What has happened to our spring this year! Hopefully the scent of lilacs will soon be in the air and the tulips will be in bloom by the time you read this!

I am very much looking forward to my time in office as Director of Communications. A year ago when Jon Downton asked me to join, I really did not know what to expect. There are so many Geophysicists in our industry who dedicate innumerable hours to provide their members with the best service both socially and professionally. I would like to continue on with the wonderful work that has been done by my predecessors, and achieve the goals I have set out. I hope I will have the support of all the readers and your ideas will always be welcome so please feel free to contact me or the Assistant Director of Communications, Jason Noble.

The Communications portfolio includes the RECORDER and the CSEG Website. Firstly, the RECORDER Committee consists of the members listed on page three of each issue of the RECORDER. Our Chief Editor, Satinder Chopra, organizes these meetings once a month. The RECORDER meetings have got to be the most joyful meetings I have attended. We have such a laugh and, of course, get through serious business as well. The delicious lunch is always followed by the most mouthwatering, freshly baked, warm cookies-yum, yum!! The best time we have is in December, where we wrap up the year to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into the RECORDER with an Indian Feast. This is where we dine like the Maharajas and Maharanis of India. The new RECORDER Committee is eager is provide the readers with some useful and interesting material this year so please keep a lookout for it. Also, if you have some interesting projects you have worked on and would like to share your findings, please feel free to contact us for publication of your work. Advertisers, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support as you provide us with the revenue to promote the science of Geophysics.

Secondly, Website Editor Corey Hooge has been the backbone of the CSEG Website. There are plans to improve the website in all aspects and to make it more informative of all the events in industry. One addition we are making is a webpage summarizing the activities of the Chief Geophysicists Forum. These meetings are held once a quarter by not only Chief Geophysicists but also senior level Geophysicists and Managers involved in the Geophysical Technical roles within their companies.

During the second week of May, we hold our Joint Annual Convention with the CSPG and CWLS. More than 3000 delegates attend and over 100 companies exhibit new technologies and new business opportunities along with fascinating technical talks and posters. I hope all of you found the technical program and the exhibition at “recovery 2011” valuable.

The RECORDER publications are spreading their wings. The Geophysical Society of Houston, which was formed in 1947, the equivalent of our CSEG, has re-published three CSEG interviews in the last six months in their newly founded GSH Journal. The three interviews, which were used, are for Davey Einarsson, Roice Nelson and David Johnston. The GSH has acknowledged the CSEG for the contributions.

A message, which I would like to convey, especially to the newly qualified Geophysicists, is that Calgary is a very unique place with a tightly knit Geophysical community. We are extremely lucky in that all the events are held in such close proximity within the Downtown Core, making it very accessible to all the members. Having moved here from England six years ago, I was quite pleased with the fact that I did not have to commute to attend events held by our professional Society. In the UK, the equivalent to the CSEG is the PESGB (Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain), which holds evening technical lectures on every second Tuesday at the Geological Society in Piccadilly, London. Many of the companies are located outside the city centre, and no doubt, it was quite a trek up every fortnight to attend the talks with friends and colleagues. These of course were followed by a wine reception and the inevitable pub crawl and ended in time to catch the last train back from Waterloo station at 1:05am, after copious amounts of alcohol and the buzz of the City of London still in the background. To all the young members, please get involved in our wonderful society, as it is a great place to network. You will get to meet many interesting and diverse people in a variety of companies, which will enhance your professional careers. Calgary’s uniqueness enables us to balance a fulfilling professional and personal life.

I would like to thank Kristy Manchul, the outgoing Director for her contribution and help. Jason and I have some great ideas for improvements to our portfolio. If anyone would like to get involved or pass on some of their own ideas with the RECORDER and the Website, please feel free to contact us. I am looking forward to working with Jason and the rest of the Executive in 2011.



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