2015 was an incredibly difficult year, and the New Year is promising to have its own challenges. Notwithstanding, we have positioned ourselves to come out of the down-turn stronger. While we continue to discuss the fiscal challenges, and develop means to address them, I’d like to focus on our communication team’s successes.

Beginning last spring, the RECORDER has undergone several cost cutting measures, including reduced page count, lighter paper weight, streamlining the proofing, and reviewing other production costs. Due in no small part to the sacrifices made by those involved in our printing and production, we have effectively cut RECORDER expenses by more than 50%. This has been accomplished without degrading the quality, nor reducing the quantity of our publication.

It could be surmised that this wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. Saul Alinsky wrote:

“Change means movement. Movement means friction. Only in the frictionless vacuum of a non-existent abstract world can movement or change occur without the abrasive friction of conflict.”

I am grateful for our production team’s ability to handle this friction with grace and understanding. We will continue to look for, and capitalise on opportunities to streamline our processes in the months ahead.

In addition to the initiatives taken above, you may have noticed when you renewed your membership that there was an option to forgo receiving a paper edition of the RECORDER. As we are mindful of the need to reduce our environmental impact and production costs, while maintaining one of our most tangible member benefits, we have asked this question of you, our members. The online edition of the RECORDER is identical to the print edition, persistent, and can be easily accessed on our website in either HTML, PDF, or Flash format. If you would like to opt out and missed the opportunity when you renewed, please email office@cseg.ca. We are also keen to hear your opinion of the lighter, slimmer, RECORDER. Please send your comments to communications@cseg.ca.

As my time on the executive wanes, I’ve reflected on my initial aspirations versus accomplishments. While it may be true that not all of the dreams came to fruition, vision must be met with pragmatism. Without the former, motivation is wanting; without the latter, wisdom. I am happy to say that I’ve been part of an incredibly effective executive, and honoured to have served alongside each of them. I’d like to thank the entirety of the current executive team, as well as my predecessor Meghan Brown, for all of their efforts, and wish my successor, Marko Mah, all the very best in his forthcoming role.



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