St. Petersburg '95

On July 10-13, 1995, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), European Association of Exploration Geophysicists (EAEG), and EurAsian Geophysical Society (EAGO) are holding the joint St. Petersburg '95 International Geophysical Conference and Exposition in St. Petersburg (Russia).

Exposition in St. Petersburg (Russia). This will be the third event of this kind to be held in Russia. The first two (SEG/Moscow '92 and SEG/EAGO/Moscow '93) were complete successes with more than 70 exhibitors - geophysical services, hardware, software and tool manufacturers - from both Russia/CIS and the West. As a result of these Expositions, a number of purchasing contracts were signed in 1994 (including contracts for telemetry, seismic data acquisition systems, seismic cable, hardware, software - worth many millions of dollars -, etc) between Western and Russian/CIS companies.

Today Russian/CIS service companies, despite current hardships in the economies of their countries, are eager to enhance their technical level and are organizing funds to be spent on top- of-the-line Western technologies and equipment. Therefore, your Company's participation in the St. Petersburg exposition can be very profitable.

We anticipate attendance at the joint SEGIEAEG/EAGO '95 Exposition by a large number of geophysicists and other decision-makers not only from Russia, but also from the former Soviet Union republics (Azervaidzhan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Byelorus) as well.

For additional information, don't hesitate to contact David Yowell, SEG Director, International Conferences and Expositions, SEG Business Office, P.O. Box 702740, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74170- 2740 USA or phone: (918) 497-5500 or fax: (918) 497-5529.

Geotechnica Cologne – May 2 - 5, 1995

Geotechnica will provide an interdisciplinary communications mix of trade fair, where about 500 companies, institutions and organizations are expected to participate, and congress organized by the Alfred Wegener Foundation (AWS), Bonn, which will be held under the general theme: "Geosciences and Geotechnology in the field of Tension between Ecology and Economy - from Resources to Recycling" in 1995.

APEGGA Announces New Registration and Reinstatement Program for Engineers and Geoscientists

The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) recently announced it is initiating a new program to provide financial amnesty to qualified individuals who have either dropped their membership in the Association or who have never been registered.

The Membership Awareness Program is designed to encourage engineers, geologists and geophysicists currently practising in Alberta to become registered professionals. Under the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions (EGGP) Act, APEGGA is responsible for licensing these professions, establishing and maintaining practise standards and developing codes of professional conduct and ethics which govern members of the Association in their dealings with peers, other professionals, employers and the public. The Association is increasing efforts to ensure only licensed individuals are practising these professions in Alberta and using the restricted titles.

For individuals who were once members, the program cancels payment of back dues for past years for those who re-register in 1995. For example. a former member who cancelled APEGGA membership in 1990, would have to remit dues for six years plus a reinstatement fee, totalling $910. Under the new program, the same individual would now have their reinstatement costs reduced to $145.

For those persons who have never been licensed by the Association, past dues will not be charged for those who register in 1995. In addition to 1995 dues, the normal registration fee of $150 will be applied. The APEGGA Board of Examiners reviews and approves application to the Association of qualified individuals. It maintains a fair, but appropriately high set of admission standards that are used in their work. Registration staff collect information from applicants and their references, and refer this information to the Board for their review. This information is used strictly for registration purposes.

For further information contact Mr. A.I. Schuld, P.Eng., Director of Registration or Kimberly Nishikaze, Public Affairs Officer at APEGGA, Edmonton, phone: (403) 426-3990 or 1-800-661- 7020.


LCT Ltd. based in Richmond, UK has installed EROAS IMAGINE, the powerful image analysis and data processing software package.

IMAGINE incorporates the functions of image processing, data enhancement and geographic information systems (GIS). These functions include importing, viewing, altering, and analyzing raster and vector data sets. This system will interface with LCT's own software for managing, processing, and interpreting 20 and 3D gravity and magnetic data. LCT's software is widely used by oil companies in Europe and the USA, and the cooperative effort of the two companies will lend to the implementation of some new technical developments in both seismic and potential fields interpretation.

Airborne Gravity Services Commercially Available

LCT, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Geodynamics Corporation announces the immediate availability of worldwide Airborne Gravity and Magnetics surveying services. The advanced gravity acquisition system incorporates new GPS technologies for three-component positioning and velocities which have been developed jointly by LCT and Geodynamics. Nearly four years of extensive R&D have resulted in a unique system which is aircraft-independent and eliminates the necessity for expensive, less accessible, custom-modified aircraft. LCT is pleased to announce that the system has achieved a level of anomaly resolution unsurpassed in the exploration industry. The new gravity system will ensure rapid mobilization into remote areas, significant cost savings, and the highest possible data quality.

LCT is currently evaluating numerous geographic areas which industry experts have recommended for potential group and non-exclusive surveys. To nominate areas or discuss the use of airborne gravity acquisition contact LCT, Inc. in Houston at (713) 558-8383 or LCT Ltd. in the UK at (081) . 332-7432.

Western Atlas Promotes Gary E. Jones to Vice President, Business Development – Latin America

Gary E. Jones has recently been promoted to Vice President, Business Development - Latin America, of Western Atlas International. His new duties will include the pursuit of new venture opportunities and business development in Latin America for the four divisions of Western Atlas International, Inc. - Western Geophysical, Atlas Wireline Services, Western Atlas Software, and the newest division E&P Services.

Edcon, Inc and Petrovietnam Reach Agreement

International gravity and magnetic experts, EDCON, INC. of Denver, Colorado and PETROVIETNAM announce that agreement has been reached on a project to acquire about 200,000 line-km or aeromagnetic data offshore southern Vietnam over an area covering about 450,000 sq. km. EDCON will provide project planning, marketing, supervision, processing and interpretation services. Atlantic Reconnaissance of Coventry, England will acquire the survey data. In addition, Side Looking Radar data will be acquired for seep detection location studies.

This survey represents the largest single geophysical project to be done offshore Vietnam to date. The area of the survey has received extensive attention over the past two years as one of the most prospective in Southeast Asia. It includes the White Tiger (Bach Ho) and Big Bear (Dai Hung) fields and the Cuu Long, Nam Con Son, Phu Khanh basins as well as part of the Truong Sa megabasin. A number of other discoveries in the area are fueling international interest. The purpose of the survey is to provide detailed information regarding basement configuration as well as the location and extent of paleovolcanics. These features are known reservoirs offshore Vietnam.

The survey is slated to begin in May of 1995 and companies are being offered early commitment incentives for purchase prior to March 15. Additional information, including project specifications and price structure are available in a promotional brochure from EDCON. Contact David Schwarts, EDCON, Inc., 171 South Van Gordon Street, Denver, Colorado 80228 USA. Fax: (303) 989-3480; Phone: (303) 980-6556; Internet:

Mercury International Technology Donates to Tulsa University

Mercury International Technology, a supplier of seismic exploration software and hardware, has donated a license of their iXL package to the Geoscience Department at Tulsa University. This interactive software package performs 2D and 3D seismic data processing and quality control. Assistant Professor Christopher Liner will coordinate the use of the system for teaching and research by undergraduate and graduate students.

Petroleum Society of CIM 46th ATM

The 46th Annual technical Meeting of the Petroleum Society of CIM will be held May 14-17, 1995 at the Banff Springs Convention Center in Banff, Alberta. The theme for this meeting is "Forging Our Futures: Integrating Technologies".

For further information please contact Wes Scott, Publicity Director, 46th ATM, at (403) 237- 5112, or fax: (403) 262-4792. Advanced Registration Deadline is April 9, 1995.

Chinese Government Purchases Three More Opseis Seismic Systems

The Chinese Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP), Beijing, has purchased three more radio frequency (RF)-telemetry acquisition systems from Opseis, Inc.

The BGP will pay $4.4 million for the Opseis Eagle Systems, which will add 1,680 channels to the Chinese government's oil search capabilities. Delivery is scheduled for the first quarter of 1995.

With this sale, the Chinese have bought or upgraded 34 Opseis systems at a cost of $63.7 million since 1982. These systems have added more than 15,000 channels to China's oil search capacity.

The BGP will use the newly purchased systems for in-country surveys in unspecified areas of China. The new systems allow for previously purchased Opseis RF-telemetry equipment to be used by Chinese crews conducting contract seismic surveys in Peru.

The Chinese government's purchase of the new equipment reflects recent success it has had with the Opseis Eagle System. The BGP 4th Division used an Opseis Eagle System to complete one of China's largest-ever 3D seismic surveys in less than three months. The crew successfully completed China's first extensive multi-channel 3D survey in a desert environment, conducting an 11,232-shot survey in the Mo Suo Wan Desert in Northwest China during the summer of 1993.

Recent surveys conducted in China with the Opseis systems have collected detailed 3D seismic data from deep deserts in the Northwest, rugged mountains in the Southeast and marshy wetlands of the East Coast.

The Opseis Eagle System, introduced in 1982, is the only two-way, broad-band, 24-bit AID (analog-to-digital) RF-telemetry acquisition system in use today.

The Eagle System's versatility makes it the ideal seismic survey system for Chinese oil hunters who are challenged by their country's varied terrain and climates.



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