new well log software management system. Supported by QC Data's unique information Hub™, the complete well log management system provides companies with lightning fast on-line access to both public and proprietary well logs in North America and internationally.

All LogAxxses data is managed and updated in a PPDM compliant environment, providing users with the ability to link to various third party applications including GMA, GeoSyn, OpenWorks, Quick Select, fieldLAB and others.

Western Geophysical Targets Deepwater Offshore Senegal for Major Non-Exclusive Seismic Survey

Interest in West African deepwater (over 1000 m) hydrocarbon exploration has significantly increased, driven by large finds and the continuing developments in offshore technologies that have allowed exploratory drilling in deeper waters. Oil companies realize that in order to substantially increase their reserves, they need to invest in deep waters where giant fields exist as production from many of the shallower, near-shore fields is declining. To facilitate the exploration of deepwater areas, Western Geophysical has embarked on another speculative seismic data acquisition programmer covering offshore waters of Senegal.

Western, in conjunction with Petrosen, has just completed the acquisition of 1700 km of new speculative seismic data in the St.-Louis Profond, Cayar Profond, Rufisque Profond, and Sangomar Profond blocks in deep waters offshore Senegal. Data have also been collected in the Casamance II, III, and Casamance Profond blocks in the southern Senegalese offshore. The data have been collected by Western's 2-D seismic vessel, M/V Western Wave, deploying the Titan steamer and recording system, sleeve air guns, as well as Western's interactive Omega® seismic processing system for onboard quality control.

Data are currently being processed at Western's London processing center and the final processed data set is expected to be available late summer 1997.

Geosoft Inc. Announces Release of Exploration Geo-Chemistry Software System for Grassroots Mineral Exploration, Detailed Follow-Up or Drill Target Selection

Geosoft Inc. recently announced the release of the CHIMERA™ Exploration Geochemistry software system for Windows 95® and NTTM personal computer (PC) platforms. Designed for exploration geologists and geochemists, the system provides unique capabilities for conducting cost-effective and efficient grassroots exploration programs, detailed follow-up or drill target selection.

CHIMERA™ is a comprehensive solution for Chemistry Data Import, Edit, Review and Analysis of laboratory and field location data acquired from Mineral Exploration surveys. The system delivers a variety of easy-to-apply, interactive software tools for importing, verifying, analyzing, visualizing and mapping multi-element data.

The new software runs in Geosoft's OASIS montal™ Data Processing and Analysis (DPA) system - a versatile data management and processing environment for high-volume spatial earth science data and information. Geoscientists can also access a wide variety of specialized applications such as gridding, kriging, contouring and map projection from within this environment.

Oil-Link Adds Oil & Gas Job Opportunities via The Net

Oil-Link recently announced the opportunity for oil and gas related companies to post job openings as well as potential candidates to post resumes on the Internet for immediate review by potential employers and employees. This service is available for both permanent and contract positions and includes openings for geologists, geophysicists, engineers, landmen and others. Oil-Link is located on the World Wide Web at and may be contacted via email



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