Larry Herd, your past past CSEG President, called me about a year ago to join the Finance team as Assistant Director, giving me the opportunity to serve with him on the CSEG Executive. I was pleased to see Ron Larson elected to the Vice Presidents role. I have known Ron a long time and played volleyball with him when we could still jump. He was a good team player then and I believe we have an excellent team in place. I am looking forward to the year as the CSEG Finance Director. Glen Malcolm has kept the CSEG finances in good shape and I plan on doing the same. I would like to thank Glen for his commitment and direction over the past year, the viability of the CSEG relies on Volunteers’ like Glen. I would like to welcome Larry Wellspring who will take on responsibilities as Assistant Director during my term. I look forward to working with Larry.

In the industry we see some optimism with natural gas prices and oil prices have been able to hold despite ongoing chaos with pipeline approvals. We are a resilient industry and when there are challenges we seem to be able to innovate our way through them. We need to continue to demonstrate that geophysics provides a solid value contribution to our industry and emphasize our contribution to providing innovative solutions. Your Directors are committed to delivering services and resources that will enhance its membership, build bridges across other technical organizations, provide mentorship and opportunity to enhance the growth and conduct of our professional members and activity levels for our service sector.

The CSEG finances continue to support our membership, DoodleTrain, luncheons and RECORDER publications along with our upcoming convention. The CSEG Foundation continues to be well funded, in excess of the million dollar level, providing us with available resources to have an active society this year and in the future. The many committees and services we provide use this financial base to serve our members.

My responsibilities and others on the team are made simpler with the support of the office staff, Jim and Sheryl, who manage the day to day activities of our society. They are efficient and effective at keeping our team well informed and aware of the work in the office and across the committees. I feel the society is in good hands, financially sound, and ready to make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering on any of the committees please let us know. I assure you it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience to work with a team with a positive attitude and energy. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that team.



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