SIRIUS Software

Martens Consulting and SolutionWare Inc. have recently released SIRUS, a new windows-based geophysical records management software package to help exploration staff manage both physical data and related information. SIRUS features an easy-to-use graphical interface and open design, to run as either a networked or stand-alone application.

Second International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition

The technical presentations and displays at the Second International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition, to be held in San Francisco, California, June 24-27, 1996, will highlight current technology and innovations that address critical issue facing the scientific, government, and commercial communities.

Leading-edge airborne remote sensing platforms, equipment, and services will be exhibited concurrently at NASA Ames Research Center's Moffett Federal Airfield in Mountain View, and at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel. The conference will host over 20 platforms equipped with remote sensing and mapping capabilities, including high-altitude aircraft, aerostats, airships, unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted vehicles (RPV), helicopters, and an extensive representation of light, medium, and large aircraft.

Interested contributors should submit a one-page, single-space summary, 300-500 words, by November 3, 1995. The summary should include the conference topic addressed, the problem explored, methodology used, results, and conclusions. Plenary papers will be selected from the interactive poster papers submitted. State preferred presentation method. The conference Proceedings will be distributed at the meeting.

Direct your summaries and inquiries to:

ERIM/Airborne Conference
P.O. Box 134001
Ann Arbor, MI 48113-4001, USA
Phone: (313)994-1200, ext. 3234
Fax: (313)994-5123

Please provide complete mail/delivery address and facsimile number on all correspondence.

SAGEEP '96 Call for Papers

The ninth Annual Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP), sponsored by the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS), will be held at Keystone Resort, Colorado, April 28-May 1, 1996. SAGEEP is dedicated to sharing new applications of geophysics with those working in the geotechnical hydrogeological, environmental, and regulatory as well as the geophysical professions.

Technical papers on research and application of geophysical methods in geotechnical and environmental problems are requested for both oral and poster presentations. One-page abstracts are due by October 1, 1995. Extended abstracts of all oral and poster papers will be required and due by January 15, 1996 for inclusion in the Proceedings volume. Abstracts should be directed to Program Chairman:

Linda Hadley
2221 East Street
Golden, CO. 80401 USA
Phone/Fax: (303) 278-1488

For additional information on the conference and exhibit space, contact:

Mark Cramer
P.O. Box 4475
Englewood, CO. 80155 USA
Phone: (303)771-6101
Fax: (303) 843-6232

British Information Utility Contract Signed

QC Data International Inc. is pleased to announce that, after extensive negotiations, its wholly- owned subsidiary QC Data UK Ltd. has signed a contract with Common Data Access Limited to provide petroleum data management services for a five-year period.

The majority of British oil companies have joined force with the support of the Oil and Gas Division of the Department of Trade and Industry (DT!) to establish a shared information infrastructure and system for managing petroleum information on an industry-wide basis. program development is well underway by QC Data and partner Schlumberger-GeoQuest. The complete system is scheduled for Acceptance Testing in December 1995 with operations commencing in January 1996. QC Data UK Ltd. will be operating from the Harbour Exchange Building in the Docklands area east of Central London. This facility will also serve as QC Data's Executive Command Centre for European business.

Pulsonic Computer Systems Enters into Agreement with MCG

Pulsonic Computer Systems is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Motorola Computer Group (MCG) to become a Value-Added Reseller of Motorola's new PowerStack family of client/server and multi-user computer systems based on the PowerPC 603 and Power PC 604 microprocessors.

The PowerStack family is available with IBM's AIX operating system and Windows NT 3.51. They establish new performance levels for entry-level workstations and servers and include the Serie E model E604-100P, a 100 Mhz, PowerPC 604 capable of supporting in excess of 100 users. The PowerStack family also include RISC PC's based on the PowerPC 603 and PowerPC 604 available in either desktop or minitower configuration with 2-8 microprocessors.

W.H. Blacker New CFO of Pulsonic Corporation

Hugh Stanfield, President and CEO of Pulsonic Corporation, is pleased to announce the appointment of W. Howard Blacker, CA to the position of Chief Financial Officer.

At Pulsonic, Howard's responsibilities will include domestic and international financing, strategic planning, budgeting and overseeing the accounting and administrative functions.

New Appointments at Solid State

Mitchell L. Peters, President & CEO of Solid State Geophysical Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of 1. Richard Harris, P.Geol., to the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board position.

In conjunction with Nortech Surveys (Canada) Inc.'s re-structuring activities, David V. Sells has been appointed General Manager.

Randall R. Weir has resigned from hi position as an officer and employee of Solid State Geophysical Inc.

Two New Books from the SEG Book Mart

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists has published two new books which are available for review. A complimentary copy of either of these two books will be sent on request.

Tensors of Geophysics for Mavericks and Mongrels, written by Frank Hadsell, geophysics professor emeritus at the Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, Colorado, is intended for those students who wish to acquire more depth in the field of geophysics. Geophysicists come from diverse academic disciplines such as physics, mathematics, engineering, and computer science. Students need some source where they can acquire a common language of mathematics that is appropriate to geophysics. This volume relies on five basic principles, three from physics and two from mathematics. These are Conservation of Momentum, Conservation of Energy, Maxwell's Equations, Conservation of Mathematical Form, and the Embedding of Calculi.

DMO Processing, edited by Dave Hale, is a collection of reprints which documents the evolution of DMO processing. This book contains numerous papers that developed both theoretical and practical aspects of DMO, including papers not readily available until now. Examples range from a previously unpublished manuscript for Judson et al.'s 1976 presentation on DEVILISH to Deregowski's often cited but seldom seen 1987 paper on an integral implementation of DMO. Where abstracts for oral presentations are the most widely available description of often cited work, these abstracts have been reprinted here. Like other volumes in the Geophysics Reprint Series, this collection is a useful reference for anyone working in seismic data processing.

If you wish to review either of these two books, please write, fax, or call:

John Van Gundy
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
P.O. Box 702740
Tulsa, OK 74170-2740 USA
Phone: (918) 497-5534
Fax: (918) 497-5557

NABST Proposals for a Federal Science and Technology Strategy Released

Dr. Jon Gerrard, Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development, on behalf of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, recently announced the release of the National Advisory Board on Science and Technology (NABST) report "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise", a proposed framework for a federal science and technology strategy. The title reflects the three primary areas of the reports focus: quality of life, wealth and job creation in the context of sustainable development, and advancement of knowledge.

The Prime Minister asked NABST to undertake an independent assessment of federal science and technology policies as part of the federal S&T Review launched in June 1994. NABST was asked to assess the results of extensive public consultations and internal studies that were part of this review and to provide advice on the direction and structure of a federal science and technology strategy. NABST members, 19 Canadians prominent in industry, research and education, met with the Prime Minister earlier this year to discuss their preliminary findings.

The NABST Report makes the case that wealth generation, advancement of knowledge and the quality of life in Canada are inextricably linked. The Report suggests ways to improve the overall governance of federal S&T and amongst several recommendations, calls for an accurate system of S&T data collection and performance measurement as well as strategic S&T investments in areas such as public health and social services. NABST also recommends that sustainable development be prominent in all federal S&T activities.

To obtain copies of the NABST report, contact:

NABST Secretariat
235 Queen Street,
Ottawa, Ontario KIA OH5
Phone: (613) 990-6260
Fax: (613) 990-2007

The report is also available electronically on the World Wide Web address:

ADAM – Velocity Modeling & Depth Conversion System

GX Technology Corporation (GXT) announced recently the release of a new software product ADAM a ray trace-based velocity/depth modeling and time-to-depth conversion system. ADAM enables explorationists to accurately convert interpreted time horizons to depth honoring both velocity and structure. The resulting velocity model allows current time domain migrations to be routinely replaced with a more accurate model-driven depth migration.

Designed for the workstation interpreter, ADAM helps explorationists build velocity/depth models from the post-stack data normally available on interpretation workstations. With ADAM, the explorationist calculates the interval velocities and convert time horizons to depth using a variety of ray tracing methods. ADAM performs time-to-depth conversion either in a one-step process or by using one of several layer-by-layer techniques. Velocity and depth offset displays and functions provide quality control and aid in the depth conversion.

CogniSeis Acquires VoxelGeo Rights

CogniSeis has purchased exclusive rights to VoxelGeo, a 3D software product for visualization and rendering of 3D data volumes developed by Vital Images.

VoxelGeo provides a capability to the energy industry for visualization of 3D geological, geophysical, and reservoir engineering data to enhance the exploitation and development of mineral and hydrocarbon resources.

CogniSeis Signs Major Contract with China National Petroleum Company

CogniSeis announced recently that it has signed a major contract totalling $3.2 million with the largest research division of the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) for a supercomputer based processing and geological interpretation system. The system will be used to accelerate the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in China, and to further exploration and development research at the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED) in Beijing. RIPED is the largest research group for CNPC and provides research support for seismic processing and geological and geophysical interpretation for all of China's regional exploration and production departments. The contracts include provision of 3D software for seismic processing, depth modeling and imaging, and geological interpretation.

Sensor Geophysical Ltd. Expands: Processing Capability Increased

Advance Products Group, a division of Landmark Graphics Corporation, of Colorado is pleased to announce that Sensor Geophysical Ltd. of Calgary, Canada has added three 3D processing seats to compliment their current level of twelve 2D seats. Since Sensor Geophysical's startup in September 1994, the company has increased its processing power by over 10 fold. The company also reports it has tripled both office space and staff size and has moved into new premises effective August 1, 1995. The latest version of ProMAX software (version 6.0) is now installed at Sensor's new location; 1300, 736 - 6 Avenue SW. Current capacity includes 2-quad CPU Sun servers and 235 Gbytes of disc storage space. Sensor Geophysical Ltd. is the largest commercial user of ProMAX software in Canada.



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