As incoming Director of Member Services for 2014, it is my pleasure to thank Kim Nevada, my predecessor, for all her outstanding efforts over the past two years. Kim has been an exceptional mentor to me and it has been a great opportunity to work alongside such a talented, passionate and generous individual. Your thoughtful ideas and vivacious personality will be greatly missed around the executive table. I’d also like to welcome Stephen Kotkas as the incoming Assistant Director of Member Services. Stephen is no stranger to volunteering; he has devoted much of his time to various CSEG committees and plays an integral role within the CSEG Foundation as the General Outreach Co-chairperson. I believe he will be a positive addition to the CSEG Executive and I look forward to working closely with him over the next year.

The CSEG Member Services branch is privileged to be accountable for promoting and overseeing premier social events for all members. These events are orchestrated by talented chairs who delegate tasks and responsibilities to stellar teams of volunteers, with only minor direction from the CSEG Executive. It has been inspiring to witness firsthand the dedication of our volunteers, to hear positive feedback from participating members of many CSEG events and to watch this vibrant community grow. By continually presenting these wonderful, all-encompassing events we create a sense of identity and belonging that encourages membership renewal year after year and entices new members to join.

The 2014 year began in January with the CSEG Doodlespiel. Once again the Doodlespiel committee delivered by executing another brilliant, exciting and competitive curling weekend in Banff and they should be commended for all their efforts. The Annual Family Ski Spree was held at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort at the end of February for the 47th year. The Ski Spree Committee created a fun-filled weekend of spoiling members’ children, skiing and family fun. I would like to acknowledge the committee for all the hard work that went into making this another unforgettable event. It was with very heavy hearts that the Ski Spree Committee paid tribute to a great individual, a top notch skier and a devoted participant of this annual event, Tom Podivinsky, by retiring the number 1 racing bib. Tom, you will be missed. They also outlined safety precautions and raised awareness of the dangers associated with skiing near tree wells. All of this documentation can be found on the Ski Spree website:

There are still many more events for the 2014 year. The 6th Annual T-Wave Golf Tournament is scheduled to take place on August 13th, 2014 back at Inglewood Golf Club. The T-Wave is a well-organized, fun afternoon, which is perfect for golfers of every skill level and offers a delicious dinner and great prizes. The Annual Doodlebug Golf Tournament will be held at Trickle Creek in Kimberley, BC August 21-23, 2014. This is a high-caliber event that is steeped in tradition; from competitive golf, to a costume party and it even offers an entertaining weekend for your spouse. Tournament flights are meant to include all players of similar ability, so each competitor has a fair chance at getting their hands on one of the coveted ceramics! I am expecting nothing less than excellence for the impressive Women in Seismic “WiSE” golf tournament. This tournament continues to be well sponsored and successful year after year and is expected to take place in September 2014 at Fox Hollow Golf course. Ladies do not miss it!!! If you’re looking to challenge your physical prowess then watch for the 26th Annual 5K/10K Road Race. This is an enjoyable event which allows CSEG/ CSPG/CAPL members to get out and delight in some exercise and camaraderie while cheering on fellow racers. Lastly, the Junior Geophysicists Forum is a unique event that permits our young Geophysicists the ability to network and be exposed to some of our most established and honored industry professionals. It allows some of our newest members to become involved and aware of all the benefits the CSEG has to offer.

These events which frame our spirited CSEG community would not be achievable without the hard-work, dedication and innumerable hours put in by all of our volunteers. When compiling the 2013 volunteer contact list, I was astonished by the level of commitment shown by our volunteers; the percentage of members who volunteer is amazing and it is truly remarkable that some individuals volunteer not only on one committee but multiple committees. This really is a remarkable reflection of how our members value giving back to their society. Each year the Director of Member Services hosts a Volunteer Appreciation Party and this year I was proud and honored to organize this party on behalf of our membership to thank and acknowledge all the deserving volunteers. This event took place March 19, 2014 at Double Zero Pizza and Wine Bar. It was a wonderful, well attended event where the guests of honor were you; the volunteers.

In 2014, I encourage you to explore all that the CSEG community has to offer by participating or volunteering in one or many events throughout the year. It is a great way to meet fellow colleagues, to give back to your community and to develop lifelong friends. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.



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