In light of the upcoming US presidential election, readers may be interested to see this photograph of former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s father, Raphael B. Cruz (second from left, back row). In 1973, Raphael ran a seismic data processing company in Calgary called R. B. Cruz and Associates, which was later rebranded Veritas. Ted Cruz’s mother, Eleanor, was also in the industry, and worked as a computer programmer. If Raphael had not had a spiritual awakening shortly after this photograph was taken, which led to him becoming a firebrand pastor, perhaps Ted Cruz would today be a famous geophysicist.

More details can be found in: Markusoff, J., & Abel, A., January 13, 2016, Ted Cruz: Made in Canada, Maclean's Magazine.

From: Wren, A.E., & Cruz, R.B., eds., 1973, Proceedings of the 1973 CSEG National Convention, page iv.
Photograph courtesy of Penny Colton, Past Chief Editor



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