The LCT-DSite Link

LCT and Jason Geosystems propose optimum depth-velocity modelling through the synthesis of geophysical and geological data.

Jason Geosystems and LCT recently developed a close software link between Jason's T-D conversion tool DSite and LCT's gravity and magnetics software. This link makes it possible to integrate a whole range of different data like time interpretations from seismic data, stacking velocities, well tops, pre-stack data, well velocities, velocity gradients, density logs, gravity and magnetic data and geological information into one optimum depth-velocity model.

Depth-velocity models generated in DSite can be compared and, if necessary, updated using gravity and magnetic data in LCT. For depth models generated in LCT, quality control and model updates are carried out in DSite by means of offset raytracing.

A clear benefit of combining these distinct modelling methods is the ability to cope with complex plays like salt domes and thrusts. Furthermore, the resulting, high quality depth-velocity model is the ideal starting point for expensive pre-stack depth migration.

CSPG/CWLS Joint Symposium, 1995

The Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) and the Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS) will be holding a joint symposium in 1995. The theme is: The Habitat of Subsurface Fluids. It will be held in Calgary, Alberta from May 28-31, 1995. For further information, please contact either:

Mr. Craig Lamb, Chairman
  Communications or
Mr. Glynn Wright, Chairman,
1995 CSPG-CWLS Joint Symposium,
c/o CSPG, 505,206 - 7th Avenue S.W.,
Calgary, Alberta
T2P OW7.

Seismic Image Software Announces Staff Expansion

Seismic Image Software, a leading developer in front-end seismic software, is pleased to announce the following staff appointments:

Flo Reynolds in the new position of Customer Support, will be responsible for software demonstration and client liaison. In addition she will continue development of the SIMS database system under the SIS umbrella.

Warren Dickie most recently of Shell Canada, will be contributing to our expansion in the area of programming. Both Flo and Warren can be reached at 403-233-2140.

Harish C. Joshi, M.Sc., P. Geoph., has formed Super-Tech Exploration & Development Co. Ltd. (STEDCO), providing state-of-the-art integrated geophysical, geological and engineering services. Tel: (403) 265-1884

Brahm Silverstone is now back in Calgary. For the past eighteen months, Brahm has served as an Advisor to ECOPETROL (The National Colombian Oil Company) where he trained ECOPETROL geophysicists. Brahm specialises in the application and training of the most up to date geophysical techniques. Brahm is available for consulting and can be reached at 403-251-4748.



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