Western Atlas Software Releases OASIIS 5.1 with Advanced Geotechnical Capabilities

Western Atlas Software announces the release of version 5.1 of its OASIIS® (Open Architecture Subsurface Integrated Interpretation System) software application. The OASIIS application is an integrated 2-D/3-D multisurvey seismic interpretation system with advanced geotechnical capabilities. New features added to the 5.1 version include: a new semiautomatic brush mode timeslice picking capability, lock-stepping of seismic interpretation windows, improved batch capabilities, better composite well and synthetic displays, improved mistie handling, and general performance improvements.

The OASIIS application provides advanced methods to match multiple vintages of seismic data sets and confidently tie well data to seismic data.

Western Atlas Software Releases The VESPA+ Product, Completing its Seismic Modelling Improvements Program

Western Atlas Software recently released version 1.0 of its VESPA+™ wave-equation seismic modelling product. The VESPA+ product provides the capability to accurately model seismic shot or vertical seismic profile records for interpretation or processing. Results from the modelling application can help you understand the fine-details effects of geology on the seismic image of a prospect.

Western Atlas Software Introduces the EnerGIS Software System

Western Atlas Software is pleased to announce the availability of the EnerGIS™ software system, a new information management product designed to allow oil and gas organizations to effectively access, analyze, and review their spatially-referenced E&P information assets in a rapid, integrated manner. This GIS-based product facilitates information access for improved planning and informed business decisions from project planning to the corporate level. It allows organizations to extract maximum value from the diverse sources of proprietary and public spatial information at their disposal. Potential uses include planning of seismic, well, or facilities programs. production management, and strategic support.

Green Mountain Geophysics, Inc. Announces MESA GeoCost 1.0 Release

Green Mountain Geophysics, Inc., is pleased to announce that the newest MESA module is now shipping! MESA GeoCost is a new geometry and cost tool that allows a wide variety of users to input various cost and geophysical parameters to rapidly build hundreds of possible geometries in designing surveys. GeoCost incorporates a powerful filter feature that allows users to identify and highlight criteria that are critical to design success. Once the user has selected the optimum survey, GeoCost outputs the geometry file to MESA Core, the 3D survey design application, for further manipulation and analysis. The primary goal of GeoCost is to give users some assurance in selecting a geometry that is optimized with respect to cost and geophysical requirements. MESA GeoCost, as with all of Green Mountain's products, is available on PCs and UNIX workstations.

Pulsonic Geophysical Ltd. Reaches Provider Agreement with Coherence Technology Company

Pulsonic Geophysical Ltd. announces that Coherence Technology Company. exclusive licensee of Amoco's innovative coherence cube technology, has selected Pulsonic as a "Preferred Provider" of the Coherence Cube.

The Coherence Cube offers improved 3D seismic interpretation by revealing faults and stratigraphic features without interpretive bias, and by reducing interpretation time. The Coherence Cube can be interpreted without modification on existing interpretation workstations.

Western Atlas Installs One of The Most Powerful Supercomputers in Global Oil Industry

Western Geophysical is installing one of the industry's largest supercomputers at its Houston facilities. The new-generation Fujitsu VPP300 is the most powerful four-processor supercomputer installed in the oil industry today. It can be expanded to 16 processors, each with 2.2 gigaflops performance. (One gigaflop is a billion floating point operations per second).

The new computer is expected to provide seven to ten times the capacity of current systems and will enable Western Geophysical to play an even more prominent role in seismic data processing. The Houston Center is now the world's most powerful geophysical data facility. It is linked to Western Geophysical's other satellite centers around the world through a high-performance network. All centers are connected with the data processing facilities aboard Western Geophysical's seismic vessels. Just recently, the division has installed an IBM SP-2 powerful scalable processor aboard one of its vessels currently operating in Southeast Asia.

Fujitsu VPP300 utilizes four very large processors of 2.2 gigaflops and 2 gigabytes each of memory rather than the thousands of smaller processors of MPP's into which data have to be distributed. Data do not have to be front-ended, simplifying and accelerating data input and output, while allowing large numbers of scientific workstations to use the system in parallel. Another important performance feature is the operating system, which benefits from the parallel development of microcode and hardware.

APEGGA Announces Annual Awards and Scholarship Recipients

The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) announced the names of the recipients of its awards and scholarships programs during its annual Excellence in Education event in Calgary.

The Association invests approximately $75,000 annually to acknowledge the academic excellence of students studying engineering and the. geosciences, as well as to encourage teachers throughout the province who demonstrate exceptional abilities in the teaching of science and math.

The list of recipients of these awards and scholarships is available through either APEGGA or the CSEG office.

Pulsonic Geophysical – Marketing Expansion

The marketing department of Pulsonic Geophysical Ltd. is proud to announce the expansion of their marketing forces. Two new additional employees have joined the Calgary sales team. Arnold Woelfle, Sales Executive, transfers to the marketing di vision from the Computer Systems division of Pulsonic where he served as department head. Maureen DePatie, Marketing Associate, also joins the marketing group. Arnold and Maureen will report to Dave Chown, Pulsonic's Marketing Manager.

Enertec Geophysical Services Limited Announces Upgrade to Hewlett Packard's Latest SMP Technology

Enertec recently announced the addition of a Hewlett Packard K-class SMP computer to its Calgary seismic data processing centre. Enertec provides seismic data acquisition and processing services as Enertec Geophysical Services Limited and marine geophysical surveying services as KC Offshore, L.L.C., principally in Canada and the United States and, on an opportunity basis, throughout the world.



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