At this time of year we undertake the process of transitioning executive members of the Board of Directors. Over the last year I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside outgoing Finance Director John Bertsch and commend him for his contributions to the CSEG. As I take on the Director of Finance role I look forward to continuing to work closely with Managing Director Jim Racette and our accountant, Spryng Kubicek, Vice President of Operations at Associations Plus. I thank John, Jim, Spryng and the rest of the Executive for their guidance and leadership as I embraced the role of Assistant Director of Finance in preparation for taking the lead.

As we all know it is a challenging time for the oil and gas industry and the CSEG is not immune to the impacts of changing economic conditions. Your Executive Committee has worked tirelessly this last year to ensure that the programs and services that define our Society are offered without compromising the level of quality we have spent years developing. We now place an even greater focus on fiscally responsible decision making and risk management strategies. Sincere collaboration and innovation between the Executive and the Foundation have ensured we were able to retain programs we otherwise might have had to eliminate. Committees have worked diligently to ensure their budgets are in a cost neutral position, allowing us to retain the many professional development programs we all value. I commend the Executive, Foundation Board and committees for their unwavering efforts to achieve this. It has been no small task and I am proud to serve alongside a group of such hardworking and dedicated individuals.

In an effort to provide outstanding value in membership, we will be holding a number of strategic planning sessions over the coming months and will be asking for your input as we establish the long-term direction for the CSEG. You will soon be receiving a member survey to help us gather input and feedback regarding the goals and objectives of our members. This information will be prioritized as we establish the direction for our Society. Please take a few minutes to share your opinions and suggestions so that we can continue to deliver great value for membership. Of course, your feedback is welcome at all times throughout the year and you are encouraged to reach out to any of your Executive Board members with any questions or suggestions you may have.

As I take this last opportunity to thank the outgoing Executive for their guidance, dedication and service, I would like to welcome Neda Boroumand as Assistant Director of Finance and the rest of the incoming Assistant Directors. The new perspectives and approaches these members offer are sure to contribute to the ongoing success and integrity of our long-standing Society.



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