LCT, Inc. and EDCON announce the sale of EDCON's marine gravity and conventional marine magnetics systems to LCT. The sale includes fourteen (14) SAGE marine gravity systems and nine (9) marine magnetics systems, which will be incorporated into LCT's marine gravity and magnetic operations business headquartered in Houston and London. The sale marks the beginning of a strategic alliance between the two companies, wherein EDCON will continue to maintain and enhance the SAGE system for LCT. Other elements of the alliance include cooperation in aspects of borehole and land gravity.

GEDCO Receives Patent on Flexi-Bin

Geophysical Exploration & Development Corporation (GEDCO) is pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent for the Flexi-Bin technology on March 28, 1995. Other patent applications for this process are still in progress. Flexi-Bin is a method of designing 3D seismic surveys in such a manner that the mid-points are evenly distributed within a bin. One then has the option of re-binning the data as desired depending upon data quality and geological features, rather than having to reacquire a survey when the data do not meet the expected criteria.

New High-Speed Magnetometer

A new-generation portable magnetometer, the MagMapper™G-858, is now available from Geometrics, Inc. This magnetometer is 10 times faster and five times more sensitive than prior instruments, and is exceptionally easy to use. The MagMapper™ uses cesium-vapor sensor technology combined with a ruggedized belt-mounted computer and proprietary data-mapping software. The user can go at a fast walk, taking five data points per meter. A high-resolution graphical interface shows a map of the area covered, with five lines of data displayed for comparison and edit.

The new Geometrics' magnetic-field perturbations as small as 0.05 nT, allowing it to sense a 1 kg object buried 3 meters deep. The instrument stores 240,000 data points, with RS-232 readout for further analysis. The MagMapper™ can also be used as a base station, or as a gradiometer with an optional second detector. Applications include the detection of underground pipelines, buried drums, and unexploded ordnance, as well as the characterization of archeological sites, mineral deposits and geological structures.

Stratagem™ EH4 subsurface Conductivity Imaging System

A new subsurface conductivity/resistivity imaging system, Strategem EH4 has been announced by Geometrics, Inc. and EMI, Inc., in a cooperative venture. Geometrics says the equipment will provide high-resolution conductivity/resistivity imaging for minerals exploration, ground water mapping, and engineering surveys, such as detection of voids and potential sink holes. The equipment will also be used for environmental site characterization such as monitoring and mapping escapement plumes from pollution containment sites and determination of the level of salt-water invasion in fresh-water aquifers.

Stratagem™ offers the ability to image subsurface conductivity up to I km of depth while maintaining excellent resolution of lateral changes in subsurface conductivity. The equipment features a portable transmitter and antenna to complement natural magnetic and electric fields that are measured using high-sensitivity electrodes and coil sensors. After a series of soundings are made along a profile line, Stratagem™ will produce a cross section of subsurface conductivity right in the field. The conductivity section can be displayed on Stratagem's own LCD display or on a separate VGA color monitor, and printed out with either Stratagem's own internal printer or a separate color printer.

Pulsonic Processing First Commercial Mode Converted 3D's

Pulsonic Geophysical Ltd. is currently processing two 3D converted-wave programs. These projects are believed to be the first commercial ventures in the world using this technology. It has long been recognized that 3-component seismic provides the interpreter with three times the information that standard P-wave technology does with only a marginal increase in cost. Pulsonic feels that 3-component technology will provide the industry a tool that will become as widely used as 3D P-wave seismic has. Pulsonic has focused its research efforts toward providing interpreters with three data volumes (P-P, P-S1 and P-S2) that are as easy as possible for the geophysicist to interpret.

Future development plans for this technology include space- and time-variant shear-wave splitting analysis and layer-stripping, wavefield separation, multiple attenuation, coherent noise attenuation, prestack migration and increased resolution.

ASEG 11th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition

The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) 11th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition will be held September 3-6, 1995 at the Adelaide Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall, South Australia.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Ross Adler, managing Director, Santos Ltd.
  • Craig Beasley, General Manager Research & Development, Western Geophysical, USA
  • John Main, Group Geologist, CRA Exploration
  • James Robertson, Exploration Vice President, ARCO in Asia and Latin America
  • Robbert Willink, Exploration Manager, Sagasco Resources
  • Michael Zhdanov, Professor of Geophysics, University of Utah.

For further information contact Natalie O'Sullivan, Conference Organiser, Conference Secretariat, PO Box 1280, Milton Q 4064, Australia, Phone: (+617) 3690477 or fax: (+617) 3691512.

Carl Savit Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Carl H. Savit, retired Senior Vice President of Western Geophysical, has been elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Savit's election is a recognition of the pioneering work accomplished by him and his co-workers at Western Geophysical in the advancement of instrumentation and technology of geophysical exploration.

Western Atlas Software Releases New Map Migration and Seismic Interval Velocity Analysis Software

Western Atlas Software has recently released version 2.1 of its RAYMAP+™ map migration and SIVA+™ seismic interval velocity analysis software products. These products are used by seismic interpreters and processors to develop geologic depth models for interpretation and depth migration.

Western Atlas Software Releases QUIKWELL+ Package For Enhanced Seismic Well Log Analysis

Western Atlas Software has recently released version 2.0 of its QUIKWELL+™ seismic well log analysis package. Capabilities of the QUIKWELL+ package include well log editing, synthetic seismogram generation and 2-D geologic cross section generation. The QUIKWELL+ 2.0 software replaces the QUICKLOG™ product from Sierra Geophysics.

Chatoor Promoted to Senior Vice President of Western Geophysical's Worldwide Data Processing

Joe Chatoor has been named Senior Vice President of Western Geophysical's worldwide data processing operations. Chatoor will coordinate and supervise activities throughout Western's seismic data processing and software development network, consisting of major centers in Houston, Denver, London, and Perth, Australia, with regional and remote centers throughout the world.

Ritchie Appointed President of Western Atlas Software Division

Walter Ritchie has been appointed President of Western Atlas Software, a division of Western Atlas International. Prior to his appointment, Ritchie served as the general manager of Western hemisphere data processing for Western Geophysical, also a division of Western Atlas International.

Low Airfares to SEG

MacdonaldCole Inc. is pleased to announce special arrangements have been made with American Airlines for all delegates travelling to the SEG' s Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas. Flights are subject to availability at time of reservation. Only a certain number of airline seats are allotted for discounts. To receive information, please call Judi MacDonald at 271-6908.

New 3D Course Being Offered

A new course is being offered by GEDCO and Seismic Image Software in Calgary, Alberta. This course, "Designing 3D Seismic Surveys Using MESA™" will be held from September 19-21, 1995. For information or to register for this course, please call Judi MacDonald at 233-2140.

Man-Made Earthquakes: Risks and Rewards

A new seminar for inquiring minds, presented by Jack R. Century, P.Geol. will be held June 14, 1995 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on the 8th FIr., 340 - 12th Avenue S.W., Calgary. This all day topical Seminar is designed in response to current Alberta educational needs. It is of importance to various professional and business groups and of general interest to Calgarians. For further information and to register, contact: Jack Century, at J.R. Century Petroleum Consultants Ltd., 1170, 340 - 12th Avenue S.W., Calgary, T2R 1L5 or phone: (403) 262-2835.



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