First of all I’d like to welcome Dave Nordin to the Member Services Committee of the CSEG Executive. Dave brings a lot of enthusiasm and has already been instrumental in pushing forward several initiatives.

The Executive constantly grapples with the issue of offering value to the CSEG membership. This can be particularly challenging in an environment that has put a strain on the CSEG’s revenue. In the spring the executive voted to introduce member and non-member pricing for the CSEG luncheons, with members being individual members or individuals working for companies that have a corporate membership. The luncheons were the ideal function to introduce this as they have struggled financially and there was the perception that CSEG members were subsidizing non-members. The September luncheon saw the introduction of the pricing differential. I’m not sure we solved the luncheons revenue shortfalls, but I believe we have seen a bump up in both individual and corporate memberships as a result.

We are currently in the process of evaluating whether or not we can apply this process to other CSEG sponsored events. The reason being that the CSEG Staff, Executive and Members expend a great deal of effort making these events a reality. The events promote the goals of the CSEG and it is felt that some benefits should flow through to the members participating.

The other action item on the Member Services committees agenda is the annual volunteer appreciation party. Last February the party was held at Flames Central, with approximately 70 volunteers attending out of the slightly more than 100 that were invited. It was by all accounts a great success and we look forward to holding it again at Flames Central with even more volunteers attending. The party provides an opportunity for volunteers to hear what the many CSEG committees are doing. This can be particularly pertinent to individuals wrapping up their volunteer commitment on one committee and are looking at getting involved with another. It reminds me of the approach of Canadian Blood Services, who having no luck expanding their base of donors, allowed their current donors to donate more often. Perhaps there really are no new ideas, just old ideas applied to new situations.

Of course the primary aim of the volunteer appreciation party is to thank the multitude of volunteers who make the CSEG the vibrant society it is. So if you have volunteered within the CSEG over the past year, no matter how little, and you haven’t heard from Dave or I by January please contact us.



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