LCT Joins Geodynamics Corporation

Houston, TX, June 13, 1994 – LaFehr & Chan Technologies, Inc. (LCT) announces its acquisition by Geodynamics Corporation (NASDAQ GDYN) to further both companies' strategic goal for advancing their geophysical exploration, remote sensing, data analysis, and interpretation technologies. LCT will continue to be based in Houston with their current management structure. They will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Geodynamics and are expected to add more than 10% to revenues and operating profits.

Successful Completion of SPT-Shell-HP POSC Pilot Project

Marlow, England, 8th June 1994 – Simon Petroleum Technology (SPT), Shell and Hewlett-Packard announce the successful completion of their Joint Industry Partnership to evaluate the POSC Epicentre data model.

The project involved porting one of SPT's Tigress modules onto the HP Open ODB implementation of the Hybrid Epicentre model and onto an Oracle version of the Relational Projection. A key objective of the project was the practical evaluation of the viability, costs and time-frame associated with deploying Epicentre implementations of existing software. The results will be presented at the POSC Migration Special Interest Group meetings shortly.

Wega-D Geophysical Ltd. Realigns its Presence in Kazakhstan

Wega-D Geophysical Ltd. of Calgary is pleased to announce that it has completed agreements to convey its interests in several oil fields held by Turan Petroleum and located in Central Eastern KAZAKHSTAN to Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd. and Hurricane Hydrocarbons Ltd., both of Calgary.

The agreements contemplate the application of up to US$1O million of Wega-D Geophysical PowerProbe™ oil and gas exploration technology services to delineate additional potential oil fields in the South Turgai sedimentary basin of KAZAKHSTAN.

ERC Tigress Joins Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)

Marlow, England, 27th July 1994 – ERC Tigress Limited announced that it has joined the leading Norwegian seismic data and services company Petroleum Geo-Services A/S (PGS) (NASDAQ:PGSAY).

TIGRESS™ (The Integrated Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering Software System) is a Unix software product for geoscientists and engineers. It offers 2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation, mapping, modelling, well log analysis, petrophysics, reservoir simulation and data management all in one software environment. The integrating framework of TIGRESS allows energy companies to embed their proprietary algorithms.

Geotechnica Cologne, The Visitors Assessment

With 19,000 trade visitors from 48 countries, including 3,000 from abroad, the second International Trade Fair and Congress for Geosciences and Geotechnology even surpassed the successful premiere of the 1991 event, and according to exhibitors and visitors alike, it particularly proved itself as a "platform" for science, technology and industry.

According to the results of a survey, which was conducted during the event by an independent institute on behalf of KölnMesse, visitors at geotechnica were almost exclusively specialists (99.1 %), and mainly had a scientific (65.6 %) but also a commercial interest (33.5 %). Geotechnica thus fulfilled its purpose as the medium for the interdisciplinary transfer of know-how as well as a marketplace which provided the manufacturers of investment goods for geotechnical applications with a joint forum.

The interdisciplinary nature of geotechnica is underlined by the large number of different geoscientific fields from which visitors came. By far the largest group among the geoscientists was that of the geologists with 44.6 %, followed by geographers (20 %), geophysicists (10.6 %), geodesists (8.4%) and mineralogists (7.1 %). In the other scientific technical fields, engineers accounted for the largest contingent with 46.1 %, 14.6 % were physicists and 7.9 % chemists.

The next geotechnica - International Trade Fair and Congress for Geosciences and Geotechnology – will be held from 2nd to 5th May 1995 in Cologne. Contact numbers:
416-598-3343 (Phone)
416-598-1840 (Fax)

Seismic Image Software Offers 3D Survey Design Course by Computer

In this three day workshop scheduled for September 26, 27, and 28, 1994 in Calgary, Mike Galbraith will be discussing genera! guidelines for designing 3D surveys plus illustrating various methods. For more information or to register, please call Judi MacDonald at 403-233-2140.

Macdonald Cole Inc. Offers Special Airfares to the SEG in LA

With the SEG Annual Meeting and Convention just a few weeks away, Macdonald Cole Inc. together with Jarvis Travel are offering reduced air fares to LA. For more information on how to take advantage of these special air fare rates, please contact either Judi MacDonald or Grafton Cole at 271- 6908.

Employees Take Over Swedish Geophysical Equipment Company

The Swedish company AHEM GeoScience has been taken over by its employees. The new company name is Mala GeoScience and its main line of business will still be the development and production of geophysical measuring equipment.

The company is located in the Northernmost part of Sweden, not more than 200 km from the Arctic Circle, where the development of exploration equipment for base metal ores started as early as in the mid 1920's.

Employees Purchase Landmark/ITA Processing Division, Announce Formation of Integra Geoservices Inc.

Calgary, Alberta, May 5, 1994 - The employees of Landmark Graphics Corporation's ITA Calgary Service Centre today announced their purchase of the 12-year-old seismic data processing business and the formation of a new Calgary-based company, Integra Geoservices Inc.

Integra Geoservices offers seismological services to the oil and gas industry, including full 2D and 3D production processing, analysis and interpretation.

Today, Integra is staffed by employee-owners experienced in statics resolution, interval velocity analyses in time and depth, DMO, full prestack time migration, prestack depth migration, an array of post stack time and depth migrations, forward acoustic and zero offset modelling. The company is equipped with both the INSIGHT and PROMAX processing systems, as well as mapping, modelling, geology and petrophysics tools.

Calgary Based Contractor First Canadian Sale for Opseis Eagle Seismic System

Venture Seismic Ltd. will use the latest RF Survey Technology in transition zone and shallow water areas. The Opseis Eagle System permits operators to mix RF and wire link telemetry in any survey spread to gather 3D seismic data in any terrain.

Cogniseis Now Offers GeoSec 3D, Geostrat, Focus 2.0, Focus 3D

GeoSec 3D simplifies the interpretation process by providing an integrated 2D/3D seismic, well, section and map viewing and modelling package.

The GeoSec 3D release includes 2D/3D fault and horizon import/export, interactive fault/horizon surface interpolation and editing, surface contouring and fault cutoff mapping, interactive 3D restoration and forward modelling, full rotate/zoom/pan material property, lighting control and import and display of earthquake focal mechanisms. GeoSec 3D uses an OSF/Motif user interface with Online Help to make this new product easy-to- use for all professionals.

GeoStrat permits the user to carry out a variety of task oriented steps in stratigraphic analysis including sequence analysis, seismic facies analysis, systems tracts analysis, data integration and interpretation in profile and map view.

Focus 2.0 includes new high fidelity interpolation filters for NMO and static applications, graphical forward ray trace modelling. neural network first break picking, graphical refractor definition and first break QC, generalized tomographic delay time refraction static solution, a new spreadsheet for geometry input and QC, and a new facility for submitting error reports via e-mail.

This release features new applications and solutions for multi-component surface-consistent processing, multiple suppression, high resolution processing, and depth imaging, as well as enhancements to many of the existing applications.

Focus 2.0 includes Parabolic Radon Transforms for multiple modelling and subtraction as well as new applications for generating and using high resolution trace sample interpolation filters. Three new applications that use the Velmod depth model format are also provided with this release including a depth-to-time, time-to-depth conversions program, a finite difference prestack depth migration program, and a forward ray trace modelling program with seismic trace output.

Focus 3D is a complete, workstation-based, prestack and poststack seismic processing system. It includes a full suite of 3D interactive and production seismic processing applications. Among these are 3D refraction statics, surface-consistent deconvolution processes, DMO velocity analysis, true one-pass signal enhancement and migration algorithms, and graphical QC tools.



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