Historic Gas Plant Welcomes Visitors

May, 1914 changed Turner Valley residents' lives with the discovery of the Dingman #1 Well, Canada's first significant producer of oil and gas. Peaking in the early 1940s the oilfield produced in excess of to million barrels of oil, assisting in Canada's war effort.

This year, Parks Canada and Alberta's Historic Sites Service established a national historic site at Turner Valley to recognize this unique part of Canada's petroleum industry. The Petroleum Communication Foundation provided space for a photographic display for the facility and assisted in promotion.

Business Outlook Conference 1997

The Petroleum Communication Foundation is again assisting with sponsorship of the Business Outlook conference.

The eighth annual Business Outlook conference will be held on November 6, 1996 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Calgary Convention Centre in the Macleod Rooms (lower level). You are invited to hear keynote speaker Dr. John Crispo, one of Canada's leading economists, elaborate on business predictions. Other speakers include Harvey Brooks, Senior Vice President, National Bank; Tom Keenan, University of Calgary; and two panel discussions. Business leaders and strategic planners will hear expert opinions on issues and trends affecting Calgary businesses in the upcoming year.

The Foundation is responsible for arranging the Oil and Gas forecast session. This year it will feature Mr. David Manning, President, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) outlining the 1997 outlook for the petroleum industry. Mr. Paul Ziff, Ziff Energy Group will provide an economic response to Mr. Manning's remarks.

For more information or to register, call Jennifer O'Brien at (403) 264-6064.

Landmark Ships SeisWorks 3.0, a Major Upgrade to its Integrated Geophysical Interpretation Suite

This new release enables interpreters to move beyond structural interpretation to volume characterization and definition of reservoirs for greater success in drilling and production efforts by oil and gas companies around the world.

The SeisWorks 3.0 family provides integration of data, processes and applications. As a result, interpreters can incorporate more critical seismic and well data for much greater accuracy in determining the size, shape, nature and location of a reservoir during exploration, development and production. Rather than only interpreting at or around boundaries, geoscientists can now analyze data between the boundaries, much like an MRI scan creates a holistic view of a human body while an X-ray only shows the skeletal structure.

Petroleum Society 48th ATM Call for Papers

The Petroleum Society of Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum invites you to submit abstracts for consideration by the Technical program Committee for their 48th Annual Technical Meeting - Integrating Disciplines: Meeting the Needs of the Resource Industry to be held June 8 - 11, 1997 in Calgary.

For further information, contact either Jim Edgson, General Chairman at Ph: (403) 231-9766/Fax: (403) 231-9714; Judy Newbert, Co-Chairman at Ph: (403) 266-4925/ Fax: (403) 296-5747; or Brant Bennion, Technical Program Chairman at Ph: (403) 250-5800 / Fax: (403) 291-0481.

High-Sense Geophysics Limited Develop International Strategic Alliance with Val d'Or Sagax Inc.

Together, these companies offer a full range of airborne and ground geophysical surveys and services to the mining, petroleum, groundwater and geotechnical markets throughout the world.

This alliance offers natural resource exploration groups direct access to technical and commercial support from over 14 offices throughout the world including Rio de Janeiro, Harare, Lima, La Paz, Marrakech, Bamako, Accra, Ouagadougou and Sofia, as well as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Val d'Or in Canada.

High-Sense with head office in Toronto and branch offices in North America, Africa, Latin America and Europe provides comprehensive airborne mapping services using combinations of high sensitivity MiniMag® total field and gradient magnetometers, large crystal volume multichannel gamma spectrometers and multifrequency electromagnetics (HEM) with precision DGPS.

ASEG 12th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition

The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) 12th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition - Asia-Pacific Exploration - co-hosted by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, will be held February 23-27, 1997 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, Australia.

For further information or to register contact the Conference Secretariat, John Mulready or Nicolette Cox, ASEG 12th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Conference Action Pty Ltd., PO box 1231, North Sydney NSW 2059, Australia or phone: INT +61 2 9956 8333, Fax: INT +61 2 9956 5154 or E-mail: confact@real.net.au.

Bison Instruments, Inc. and Kemp Instruments, Inc. Join Forces

Bison Instruments, Inc. is pleased to announce that Kemp Instruments, Inc. is joining Bison as an exclusive sales representative in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Kemp will support Bison's entire product line of oil and gas exploration equipment including seismic recording systems, seismic sources, and communication electronics.

Kemp Instruments, based in Richardson, Texas, has provided technical sales coverage throughout the Southern United States for over 40 years. Kemp has satellite offices in Houston, Tulsa and Lafayette.

Geometrics Acquires Blackhawk Geosciences

Geometrics, Inc. has acquired Blackhawk Geosciences, a former subsidiary of Thermo Electron Corporation. Blackhawk, established in 1985, specializes in time-domain electromagnetics and multicomponent seismics. Blackhawk conducts environmental and geotechnical investigations, locates and characterizes resources such as ground water, minerals and geothermal energy, and analyzes selected problems in oil and gas exploration. Geometrics, Inc., an employee-owned business founded in 1969, designs and manufactures seismographs, magnetometers and geoelectrical instruments.

Digi-Rule Announces New Oil & Gas Windows® Software

Digi-Rule is proud to announce the release of its new Oil & Gas Windows® software which includes such programs as Log Digitizing; Synthetic Seismogram; Geocad for maps - a full mapping package which can easily combine many different types of data and file formats; Planimetry/Volumetrics quickly planimeter your map using this program and Digi-Rule's patented Rat® digitizer. Input the reservoir parameters to get oil and or gas reserve calculations; and Seismic Section Digitizing and Utilities digitize interpreted paper seismic section picks. Use the seismic utility programs to further understand the complexities of the underlying geology.

Sercel Announces Sales of SN388 Seismic Data Acquisition Systems

Houston-based Sercel Incorporated has announced that both Grant Geophysical of Houston and Western Geophysical of Houston have purchased Sercel SN388 3-D seismic data acquisition systems configured for vibroseis and impulse data acquisition of 3-D seismic data. Grant, using 2,000 channels on 16 lines, has already activated their system on an immense, 3-D East Texas survey for a major U.S. oil company, following which, Grant plans to use the system in land operations and shallow-water environments. Western's system, based on Sercel's new SU6-B Field Station Unit, having a 4,000 channel capability, will first be used on a large, 3-D contract in Latin America.

With ninety Sercel SN388 systems in operation worldwide, Sercel has also become the first to offer a five-year warranty on the SU6-B Field Unit, more than twice of any other manufacturer.

GMA International Enters the Petrophysical Market with Strategic Alliance

GMA International Ltd. is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Dr. J.D. Stroud, an expert in computerized log analysis.

GMA will market an optimization log analysis tool, PetroSolv, designed to solve simultaneous equations based on an earth model, in addition to it's present line of geophysical modelling and seismic interpretation tools. Following further development with Dr. Stroud, GMA will provide an integrated Multiwell Log Analysis System, specifically designed to handle large field and reservoir studies. This interpretation system will integrate core analysis data with wireline measurements to provide assessments of reservoir volumes and productivity. A key feature of the system will be to incorporate state-of-the-art petrophysical analysis into geophysical modelling.



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