ENERTEC Geophysical Services Limited Announces Further Significant Hardware Add-ons

ENERTEC recently announced the addition of yet another Hewlett Packard K-class 4 way SMP computer to its Calgary seismic data processing centre. The installation of this computer is in response to clients' increasing requirements for rapid turnaround of large 3D data sets including 3D merges and to growing demand for ENERTEC's 2D and 3D pre-stack imaging service.

The computer has been integrated into the network at ENERTEC's new processing centre on the 9th floor of 615 Macleod Trail SE, and runs ENERTEC's proprietary processing software system.

Photon Systems Ltd. Changes Name to CogniSeis Development (Canada), Inc.

Photon Systems Ltd. recently announced that it has changed its name to CogniSeis Development (Canada), Inc. The name change is associated with its acquisition by CogniSeis Development Inc. (Houston) in September, 1995. For the past 16 months the company has continued to operate in Canada under the name of Photon Systems Ltd. As of January 1, 1997 Photon began the transition to the new name of CogniSeis Development (Canada), Inc.

The Canadian operations will continue to operate at its present location, and without any personnel changes. The address for the CogniSeis office is: Suite 700, 520 Fifth Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3R7.

CogniSeis is a provider of software and data management systems. These systems are used to identify, develop, and manage petroleum reserves. CogniSeis provides the petroleum industry with software products including: Focus (seismic processing), SeisX (seismic interpretation), VoxelGeo (volume visualization), and GeoSec (geologic modeling). CogniSeis resells UNIX workstations and personal computers. They also deliver training and consulting services for their products. CogniSeis is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is a subsidiary of GeoScience Corporation (GSCI).

3-D Seismic Seminar Video Set Now Available

Western Geophysical is pleased to offer a set of video tapes of the seminar entitled "3-D Seismic: The Blessing and the Curse" held October 15-16, 1996 in Houston, Texas.

Topics covered in the seminar included "3-D Survey Design" by Dan Wisecup, Manager of Geophysics North America Land for Western Geophysical, and "4-D Seismic" by Roger Anderson, Director of Applied Earth Sciences for the LamontDoherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.

The video tape set consists of 8 tapes with 14 hours of recorded information. Each set costs $159.00 and is available in any of the standard video formats. To order, contact Glen Muse at Western Geophysical, (713) 963-2212.

UK Tops 1997 International New Ventures Survey

International oil companies have voted the United Kingdom the country they favour most for new exploration/production ventures in 1997, narrowly beating Venezuela which was first in the 1996 survey. The attractive fiscal environment for petroleum producers in the UK together with the progressive licensing regulations continue to interest both established producers/explorers, and new international players, in investing in further exploration ventures.

Indonesia sustains 3rd position for the third successive year while Algeria rises to number 4.

Robertson's popular International New Ventures Survey, now in its eleventh year, polls oil companies from all over the world involved in or evaluating exploration and production projects outside North America and asks them to rate, in a confidential questionnaire, their level of interest in new ventures in 146 countries. Responses were received from a record 111 companies which will account for an estimated 75% of total oil company international upstream spending for the year.

The top ten countries for 1997 are:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Venezuela
  3. Indonesia
  4. Algeria
  5. Australia
  6. Colombia
  7. Argentina
  8. Peru
  9. Angola
  10. Iraq

A significant advance by Angola, up from 15th position last year, leads a resurgence of interest in African countries generally and West Africa particularly. Far East/Australasia remains the favourite region with Latin America/Caribbean second. The former Soviet Union countries all fall down the rankings making this the least popular region for new ventures in 1997.

A majority of Survey participants (61%) classify themselves as "actively seeking new ventures" with 85% of these tightly focussed on target countries. 80% of companies indicate that their total 1997 world-wide exploration and production budget will represent an increase over 1996. 50% predict a flat oil price from 1996 through 1997 but 41% expect a fall during the year. An average oil price of $18.64/bbl has been used for 1997 budget purposes, up from $16.48 this time last year.

Robertson, the leading British upstream services and consulting company, carries out projects for new ventures, exploration, appraisal, development and production throughout the world. It conducts its annual International New Venture Survey as a complimentary service for its numerous oil company clients.

A Truly Incomparable Event for Mineral Exploration Geophysics and Geochemistry

Exploration '97, the Fourth Decennial Conference on Mineral Exploration is set for Toronto, Canada, September 14 to 18, 1997. This landmark conference will review the current state of the art in geophysics and geochemistry, the achievements made over the last 10 years, and provide an outlook to the future of these fields as applied to mineral exploration.

The technical committee has organized 12 half day technical sessions around topics such as regional and detailed geophysics and geochemistry, interated exploration information management, exploration of the mine environment, and integrated case histories. These oral sessions comprise over 80 significant papers contributed by more than 150 internationally recognized authors from 9 countries. In addition, dozens of poster papers will round out the technical themes.

The main conference will be complemented by workshops in geophysics, geochemistry and geographical information systems; company facility tours and technical seminars and social activities for delegates and spouses. The trade show is well on its way to filling the 150 allocated booths with exhibitors from many countries.

Further information on Exploration '97 may be obtained from Jon G. Baird, publicity Chairman, c/o CAMESE - Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and services for Export, 101, 345 Renfrew Drive, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 9S9, Tel: (905) 513-0046, Fax: (905) 513-1834, Email: camese@compuserve.com or from the conference web site at http://www.geosoft.com/exploration97/explore97.html.

Gary Fair Promoted to Western Geophysical Vice President for Western Hemisphere Data Processing

Gary Fair has been promoted to Vice President, Western Hemisphere data processing, for Western Geophysical. He will continue to be based in Western's Houston headquarters.

Gresham & Reuter Join Western Atlas Marketing and Business Development Group

Western Atlas Oilfield Services has strengthened its marketing and business development group with the addition of Jim Gresham as Vice President of Business Development and Fritz Reuter as Vice President for Strategic Planning.

CGC Newsnotes

The following material is intended to be a concise summary of some of the projects that the Canadian Geoscience Council has been involved with during the past year, and in some cases, longer.

Government Interaction

NSERC is in the process of reducing funding for academic research by 14% over the next three years which will have a major impact on Earth Science research. This is of great concern to the academic geoscience community and a committee, chaired by Fred Cook of the University of Calgary is gathering input to submit to NSERC to give our point of view.

A brief was presented in September to the annual meeting of Canadian Mines Ministers titled "The Future of Post-Secondary Education and Training in Earth Sciences in Canada". The focus of the report was on the impact that budget cuts are having on Earth Science Departments across Canada with downsizing, merging of departments, or outright closure such as at the University of Montreal. These changes will obviously have a negative impact on the quality and quantity of Earth Science graduates and on the research done by the academic community.


EdGEO, a national workshop program for teachers to promote geoscience education, continues to function with the help of numerous volunteers. Funding is supplied by the CGC, several geoscience societies and by industry. About 350 teachers have participated in this program in each of the past two years.

CGC has printed and distributed 54,000 copies of the third edition of the "Explore Careers in Geoscience" booklet and is currently producing 5,000 copies of a CD-ROM version.

CGC Support Projects

The past summer, the Ocean Drilling Program drill ship, JOIDES Resolution drilled and cored 100 meters of Holocene sediments in Saanich Inlet on Vancouver Island. The cores recovered span a time interval of 12,000 years, and will provide seasonal-resolution record of climate change, the longest seasonal climate records ever obtained from the sea floor. They also preserve a record of earthquake activity that extends far beyond historical records. This is of particular interest in a highly populated area that, based on present limited data, appears to be subject to very large (> magnitude 8) earthquakes every 600 years.

The various LITHOPROBE transect groups continue to be very active. The SNORCLE project in the NWT is the only one where field work is planned for this summer. The remaining groups are shifting into analysis and synthesis modes on their projects. The Phase V five year proposal, for the period from 1998 to 2003, to bring LITHOPROBE to a successful conclusion, is being prepared for submission to NSERC. The outstanding successes achieved by the hundreds of Earth Scientists over the past 20 years have set new standards for crustal studies, cooperative research, and government and industry support. Now the question is starting to be asked "Will there be a Lithoprobe II?" If you, or your Society, have suggestions about future projects that you feel would further the development of the geosciences in Canada, please forward them to the CGC.

Professional Registration

Besides setting reasonable standards for those offering their services in the earth sciences, we also are trying to ensure that Earth Scientists will be able to relocate and work anywhere in Canada without having to be recertified. Since each province and territory has jurisdiction over the professions in their own area, mobility problems could otherwise occur. The CGC spearheaded the registration of earth scientists in British Columbia and Newfoundland. The Professional Registration Committee of the CGC has now become the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists, with the generous support of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers. The CGC plans to continue to monitor developments to ensure that non-classical Earth Science disciplines are treated fairly.

Where do we go from here?

A questionnaire was circulated to Member Societies to solicit feedback on the "Barnes' Report". Future Challenges and Trends in the Geosciences in Canada, and the results were discussed at the January 1997 meeting of Council. A summary of the discussions and results will be included in the next update of this newsletter.

NEWSNOTES are prepared by Bill Davitt and Alan V. Morgan and can be viewed through the CGC Home Page http://www.science.uwaterloo.ca/earth/cgc/news.html.

MSI Offers New Internet Service Providing Easy Access to Oil & Gas Data

MSI Systems Integration Inc. is a privately held, Canadian software developer and systems integration company. MSI is well known for an industry standard GIS data query and reporting software application, MSI-Capture. They have now released CaptureOnline, a geographic based Internet service to access oil and gas data.

Data Anytime: Through the Internet, CaptureOnline quickly and easily puts oil and gas information in the hands of the people that need it. Anytime. Anywhere.

Data Choices: CaptureOnline uses intuitive point and click to retrieve Well Tickets, Core Reports, Pipeline information, Production History Reports, Land Sale Information, Seismic sale & trade, etc. Quality data sources include QC Data and Mapit.

Economical: Users have access to a vast quantity of quality data without having large up front costs. CaptureOnline charges a nominal transaction fee per report, so users only pay when they use the service. Other available options include a fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage and a dedicated Internet solution for your site.

Easy Access: Access CaptureOnline from a PC, UNIX workstation or a Macintosh computer over the Internet.

Technology: CaptureOnline utilizes two leading software technologies, MapInfo's ProServer mapping engine and Microsoft's Active Server technology. The Internet server equipment is supplied by Digital Equipment Corporation.

Times Have Changed: Traditionally, you needed an expensive workstation with complicated software programs and a corporate infrastructure to support it. Well, not anymore. Users can easily access the latest oil & gas data from their office or the field.

MSI Systems Integration Inc. is the first company in North America to offer a full GIX product, MSI-Capture, and a quick and easy-to-use Internet service, CaptureOnline.

Digi-Rule Inc. Released OUTRIDER™ 4.3 Depth Migration

Digi-Rule recently announced the release of their latest Geophysical software application: OUTRIDER™ 4.3 Depth Migration. This product will replace an expensive and iterative process that will give the user a desktop tool to refine depth models and physically depth migrate seismic data.

OUTRIDER™ 4.3 Depth Migration combines the powerful Windows 95 - 32 bit technology and Interface with a robust and flexible algorithm package. These combined features make OUTRIDERTM 4.3 Depth Migration a geophysical standard and Circular Modeling a reality!

Some exciting features of this new product include:

  • Robust and flexible Kirchoff Depth Migration Algorithm
  • Depth Migration Toolbox
  • Windows 95 interface and right mouse button clicking for quick editing of your model
  • Analyze diffractions from any point in the model with several ray-tracing tools
  • Ability to migrate small areas for a mode repeatedly and experiment with different velocity fields
  • License management for simultaneous NT and 95 usage

OUTRIDER™ 4.3 Depth Migration includes Depth Migration, Time/Depth converter, Seismic Interpreter, Seismic Display and a Geological Analysis Toolbox.

Digi-Rule Inc. Released OUTRIDER™ Forward Modeling

Digi-Rule Inc. recently announced the availability of OUTRIDER™ 4.3 Forward Modeling, the latest release from the complete and comprehensive system which was designed to bring both Forward and Inverse modeling to the desktop at a reasonable price!

Some exciting features of this upgrade include:

  • New improved Windows 95 interface including right mouse button menus and property sheets
  • Enhanced Help system
  • Multiple project directories for users
  • New license management for simultaneous NT and 95 usage
  • Simplified velocity/density displays
  • Improved editing capabilities
  • Robust model building routines
  • Spline fit function for interpolating surfaces
  • Full user manual

Another key feature of OUTRIDER™ 4.3 Forward Modeling is its ability to import Digi-Rule's Seismic Suite™ digitized horizons to define surfaces.

Internet Oil & Gas Newsletter™

The University of Tulsa, Division of Continuing Education and Mr. Lewis G. Mosburg, Jr. are pleased to announce his INTERNET OIL & GAS NEWSLETTER™.

This monthly newsletter found on the internet focuses on the legal and business aspects of:

  • Oil & Gas Investment, including Investment Analysis and Taxation and Securities Laws
  • Domestic Petroleum Land Practices, including Petroleum Land Titles, and title to minerals; Oil & Gas Leases; and Oil & Gas Contracts, with emphasis on Farmout, Joint Operating and Gas Balancing Agreements
  • International Operations
  • Venture Capital Formation, including related Financing, Marketing and Investment Banking topics.

Special monthly commentary will be provided by attorney Patrick R. Sughroue, President of Brookstone Resources, Inc., professor Marla Mansfield of The University of Tulsa, College of Law, and Denver geologist Michael Holmes.

The newsletter also features a listing of Mosburg's seminars offered through The University of Tulsa's Division of Continuing Education.

Visit the newsletter at: www.mosburgoil-gas.com.

GSC Released New Geological Map of Canada

The Geological Survey of Canada is pleased to announce the release of the new Geological Map of Canada, in both paper and digital formats.

Released as a vibrantly coloured wall map (Map 1860A) in September 1996, it is the latest comprehensive map produced of Canada's geology. Compiled from published and unpublished materials of the Geological Survey of Canada, provincial and territorial surveys and other sources, it reflects new interpretations of the geology resulting from recent geological mapping, extensive aeromagnetic and gravity surveys, and improved methods of dating and correlating geological units.

The digital version, released as Map DI860A in January 1997, presents the new map in a variety of formats that will meet the needs of a wide range of clients. it is provided on an Iso-9660 compliant CDROM which allows it to be read by most operating systems. The data are provided in Arc/Info formats (native, .EOO interchange, and .SHP 'shape'), which can be accessed by a variety of GIS and CAD applications on different platforms, including Unix and Microsoft DOS/Windows, The .SHP files have also been packaged for direct access by SurView (included on the CD-ROM), a data visualization package for Microsoft Windows.

The new map and its digital version afford a better display and understanding of correlations and contextual geological relationships across Canada and into the offshore areas. They open up new frontiers for learning about Canada, not only providing the opportunity for studying geological patterns and relationships at the scale of the Canadian landmass, but also forming the foundation for the digital national geoscience knowledge base. As well, the map will be an invaluable educational tool.

Geological Map of Canada; J.O. Wheeler, P.F. Hoffman, K.D. Card, A. Davidson, B.V. Sanford, A.V. Okulitch and W.R. Roest (comp).

Map 1860A, scale I: 5 000 000. Bilingual map with English or French legend $30.00 ($39.00 outside Canada). Bilingual map with both English legend and French legend $40.00 ($52.00 outside Canada).

Map D1860A. CD-ROM with bilingual documentation $100.00 ($130.00 outside Canada).

Avail able from:
Geological Survey of Canada Bookstore
601 Booth Street Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0E8
Tel: (613) 995-4342 Fax: (613) 943-0646
Internat: gsc_bookstore@nrcan.gc.ca

Geotechnica International Trade Fair and Congress for the Geosciences and Geotechnology, Cologne

From May 13th to 16th, 1997, Cologne will again be the meeting point for everyone involved in geosciences and geotechnics. The International Congress and Exhibition at Geotechnica offers visitors and exhibitors alike an excellent forum to find out about latest trends, developments and innovations in research and applications. Speakers from 9 countries will address some 40 topics under the general theme of "Sustainable use of our resources on the threshold of the next millennium".



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