Insight Conference

Insight and the Globe and Mail Present: POOLING AND UNITIZATION in the Petroleum Industry, January 26, 1995 at the Calgary Convention Centre, the third conference in a series dealing with fundamental agreements in the oil industry. This conference will discuss the interpretation of the 1992 PJVA Model Form Unit Agreement as well as mechanisms, strategies and tactics for forming pools and units, the Crown's interests in units, unit operating issues, fiduciary and good faith responsibilities of unit operators, mediation of disputes and unit auditing. Joint venture specialists, production and reservoir engineers, production accountants, development geologists, landmen and contract administrators should attend.

GEOTEM®III Multi-Coil System

Geoterrex is pleased to announce the availability of GEOTEM® III, a multi-coil time- domain airborne electromagnetic (AEM) system.

Time-domaine AEM systems historically measured the in-line horizontal (x) component. The new towed bird and next-generation digital receiver of the GEOTEM®III system are designed to collect two additional components, the vertical (z) and the horizontal lateral (y). The z-component shows significantly lower noise and is most useful in detecting both extensive flat-lying conductors and deep conductors.

The additional multi-coil information permits calculation of the energy envelope, which is a valuable quantity to image. The energy envelope has a single peak over a vertical conductor and two peaks over a dipping conductor, one at either end. The asymmetry in the response profiles for the individual components can be reduced by normalizing each profile by the energy envelope. Multi-component data greatly improve the interpretability allowing characterization of conductors by providing quantitative determination of depth, dip, strike and offset.

Pat Poe to Retire as Chief Executive Officer

CogniSeis Development, Inc. recently announced that Pat Poe, President and Chief Executive Officer, plans to retire from active management of the Company, effective with the selection of his successor. He will be appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors at the time a new CEO is selected.

In 1965, Mr. Poe participated in the founding of Digicon, Inc. He started the Computer Systems Division within Digicon in 1978 for the purpose of producing computer solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. CogniSeis was formed in 1987 as a result of a leveraged buyout of the Digicon division. Mr. Poe has been the only President of CogniSeis and is its largest shareholder.

Focusing Our Resources – First Nations Conference

In the spring of 1995, the Tsuu Tina First Nation immediately to the west of Calgary, Alberta will be hosting a major conference of interest to resource development and resource management companies, regulatory agencies, aboriginal communities, environmental groups and governments.

The conference, to be held April 23-26, 1995, will be held in the city of Calgary as well as at the new Tsuu Tina National Multi-Purpose Complex.

The scheduling of the event reflects the keen interest now being demonstrated by petroleum (oil & gas), forestry, mining and hydro-electric companies in harvesting resources on these territories. The lands in question are those referred to in treaties signed between First Nations and Her Majesty which indicated, notwithstanding the language relating to the cessation of "title" to lands surrounding reserves, that First Nations' peoples would have use of resources on the lands as though these documents had never been executed. The modern interpretation of this right is currently the subject of widespread discussion, negotiation and litigation between First Nations and industry, government and public stakeholders.

The purpose of the Conference is to provide a forum for open discussion of these issues in an environment where nothing specific is on the table. Beneficial opportunities for exploring the issues, and for learning about the needs of aboriginal and non-aboriginal stakeholders, are targeted as important conference objectives.

The program advisory council has issued a call for research papers to be presented by the First Nations and industry stakeholders which explore the theme of co-management agreements or parallel process with resource development across Canada.

The forum registration and program brochure will be issued at the end of November. Registration fees for the three day forum will be approximately $350.00 (plus GST if applicable).



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