CSPG 1997 Executive Committee

The Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists takes great pleasure in announcing the new Executive Committee for 1997.

Ric Sebastian, Playmakers Resource Exploration

Terry McCoy, Poco Petroleums

Past President
Gerry Reinson, Petrel Robertson

Frank Chappell, Rigel Oil & Gas

Assistant Treasurer
Dave Work, Paramount Resources

John Cox, Mount Royal College

Business Manager
Ken Lewis, Pinnacle Resources

Assistant Business Manager
Mike Weber, Suncor

Senior Managing Editor
Lisa-Henri Kirkland, Hycal Energy Research Labs

The Executive Committee began their term of office following the Annual General Meeting at the Westin Hotel on Tuesday, February 11, 1997.

Peace Pipe Line Ltd. to Begin Construction of Pipeline in Alberta

Peace Pipe Line Ltd., recently announced its plans to begin field construction of a 149 kilometre, 323.9 millimetre pipeline between LaGlace and Valleyview, Alberta by mid-February, 1997. A construction application by Peace was approved in January by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. Peace has ordered the pipe and the construction contract has been awarded. The expected inservice date is August, 1997 for the entire pipeline, and March, 1997 for the portion of the pipeline near Valleyview. This expansion will increase Peace's throughput capacity in the Deep Basin section of its pipeline by approximately 10,000 m3/d. It will also alleviate the current bottleneck in its system, and will provide additional capacity for new connections in the area presently served by Peace, as well as potential volumes from British Columbia through its wholly-owned subsidiary Pouce Coupe Pipe Line Ltd. Peace will continue to provide service to all its customers while the new pipeline is under construction.

Peace also confirmed it has an arrangement with Morrison Petroleum Ltd. to accept delivery at Dawson Creek, B.C. of product tendered from Morrison's new pipeline from Taylor to Dawson Creek. Morrison's project to construct a new pipeline to interconnect with the Pouce Coupe Pipe Line system is underway and is on schedule to be operational by the third quarter of 1997.

Vista for Windows New Release

SIS of Calgary, Canada is pleased to announce a significant new release of their 2D/3D seismic processing system VISTA for Windows. Vista 1.1 incorporates all 2D algorithms from data input to migrated stack - refraction, and reflection statics, velocity analysis, sorting, stacking, migration - its all there. For 3-D data, VISTA 1.1 will perform QC function on a scale never seen before. If you want 3-D QC, VISTA will open your eyes to new possibilities. The combination of data and positional information will pinpoint the source of any error, whether due to bad data or bad positions. In the near future VISTA will go further than current 3-D capabilities with in-line/cross-line stacking to full 3-D processing. VISTA runs on PC's under Windows 95 or NT and on SUN and IBM UNIX platforms.

Changes to OMNI 3-D Design Software

SIS95' of Calgary is pleased to announce significant changes to their OMNI 3-D DESIGN systems. The people at SIS95' are the originators of 3-D Design systems with FD, some ten years ago, MESA four years ago, and today OMNI. The new OMNI forms a complete suite: OMNI/Modelling – finepoint your 3-D parameters (bin size, off sets, etc.) with modelling and the newest ideas of resolution and updated continuity; OMNI/Design - uses multiple TFF and/or IXF tiles to guide you through real world design. The upgraded automatic industry algorithms can handle any complexity of layout; and OMNI/Analysis – will analyse your chosen layout for any potential geometry artifacts. The newest ideas on offset and azimuth distribution let you examine your survey from several points of view (accuracy of velocity analysis, ability to solve statics, both operative and reflective), pre-stack imaging responses.

Dynamic Graphics Releases Earthvision 4.0

Dynamic Graphics, Inc.™ is pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 or Earth Vision™, geospatial analysis software used for enhanced petroleum reservoir characterization and 3-D well placement planning. This release includes key, new analytical capabilities including time-to-depth model conversion, additional well positioning tools, and volume calculations supporting the most complex EarthVision geologic structure models. EarthVision 4.0 also includes significant performance gains of up to three times faster display during 3-D visualization and up to ten times faster geologic model calculation.

A new 3-D well path interpolation technique used during 3-D well placement planning produces interpolated points defining a smooth well path between well path points. Information useful during planning and tracking wells - the x-, y-, and z-offsets from KB, change in azimuth and inclination, radius of curvature, MD, and dogleg angle and severity - are calculated for each interpolated point. Also new in Earth Vision 4.0 - 3-D well paths can be used directly as cross-section traverses.

Other technical enhancements in the release include 2-D seismic data capture, arbitrary orthogonal slices during 3-D visualization, output of EarthVision models to VRML format, and user-defined mapping symbols.

CGU, 1997

The 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union will be held at the Banff Centre for Conferences on May 4-8, 1997. The meeting will be organized by the Department of Geomatics Engineering and the Department of Geology and Geophysics, The University of Calgary. For further information contact: Margaret-Anne Stroh, Conference Management Services, The University of Calgary, 1833 Crowchild Trail N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2M 4S7, or Phone: (403) 220-6229; Fax: (403) 284-4184; or E-mail: cguconf@acs.ucalgary.ca.

CSPG Structural Geology Division Talk:

Date: Monday, March 10 at 8:00 p.m.
Location: ISPG Boardroom, 3303 33rd Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta.
Speaker: John Dixon (Dept. Geological Sciences, Queen's University)
Topic: Physical (Centrifuge) Modelling of Localization of Fold-Thrust Structures by Early Normal Faults and Lateral Facies Boundaries
Information: Everyone is welcome. Please contact Normand Begin at (403) 237-1975.



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