As my term as Director of Communications comes into full swing, I have newfound respect and admiration for the hard work and dedication of my predecessor, Jason Schweigert. Jason was responsible for implementing the new CSEG logo and design templates across the society and all its subcommittees. He also played a major role in bringing the CSEG RECORDER website online and initiating the digitization of past RECORDER articles. This ongoing project will enable members to have easy access to current and past articles. I often get asked about the responsibilities of the communication director. Technically, I am responsible for reporting to the CSEG Executive on the RECORDER committee, the Digital Media Committee and the CJEG (Canadian Journal of Exploration Geophysics). Fortunately, I have been exposed to much more. The depth and breadth of our organization can be somewhat mind boggling at times. I am constantly amazed by the number of passionate volunteers that dedicate so much of their time to the CSEG and its various facets, and I continually meet new volunteers from different committees. None the less, we can always make use of additional volunteers as there are a multitude of initiatives currently underway that could use extra help. Please don’t hesitate to get involved!

I would like to thank the RECORDER committee for their hard work and dedication to our publication. It’s a huge task to get the RECORDER magazine published each month and takes the combined efforts of the editor, assistant editors, authors, columnists and our print master Bonnie Luft (The Printman) working closely together to deliver a quality magazine with high level technical content. The executive and the RECORDER committee have made great strides in the past few months to establish increased communication and efficiency to ensure the RECORDER is published in a timely fashion. This will be a big focus for the upcoming year, and I would like to thank those involved (both past and present) in arguably the foremost member benefit we have.

I would also like to acknowledge the Digital Media Committee (DMC) and our website designer Jeremy Sherry. The DMC maintains and moderates the LinkedIn page and manages CSEG website content. In addition, the committee is conducting a comprehensive review of other society’s websites in order to analyze how to best deliver technical material online while also generating much needed advertising revenue. I would like to thank Mohammed Al-Ibrahim for his tireless work concatenating years of event photos into a comprehensive library. Once complete, this will be used as a source of images and marketing material for the society. Our web designer Jeremy Sherry (Enter the Mind Media) is responsible for behind-the-scenes maintenance that keeps the society webpage current. Jeremy also maintains the CSEG Twitter feed: @csegonline and oversees the RECORDER digitization project.

Don’t forget to join the CSEG LinkedIn page “CSEG (Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists).” The LinkedIn page is a great forum for knowledge sharing, discussing ideas, and event planning. If Twitter is more your style, please email myself or Will McCarthy (DMC chair) if you would like to tweet something on behalf of the CSEG.

This year Keith Millis joins me as Assistant Director of Communications and has already brought forward many great ideas and valuable insight. I look forward to working with Keith to identify new ways to grow, improve and inform our ever evolving society.



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