Motorola Computer Group Announces a New Value-Added Reseller Agreement has Been Signed with Pulsonic Computer Systems

The Motorola Computer Group (MCG) recently announced that an agreement has been signed with Pulsonic Computer Systems of Calgary, Alberta. The agreement includes resale of Motorola's new PowerStack family of client/server and multi-user computer systems based on the PowerPC603 and Power PC604 microprocessors. The PowerStack family, which is available with IBM's AIX operating system and Windows NT 3.51, establishes new performance levels for entry-level workstations and servers and includes the Series E model E604-100P, a 100MHz, PowerPC604 microprocessor-based entry-level workgroup system, capable of supporting in excess of 100 users. The PowerStack family also includes RISC PCs based on the PowerPC603 and PowerPC604, which is available in either desktop or mini-tower configurations and with 2-8 microprocessors.

Oilnet© - The Online Oil and Gas Information Network News

Oilnet is currently providing free listings in its Oil & Gas Exchange© for all products and services bought and sold in this market including: Deals - concessions, prospects, producing properties, leaseholds, royalty interests, etc.; Databases - seismic data, well logs, geochemical, gravity, magnetics, geologic studies, etc.; Computing - hardware and software for geology, geophysics, engineering, accounting, etc.; Equipment equipment and supplies for drilling, completion, production, seismic, etc.; Services - drilling, completion, well servicing, logging, seismic environmental, etc.

Oilnet also publishes a large quantity of industry, pricing, financial, personnel, employment, government and association news items. It maintains an online, searchable database, the Consultant's Registry©, for consulting geologists and geophysicists. Sixty fields of information are available for each listed consultant including personal information, employment history, basin experience, computing and database capabilities, and educational background. Listings may be sent, preferably on diskette, to the Oilnet Corporation, 7346 South Elm Ct., Littleton, CO 80122 USA. Listings may also be sent via e-mail to Oilnet will accept written materials via post, or fax (303) 220-8126. Further information about Oilnet may be obtained by phoning (303) 220-7867 or by e-mail

Integra Geoservices Orders Supercomputer for Seismic Data Processing

Calgary-based and employee-owned Integra Geoservices Inc. has placed an order for a six- processor Silicon Graphics Power Challenge supercomputer which it says will be the most powerful supercomputer in Canada used for seismic data processing and analysis of the earth's subsurface. The agreement was signed by Integra and Burnt Sand Solutions Inc. of Calgary, A Value Added Dealer of Silicon Graphics Computer Systems Inc. (SGI), Mountain View, California. The system is being leased by Greyvest, a Toronto-based progressive leasing organization in the high performance computing leasing market.

A New Publications from The SEG Book Mart

"Modern Spectral Analysis with Geophysical Applications", compiled by Marcus Biith, emeritus professor at Upsala University in Upsala, Sweden, this bibliography will serve as a supplement to existing literature in the areas of spectral analysis and geophysics. There are in all 1,483 numbered references. Besides methological developments, this bibliography includes geophysical applications.

"Theory of Seismic Diffractions", written by Kamila Klem-Musatov of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Russia, is a complete description of diffractions caused by seismic velocity discontinuities.

If you wish to review either of these books, please write, fax, or call: John Van Gundy, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, P.O. Box 702740, Tulsa, OK 74170-2740, phone: (918) 497-5534 or fax: (918) 497-5557.

Global View on CD-ROM

The Global View CD-ROM Set was designed with climate and global change researchers in mind. The data set features a collection of four compact discs containing global data previously published by NOAA's (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC). NGDC's access software, known as GeoVu, accompanies the data. Printed documentation is also included. Discs include: Disc 1 - Coastal Change Analysis Project (Chesapeake Bay Region); Disc 2 - Global Ecosystems Database; Disc 3 Experimental Calibrated Global Vegetation Index from NOAA's AVHRR; Disc 4 TerrainBase-- Worldwide Digital Terrain Data. For further information, contact: National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA, Code E/GC1, 325 Broadway; Dept. 966, Boulder, Colorado 80303-3328 USA, or phone: (303) 497-6277; fax: (303) 497-6513; TDD: (303) 497-6958; Internet:

APEGGA Honoured with 1995 Emerald Award

The development of a comprehensive environmental practice guideline for engineers and geoscientists has garnered the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) recognition by the Alberta Foundation for Environmental Excellence. The 1995 Emerald Award honouring contributions in the Not-For-Profit Organization category was accepted by Don Ferrier, P.Eng., APEGGA 2nd Vice President, at a gala ceremony held recently in Calgary.

Green Mountain Geophysics, Inc. Announces MESA Scout 1.0 Release

Green Mountain Geophysics, is pleased to announce the release of the newest MESA module, MESA Scout. MESA Scout utilizes advanced GIPS (Geographical Information and Positioning System) technology for field data gathering in our survey design or acquisition project. Designed to accompany you to the field on a laptop computer, Scout will keep a record of your field scouting trip and convert valuable field data into a MESA-ready form.

Sheen Becomes New President of ASET

Mike Sheen, R.E.T., became president of the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists at the organization's recent annual meeting in Calgary. Also elected to serve on ASET's governing Council were: First Vice president - Glen Horne, C.E.T., (Edmonton), Second Vice President - Lois Sterner, R.E.T., (Calgary), Councillors Roy Fisher, R.E.T., (Edmonton), Ron Paulson, C.E. T., (Calgary) and Rick Andrews, C.E.T., (Lethbridge). Councillors returning for the remainder of their two-year terms include Lee Ward, R.ET., (Edmonton), Ron MacLeod, R.E.T., (Calgary) and Don Hogan, R.E.T., (Red Deer).

West of Shetlands Gravity Contracts to LCT

LCT, Inc., in conjunction with Geco-Prakla and several oil companies, will acquire a major program of gravity data covering 4,000 to 6,000 sq. kms of prime acreage in the West of Shetland - Faroes Basin during the summer of 1995.

CAGC Announce Their Officers and Directors for 1995

The Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) recently announced their Officers and Directors for 1995. The Officers elected were: Chairman, Rolf Wenzel (PowerProbe Geophysics Inc.); Vice Chairman, Larry Cameron (Absolute Exploration Services Ltd.); and William Kammermayer (W.J. Kammermayer Consulting Services Ltd.) continues to serve as CAGC's permanent President. Directors elected were: Mark O'Byrne (Geco-Prakla a Division of Schlumberger Canada Limited); Jim Irvine (Norcana Resource Services (1991) Ltd.); Brian Kozun (Venture Seismic Ltd.); Marinus Snyders (Pioneer Exploration Inc.); Brian Bertram (Bertram Drilling Corp.); Ray MacDonald (Raymac Services Ltd.); Peter Adams (Active Environmental Services Ltd.); Norm Cooper (Mustagh Resources Ltd) and Dr. Ian Ross (ICI Canada, Inc.).

Western Atlas Software Releases OASIIS 5.0 for Integrated Multisurvey Seismic Interpretation

Western Atlas Software recently released version 5.0 of its open architecture seismic integrated interpretation system (OASIIS®) program. The OASIIS program is a complete family of seismic interpretation products that can integrate interpretations from multiple data sources (2-D, 3-D, and multiple surveys). This functionality allows users to maximize their investment in 2-D and 3-D seismic data by incorporating all available data in an interpretation project. A variety of options and utilities eases this integrated multisurvey approach, including mistie analysis and correction, improved survey and line selectors, improved basemap display, and complete data loading functions to handle the multitude of seismic data.

Western Atlas Software Releases Sigmaview 2.0 with Risk Analysis and Lithology Modeling Features

Western Atlas Software recently announced the release of version 2.0 of its SigmaView™ (Seismically Integrated Geologic Modeling and Analysis System) software package. The SigmaView product is an interactive prospect and reservoir characterization system that allows users to conduct statistical integration and analysis, investigate wireline and seismic data, and model reservoirs using a variety of geostatistical and deterministic techniques. New features added to version 2.0 include risk analysis tools that allow users to quantitatively measure the reliability of reservoir models, volumetric options for economic analysis, lithology modeling capabilities, and significant enhancements to kriging, simulation, and cokriging options.

Geotechnica Cologne '95

A total of 379 exhibitors and 61 additionally represented firms from 19 countries, including 79 exhibitors and 12 additionally represented firms from abroad participated in the International Trade Fair and Congress for the Geosciences and Geotechnology held in Cologne, May 2-5, 1995. Including conservative estimates for the last day of the fair, 12,000 visitors from 36 countries attend this event, including 2,000 foreign visitors. The next geotechnica - International Trade Fair and Contress for the Geosciences and Geotechnology - will be held from Tuesday, May 13th to Friday, May 16th, 1997 in Cologne.

Excalibur & Gemini Merge

Terry Barnhart, President of Excalibur Technology Ltd. and Neil Thompson, President of Gemini Exploration Technology are pleased to announce the merging of all business activities with the two respective operations, under one company to be named The Excalibur-Gemini Group. This merger is effective June 1, 1995. However, please note the addresses and phone numbers of each company will remain the same until further notice.

Western Geophysical Appointments

Western Geophysical has appointed Mr. lA. (Jack) Bull its operations supervisor in Canada. Jack will be based in Western's offices in Calgary. Mike McCormic has been appointed Western Geophysical's general manager, new ventures - worldwide. Mike will return to Houston from London and coordinate business and strategic efforts with Western's clients, as well as develop new business ventures on a global basis, and Chris Tutt has been named Director of Industry Relations for Western Geophysical. He will continue to be based in Western's Houston headquarters.

OYO Geospace Canada Inc Reorganizes into Two Companies

In a recent announcement, OYO Geospace Canada Inc has reorganized into two companies - Geo Space Canada, Inc., responsible for rental and sales of geophone strings and related products, under General Manager, Oebel Pas veer; and OYO Instruments Canada, Inc., responsible for sales and service of DAS systems, plotters and related equipment, under Sales Engineer, William Ta. The address, telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.

CSPG Advantage Program – Upcoming Courses

The CSPG established the Advantage Program to provide geologists with advanced petroleum geology training and horizon specific stratigraphic units that are significant hydrocarbon producers within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Two courses being offered this fall are: "Regional Geology and Exploration Models for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin" to be held October 12-17, which provides explorationists with advanced petroleum geology training on stratigraphic units in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) which are significant units in hydrocarbon generation and entrapment. This course will appeal to the explorationist who wishes to have a thorough review of the regional geology of the WCSB, basin resources, exploration models and play types, and seismic applications.

"Geology of the Winterburn Group" to be held November 8-15, will focus on the Nisku Formation and related stratigraphic units and will provide the experienced geologist with a practical guide to hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation of the Winterburn in the WCSB through a review of Winterburn regional stratigraphy, facies, hydrocarbon play types and exploration methods.

For further information on these courses contact: Bill Ayrton, Chairman, CSPG Advantage Program, at 262-5440 or the CSPG Office, 505, 206 -7th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P OW7, phone: 264-5610.

Lowest Airfares to the SEG Houston

MacdonaldCole Inc. is pleased to announce special arrangements have been made with American Airlines for all delegates travelling to the SEG Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas. Flights are subject to availability at time of reservation. To receive information on fares and schedules, call Judi MacDonald or Grafton Cole at 271-6908.

New 3D Course Offered

A new course is being offered by GEDCO and Seismic Image Software in Calgary, Alberta. This course, "Designing 3D Seismic Surveys Using MESA" will be held from September 26-28, 1995. For information or to register for this course, please call Heike Pauli at 233-2140.



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