Current Total membership lies at 2104 (up from last year). This is comprised of Active (1698), Student (289), Retired (74), Honorary (25), and Unemployed (18). While 1971 members reside in Canada, 133 are from outside. 49 companies have corporate memberships.

Given those modest numbers, I am always amazed at what our relatively small geophysical society can accomplish with a very dedicated and talented army of volunteers.

The cost of CSEG membership: $52.50 for Active; $10.50 for student (usually covered by corporate sponsorship); $315 for corporate is a BARGAIN!

I have been a long term member of APEGGA (45,000 members) and faithfully pay the $290/year. The functions and mandates of the two organizations are of course completely different (apples to oranges) but I often ponder where that vast sum of money is spent. You do the math. In contrast, with our small numbers and inexpensive membership, the benefits to being a CSEG member are indeed extraordinary.

Services provided to the CSEG members, just within the realm of the membership services portfolio, include the DoodleSpiel Curling, CSEG Ski Spree, DoodleBug Golf Tournament, T-Wave Golf Tournament; Road Race, and the Junior Geophysicists Forum. These are well oiled machines that run for the most part quite autonomously, and have done so for several decades in some circumstances. It was my pleasure to host in the spring, the volunteer appreciation evening. I was awe-struck while compiling a list of the invitees, just how many volunteers are working behind the scenes to make these activities, and other portfolios within the society, a success for the membership. It will be my successor, Patrick Tutty’s pleasure to host the next volunteer appreciation party early in the new year. You are most welcome to get involved in society volunteer activities at any time.

Other benefits of the society to members outside of the Member Services portfolio include the Joint Annual Convention Committee (JACC), our premier technical and fund raising event of the year; Communications (RECORDER and website); Educational Services (the monthly Technical Luncheons, the CSEG Mentorship program, Student Outreach, DoodleTrain, Lunchbox Geophysics, Scholarship Committee, Best Paper Awards); the CSEG Foundation and quite a few other smaller sub-committees.

If you wish to get involved in any of the above mentioned activities, or have ideas for new membership activities, please contact any of the executive. We would love to hear from you to help with existing activities and would love to entertain any new initiatives that would benefit the CSEG society as a whole.



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