It’s been three years since the election that catapulted me into the role of Vice President. After that, there was a bit of a wait as the inauguration was not until April 1st, 2009. The central theme of my 08/09 campaign was a promise to keep things the same, and I’m happy to say I’ve failed on that promise. Things have improved since 2009!

I thought the CSEG was in good hands and in good shape back when I started on this three year journey through the Vice-President-to-President-to-Past-President executive positions, but things are even better now. The business outlook has improved since 2009; the CSEG’s finances remain in great shape; the Chairs of all the CSEG’s major committees have found replacements for themselves (succession planning is always a major concern for the longevity of the society); the society offices have changed locations; the peer reviewed CJEG journal has come back to life; and we have a fantastic new executive group that will take office in April. So, things are good and the CSEG’s future is bright!

I’ve been so very fortunate to be associated with the CSEG and to spend time with the people in this society for the past three years. Since 2009 I have participated in many CSEG events, and being Chair of this year’s Honours and Awards Committee has been one of my most interesting duties. As Chair, I get to speak with the award winners and their nominators, and as usual, I’ve met an impressive group of people.

This year our awards will be presented during the new CSEG Technical Symposium on March 22, 2012. The CSEG awards are normally presented in March during the Annual General Meeting, but the AGM agenda is long and there is often just a few minutes left for the award ceremony. The CSEG Symposium is a brand new technical event which will provide a more prestigious venue for our awards presentations. A few years ago, probably in 2009 over a plate of spaghetti, Satinder Chopra mentioned that he thought the CSEG Awards ceremony could be improved. This year Satinder and his committee are taking action. Besides creating and organizing a brand new technical symposium, they are also going to make the Awards ceremony better. Put a big star beside March 22nd on your calendar as you’ll want to attend all the CSEG events that day!

It’s the people that make the CSEG great. The society is run by its volunteers. The society’s spirit and creativeness come from the volunteers on the CSEG Committees. They see a problem and they solve it; they see a need for something new, and they create it. I am honoured to have been involved and humbled to have led the society for a year. Thank you!



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