GEDCO Will License Flexi-Bin for 3D Seismic Design

GEDCO announces that it has applied for a patent for its Flexi-Bin design concept for improved survey design for 3D Seismic Surveys.

A Flexi-Bin design for a 3D survey allows the geophysicist the option to trade off spatial resolution for fold after a survey has been shot.

GEDCO is willing to license this technology to companies who use GEDCO for their 3D designs or to licence directly those companies who would prefer to use their own resources for designing 3D surveys. The license fee is modest, and is generally calculated on a per survey basis according to the size of the survey. Please call Andreas Cordsen or John Peirce at (403) 262-5780 for further information.

3D Parallel Processing and Graphics on SGI Systems

At the SEG in Washington, D.C., CogniSeis demonstrated a new product for parallel 3D seismic processing. CongiSeis' exclusive Parallel Executive software used an 8 CPU Challenge L computer from Silicon Graphics in demonstrating the ability to perform real time 3D parallel processing and graphics display.

CogniSeis also demonstrated its new Focus 3D product on the Challenge, Focus allows the processor to utilize the latest interpretation and graphical tools to optimize processing sequences. A major addition to Focus 3D is Vision, a new product which permits the viewing of 3D data volumes and surfaces. Vision is of great advantage in quality control of 3D attributes, data access from a 3D cube, surface displays and slice displays.

Focus and Disco Parallel Processing on IBM Systems

At the SEG in Washington, D.C., CogniSeis and IBM announced a joint project to optimize the CogniSeis parallel processing software on IBM RISC System/6000 clusters and on the IBM Scalable POWERparallel System (IBM 9076 SP1).

Components of this parallel processing system include production quality 2D and 3D seismic processing software, a highly efficient direct message passing system, and an OSF/Motif XWindows structure.

Lithoprobe Funding Renewal

Following peer review of the LITHOPROBE Phase IV proposal (1993-98), National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) has accepted the scientific program of the project and awarded LITHOPROBE a grant of $4.5 million per year for fiscal 1993-94 and 1994-95 and $4.0 million per year for 1995-98. Approximately $3,300,000 of this operating budget will be available for the seismic programs, with the rest going to geoscientific projects which will complement and contribute in a significant way to the scientific objectives of the following transects: AbitibiGrenville, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Alberta Basement, Eastern Canadian Shield Onshore-Offshore, Slave-Northern Cordillera Lithospheric Evolution and Western Superior.

Thomas K. Fulton Elected GSH President

Thomas K. Fulton, Senior Consultant of OTS Group Services, Inc., has been elected the 1993-94 President of the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH). The Society is the largest section of the international Society of Exploration Geophysicists, with a membership in Houston of 1,916.

Other newly elected GSH officers are: President Elect - Arthur H. Ross, Jr., Geophysical Consultant for Exxon Exploration Company; First Vice President - William T. Gafford, Senior Geophysical Associate for Amoco Production Company; Second Vice President -- Jerry Donalson, Account Manager for GeoQuest Systems, Inc.; Secretary - Patrick J. Starich, Geophysicist for Exxon Production Research Company; Treasurer - Tim Hartnett, System Administrator for BHP (America's) Inc.; and Editor - Dale E. Bird, Chief Geophysicist for World Geoscience, Inc.



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