Well, it’s hard to believe that two years have come and gone since I started with the CSEG Executive Committee. This past year has been very enjoyable with the new people on board and the progress that we have all made.

The focus on the website continues towards on-line capability. The members now can vote on-line for the new executive members. In the next year we will have the option to renew our membership and register for events on-line. With the amount of changes that we are making to the website, Corey Hooge has come on board to help ensure our plans are met in a timely fashion. These changes will greatly help improve the CSEG’s ability to communicate with its’ members. Susan Thomson will be stepping into the Director position of Communications. Her ability to get things done has been a great asset to the team. Keep up the great work Susan! Satinder will continue to dedicate his efforts and talent to the Website and RECORDER to ensure the members are well informed. It has been a great pleasure working with you Satinder. I want to personally thank Jim and Sheryl for their efforts and patience in helping everyone on the executive committee.

Anyone contemplating becoming involved in the geophysical community, I encourage you to run for a position on the executive committee. It has given me a great deal of appreciation for how much the CSEG does for all of us. Thanks to everyone that helped out and supported me while on the committee.



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