RF-telemetry Acquisition System Speeds Major 3D Seismic Surveys in South Louisiana Wetland Areas

Seismic crews used radio-frequency (RF) telemetry acquisition systems from Opseis, Inc., to complete two large 3D seismic surveys in difficult and environmentally sensitive wetland areas of Louisiana. Crews from Eagle Geophysical completed the surveys in less time than planned and without damage to the environment or sensitive wildlife habitats such as bald eagle nesting sites.

The two surveys by Eagle Geophysical, a Seitel, Inc. Company, used the Opseis RF-telemetry systems to gather data from 11,232 shots covering more than 170 square miles (440 square kilometers) of swamp, marsh and transition zone.

Enertec Geophysical Services Limited Announces Upgrade to Hewlett Packard's Latest SMP Technology

Enertec's proprietary 2D software, including Kirchhoff surface referenced pre-stack migration, is presently running on HP712 and HP735's. With the commissioning of the K-class server with 4 CPU's, Enertec is expanding its offerings to include 3D pre-stack Kirchhoff migration.

The VIPIR technology has been running on HP712 and HP735 computers since April 1995 in Calgary, and since October 1995 in Enertec's Houston data processing centre. It is now configured to pre-stack migrate 3D seismic data, including foothills data, on the new K-class computer.

Enertec provides seismic data acquisition and processing services as Enertec Geophysical Services Limited and marine geophysical surveying services as KC Offshore, L.L.C., principally in Canada and the United States, and on an opportunity basis, throughout the world.

Shallow Geophysics for Cost-effective Solutions to Mining, Environmental and Engineering Site Characterization Problems

The Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Environmental and Engineering Problems (SAGEEP) will be held April 28-May 1, 1996 at the Keystone, CO Conference Center. The symposium is the national meeting of the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society.

TerraCube: The 3D Earth Model

CogniSeis and Photon, two leaders in providing powerful, easy to use software solutions to the energy industry, are excited to announce that they have joined forces to provide one of the most comprehensive and complete geoscience product suites ever offered: TerraCube: The 3D Earth Model.

New Earth Science Software Directory Available

Gibbs Associates of Boulder, Colorado, recently announced the release of a new and expanded edition of the Earth Science Software Directory for 1996. Since the first edition appeared in 1985, the Directory has become the most comprehensive listing of earth science software in the world. Over 1000 programs for geology, environmental analysis, geographic information systems, mining, geophysics and other disciplines are listed in 33 application categories.

New in the 1996 Directory are chapters on Data Visualization and On-Line Resources. The Data Visualization chapter included software designed especially for viewing either spatial data or lab data. The On-Line Resources chapter provides a starting place for finding earth science information on the Internet and from bulletin boards using a computer and modem. Vendor e-mail and World Wide Web addresses are included when available.

Profit Through Synergy Conference & Exhibition

"Profit Through Synergy" is the second international conference on horizontal well technology that is to be held biennially in Calgary. This international event is sponsored by the SPE Canadian Section and the Petroleum Society of CIM, Calgary Section. The Technical Program will include Theme Sessions, Panel Discussions and Poster Sessions. The Conference will bring together a Student Presentation competition and a Trade Show Exhibition. The Technical Program Committee invites the submission of abstracts. Original presentations, not previously presented or published are sought, emphasizing the synergistic approach with improved profitability. The accepted papers will reserve SPE numbers and SPE copyrights, while the publishing rights can be assigned to either JPT or JCPT.

Abstracts are to be sent to The Petroleum Society of CIM, 320, 101 - 6th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3P4. If you require information on or would like to exhibit in the Trade Show affiliated with this conference, please contact: Linda Johnsen, Southex Exhibitions, 300, 999 - 8th Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2R IN7 or Phone: (403) 244-6540 Ext. 351. Toll Free in North America (800) 387-2446 Ext. 351 or Fax: (403) 245-8666.

Call for Papers – Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union

The 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union will be held at Banff Centre For Conferences on May 5-9, 1996. The meeting will be organized by the Department of Geomatics Engineering and the Department of Geology and Geophysics, The University of Calgary. For enquiries or abstracts, e-mail: cguconf@acs.ucalgary.ca.

DYAD Announces the First Online Public Geophysical Database

DYAD Data, in conjunction with Probe Data Inc. and Dataplus, announces the creation of a Public Geophysical Coordinate Database for use by the oil and gas exploration industry.

This geophysical database is populated from plats and co-ordinate tapes supplied by oil companies and brokers. Companies, which include Shell Canada, PanCanadian Petroleum, Chevron Canada, Petro-Canada, Prime Surveys, and Pulse have contributed their data to this database.

Using an Oracle database with PPDM 3.2 compliance, this geophysical database allows seismic data to be accessed in both coordinate form or "ends-and-bends". Seismic coordinates and attribute information can be exported into virtually all mapping applications. Access to this database will simplify the process of identifying and acquiring the available seismic in Western Canada. Dyad intends to make this database available through a variety of media as well as through an on-line facility.



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